Ahh Fresh Meat!! – SeungHwan Jang’s The Butcher

An amazing Z-brush fan art piece by SeungHwan Jang; the Butcher was featured on blizzard’s blog this week. The details on this big guy and just breathtaking.

Feast your eyes on the “Diablo Butcher” by fan artist SeungHwan Jang, a visceral rendition of everyone’s favorite cleaver-wielding brute. It’s gruesome, a little terrifying, and (most importantly) bloody brilliant.

To see more of SeungHwan’s work, be sure to check out his page on CGHUB.com or visit his personal website at http://sabzil.net. You can also find out more about how this piece was made here, on the artist’s personal blog.
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  1. This is the Diablo 3 Butcher, not the Diablo Butcher, who looks considerably different (much closer to The Smith in D2).

  2. This game should hqve this graphic

  3. Anyone got concept art for the Butcher from Diablo 1?

  4. Very much impressive.

  5. Some amazing art. I wish I was 1/5th as skilled as they are.

  6. I really can’t wait for the day when in game graphics look that good.

  7. Well, that’s my new desktop wallpaper sorted out.

    Amazing piece of work. Oh, to have such talent.

  8. Epic… Just Epic…. Almost makes the Diablo 3 Butcher look scary.

  9. very talented piece of work

  10. this ain’t the original Butcher. THIS is the Diablo Butcher.


    and why does the featured wallpaper almost identical to a previous piece of artwork shown long ago?

  11. The only thing missing is Maghda flying in the background

    On a serious note, it’s beautiful

  12. I wish I had 1/100th the talent that this guy does. Hell of a piece of art!

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