Additional Stash Tab For Reaper of Souls

Good news comes via andy who has sent word that an additional tab in your DiabloWikiStash will be available for purchase (in RoS) only however):

There have been a few changes we’ve made to alleviate stash overflow, the biggest of which has been condensing down crafting materials into two tiers and increasing the stacks of many other commonly hoarded items. Where there was once ten different materials for 1-60 crafting (not counting Pages and Tomes), now there’s only five. Gem and Material stack sizes have been increased fairly drastically as well, stacking up to 1000, and Pages and Tomes have been removed from the game.

However, we do see a need with many of the additional crafting materials and items added in Reaper of Souls to add an additional Stash tab. In the next Beta patch, a new Stash tab will be available for purchase for players in the Beta. This tab will unlock in a very similar manner as previous tabs, and require purchasing the initial tab and additional 14 slot expansions over time. When the time comes for the expansion launch, this Stash tab will require the Reaper of Souls expansion to access.

The old hands among you will remember that 2 years ago the available stash tabs was reduced from 5 to the current 3 during beta testing but Blizzard said at the time they would review that and alter if player requirements changed and it seems they have and as a hoarder myself this is music to my ears.

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  1. FINALLY! The rock, has cooooooooooooooooome back… to stashland heaven! 😀

    Well, it’s noe ATMA, but considering I haven’t seen that missing tab since the old D3C F&F beta, I am REALLY happy to hear these news! Bring on the next patch! =)

  2. Aw, shucks. And here I was looking forward to creating a bunch of extra characters named “Mule.” 😉 All joking aside, this is good news – and will ideally give us some breathing room with all the unique mats we’ll be collecting.

  3. You guys should make a new item about this:
    “In the next Beta patch, Legacy items (or items that drop prior to Patch 2.0.1) will no longer be able to be enchanted. This was a decision we ultimately made because certain Legacy items, when enchanted, became disproportionately strong compared to new items, which isn’t the intent.”

    • Making legacy items un-enchantable is pure BS at this point.
      Everytime they have any issues, they come up with band aid fixes.

      The good news though , is that open beta is coming! On the 25th of March…

      • “Oh look, an opportunity to complain!!!”

        Lol, band aid fix, lol. Who cares? they have two item systems colliding. Having a system disables for an item system it wasn’t intended for is ok in my book.

        If a lvl 60 item can be enchanted to become better than a lvl 70 item, you don’t have too many options to fix that.

        Since they are so close to release, I imagine that they went for the solution that required least amount of work so that they could focus on more important things.

      • It was an absolutely needed change in my opinion. Everything in the expansion is balanced around the new itemization. Enchanting legacy items, which still have 6 primary affixes can create completely broken items. Suddenly you can’t find any upgrades and blame the new system, even though the problem is created by the old one.

        • exceot the new system doesn’t add any depth and merely narrows useful affixslots down. it’s not even like the secondary affix category offers anything new – they merely shoved all crappy affixes into that category and proclaim balance

          if every item has 2 crappy secondary affixes every item is balanced !

          and what new affixes did they actually add ? like whole 2 new affixes ? splashdamage and cooldownreduction ?

          1 month after release – when the novelty wears off the new shiny art assets people will already be bored again by the repetitiveness and lack of true costumization.

  4. Oh wait? 1 new tab? Why couldn’t they add 2?

    We had them on D3V F&F already.

    I don’t understand this :'(

    It’s great to get additional space, but it still be not enough for hoarding all legendaries and other stuff.

    • As we all predicted back in the D3 beta when 5 went to 3… 4th tab in expansion #1, 5th tab in expansion #2.

      That prediction looked like presumption for a long time, but at last it’s come to what we expected all along. *tentative*

  5. Good news, sure, but insufficient. There’s room for three more tabs rather than one, and I believe we need them all.

  6. The amount of items that worth stashing away increased a lot (especially if you play multiple classes), so one additional tab won’t help much. Still, it’s better than nothing.

  7. Great timing. I have space for only one leg, so that’ll come handy.
    Don’t worry. They started the avalanche, so next tabs are only matter of time.

  8. Where is Jay Wilson when you need him the most? For once I would like to hear him say: We added 1 additional tab, and then.. we doubled it 😉

    Seriously though, happy they are increasing space, but with all the new legendaries and sets, two extra tabs would really make sense, so we can easily swap out items and try many builds.

  9. For once I would like to hear Jay Wilson say: We added one stash tab, and then we doubled it! 😉

    Seriously though, whIle extra space is always welcome, two tabs would make so much sense, allowing us to easily store the new legendaries and sets to experience with builds.

    Something else that would be useful would be to have one dedicated tab for consumables, crafting mats, gems etc. And maybe a color code or icon on the tabs showing what kind of items are stored in the tab.

    • “Something else that would be useful would be to have one dedicated tab for consumables, crafting mats, gems etc.”

      That would be nice. That’s kinda what Guild Wars did and I think it’s a great system.

      “maybe a color code or icon on the tabs showing what kind of items are stored in the tab.”

      You can right-click on tabs to select different icons for them.

  10. Fully unlocking the new tab will be the first thing I do once I get into town on release.

  11. Never had issues with the current stash, not sure what junk/garbage you guys kept.

    • Personally I keep tons of Rares around for testing. I have a set of Splash, CDR, RCR, and crit gear (6 items each). I also have amulets and bracers with all elemental damage types and quite a few Rares with various skill bonuses. There’s an overlap between sets in a few slots, but not much. Due to all this 2 of my tabs are full with Wizard gear, so this additional tab won’t help me much at all. Good luck if you also want to keep Legendaries around for experimenting. I think Blizzard has no idea how limiting stash space become in the expansion.

      • To be fair, having access to enchanting would help me a lot. Then I could quickly conjure up items with stats I want and I would have to keep less Rares around, possibly none at all. Eventually though my stash would still fill up with Legendaries.

  12. I wonder if they will ever charge real money for additional stash tabs?

    • I feared that’s what they were doing when I read this headline, but it’s just in-game gold. They are charging money for extra character slots in RoS, by including those as bonus content in the Collector’s Edition. Kind of surprised they didn’t throw this extra tab in there also?

      • I’m also curious how much gold the new tab will cost. I think we’re all assuming it’ll be 100k plus 50k per new column or something, but gold is a real bottleneck on a lot of things in RoS. (Gem upgrades, 5m for the new HR ring design, etc.) I won’t be surprised if the 4th tab is very pricey. 10m plus 2m per row, or something like that.

        Obviously that’s only pricey if you’re actually earning gold while you play, instead of just spending off a nest egg you brought into RoS.

      • It still costs $40, considering you need the expansion for things that aren’t very expansion-y (two character slots, stash tab, transmog, free roam mode).

  13. Can’t complain about more storage. It’s irrelevant that we had 5 in beta, all that matters is we’ve gone from 3 to 4 on live, which is great. I guess they’ll save the 5th slot for the next expansion.

  14. LOL 1 new tab, and still 1 less than originally demo’d, and about 6 less than what anyone that plays will actually need.

  15. Just 1 additional tab is really disappointing.
    Having to use mules now is barely bearable even when we can use the AH interface to check where we put those spare items, but without the AH imagine switching 7 mules just to find that nice helmet you were keeping.
    I was really hoping they’d at least double, if not quadruple, the stash. All their BS excuses for why they can’t do that are just that, BS.

  16. I feel they should release two, and I think as peoples stashes fill up in RoS, one of the early patches will do exactly that.

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