Activision’s E3 Press Conference

As we’ve been reporting (warning?) for the past week, Blizzard is not attending this year’s E3 Expo, and as such there’s zero news about WoW, SC2, or D3 coming from the event. Blizzard’s new partner, Activision, didn’t attend E3 either but they held a press event last night in LA, and showcased some of their upcoming titles. Thunderbolt Games has a nice write up, and here’s a quote of the only Blizzard-relevant portion:

To begin the show, the President of Activision, Mike Griffin, took the stage. His part of the show was clearly meant to appeal to the investors in the crowd. He talked at length about the strength of Acivision?s merger with Blizzard and what that does for their market share, how much Activision has grown over the years, and the direction the company looks to take in the future.

If you want more, G4TV has posted a video of the 85 minute event.

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1 thought on “Activision’s E3 Press Conference

  1. This is just awesome.  I remember logging onto about 10 years ago and reading similar interviews from the D1 staff (though they were normally still employed with Blizzard).  I’m almost glad that the original D3 stalled out and they were able to rework and update the game – otherwise we may have a well-funded Titan Quest on our hands (TQ is a fine game, I’m just using it as baseline).  Thanks for the post.

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