Activision/Blizzard Q4 2011 Financial Conference Call

Activision/Blizzard’s 2011 Q4 Financial Overview Call went off this afternoon, at 1:30pm. As usual, the call focused almost entirely on Activision and Blizzard’s financial issues. They reported another year of record profits and a large stock buy back. But what about the Blizzard news? And especially the Diablo news?

CFO Thomas Tippl stated that no major releases from Activision or Blizzard are planned during the first quarter of 2012. So there goes “early 2012” for Diablo III. Seems like we’re looking at Q2 now, April, May, or June, at the soonest. Morhaime has not yet spoken, and he should deliver some more details.

Mike Morhaime spoke about last year’s launches of WoW in various international markets. They are prepared to launch multiple titles in 2012, and with the next Blizzcon in 2013 their developers are focused on completing those games. There are currently 10.2m subscribers for WoW, with no significant changes in sub numbers since the previous quarter. They think the new patch is doing well and retaining users. The WoW annual pass (free D3 with purchase), is doing very well, and they’ve signed up more than 1m players in the West to the pass.

DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta testing began last year. After feedback from the community and the internal team they’ve greatly improved the game with major system changes. They’ve also been testing the DiabloWikiAuction House extensively. They expect the D3 launch to be huge, and they can confirm they are targeting a Q2 release for Diablo III. More DiabloWikirelease date details will be released in the next few weeks.

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  1. 2012 Q1 – no Diablo 3
    GG Blizzard, WP

  2. “At least 2 titles this year” – it includes Diablo III

  3. If one has a minimum self-honesty and average IQ level, this can not come as a surprise;)

  4. Blizzard conference calls: Expect nothing. Get less.

  5. Back to League of Legends, Diablo 3 beta is very BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  6. yo, fuck this shit, and fuck blizzard.

  7. If you are that bored with d3 beta, consider letting someone else play it.. There are thousands of people who would beg for a chance to play the beta!

  8. News says “none planned…q1 2011”.  Don’t you mean 2012?  =)

  9. Here it is and there it goes: Q1.  

  10. More concerning, is them talking about \IF Blizzard releases more than 2 titles this year\ when they have 4 scheduled… (WoW: MoP, D3, SC2: HotS and Blizzard DOTA)

  11. I can’t hide that I’m extremely pissed right now. D3 will probably release right in the middle of the next semester.

  12. Meh, nothing to see here…

  13. Q2 launch they said

  14. diablo 3 planned for q2 and more details in coming weeks

  15. Oh well, release date probably end feb, early march so that leaves April as a good possibility, which was my most optimistic guess anyway…

  16. An that’s that. Can’t understand how they managed to aim for q4 release and then suddenly go for q2. That’s 6 months of extra developing. Must be some MAJOR overhaul.

    • Because they kept tacking on more and more iteration after they had gotten to a place they could live with. Whatever delayed them in November led to them deciding to scrutinize pretty much everything and then we get the stuff that they were working on while they were dealing with whatever delayed them in the first place delaying them even more… I really wish they would have just left stuff alone and patched in changes if they felt they were that essential…

  17. over 1,000,000 annual pass subs given out…can you say record-breaking opening? That number surpassed my wildest guesses.

  18. Er January,Feb,March is Q1 Q2 is april,may,june are you retarded why?

  19. Actually works out a bit better for me as I’m an accountant.  Q1 is our busiest time.

  20. “Ok, try be calm”
    Fuck that! Cmon Im so pisst right now! Wtf are they doing?!
    “No one will remember if the game was late” I will, oohh I will!
    My respect for Blizzard is gone, how they are dealing with this is just fuck up..


  22. they will delay sc2 hots, if they have to pick. it would be a business suicide to release 4 titles in one year…

  23. You should all be grateful we were given that piece of information. Before this we had to speculate the chances of it being released later in the year.
    If you think about it all they have left is the new skill & runes system and improving the AH.
    This won’t take longer than a few months. I am pretty certain we will see D3 before June.

  24. I’m a train operator, I’ve got all the time in the world. Reckoning has been keeping me busy, great dialogue in this game.

  25. I would have preferred if they didn’t say anything about Q2. We all know it’s not going to be released on Q2. Blizzard loves to set us up for disappointment.

  26. It´s selfish, but I am hoping for June release. March, April and May will all be hectic for me, and if D3 is released in any of those, I´d miss at least the first month, maybe more.

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