Activision/Blizzard Q2 2011 Conference Call: August 3rd

Thanks to Davidus for noticing that Activision/Blizzard has announced the date for their next quarterly conference call: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011. This is a week earlier than usual (the last two were held on the 9th of the month), and while the date change probably has nothing to do with their urgency to make a big Diablo III announcement… we can always hope!

These quarterly conference calls are themed for investors and the financial press, and chiefly feature Bobby Kotick talking up new products before the, plus accountants reading numbers about profits and expenses. The calls often feature new announcements as well though; the one in February created chaos with the “Blizzard is not projecting any new games this year,” remark, and back in May we were given the “3rd quarter target date” for the start of the Diablo III Beta. Might this call give us a start date for that beta? Could be..

As usual, we’ll host a live chat during the conference call, so we can all listen to the streamed audio and hyperventilate like school girls when Mike Morhaime finally comes on and maybe says something about Diablo III.

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17 thoughts on “Activision/Blizzard Q2 2011 Conference Call: August 3rd

  1. Unicorn Day strikes again.

    But ew, every time I read that date I’m reminded that I won’t be at home. 🙁

    • You’ll be even more amped to know that when you get home there will be news waiting for you.

    • I’m pondering changing my appointment date. >.>
      Is that sad? Two weeks from today exactly, now, for August 1st.

  2. gonna be interesting to see what we learn on the d3 press thingy and just a few days afterwards from the conference call. early august seems to be an exciting time for us fans.

  3. If we don’t get a beta start date at the press event, then I doubt we’ll get it on the conference call just a couple of days later, although at the very least they’ll give some vague timeframe.

    • I remember the StarCraft 2 beta announcement coming straight from the 2010 Q1 conference call.
      The possibility that Blizzard would rather announce it there than at the press event is still there. Besides, press will find out quickly from all the raving fanboys salivating over the announcement, stock holders not so much.

      • Well, nothing would stop them repeating the date for the stockholders during the call. But holding a press event with the full intent of gaining exposure and withholding one of the most eagerly anticipated pieces of information from them so you can deliver it two days later without press makes no sense.

        A week later, or two weeks, maybe. That way you could get a double whammy news effect, but two days? Not worth it.

        • Because Diablo fanboys like us are the ones that even care about a beta for D3 and we would be the ones to know simply because it was said in a conference call. It won’t be an open beta, so it is better than only the truly dedicated know anyhow. I doubt they would even do the “preorder to get into beta” thing they did with SC2 later down the line (which if they did, they could advertise that) because D3’s beta doesn’t need the huge numbers to test balance like SC2 did.

  4. I tend to believe that a beta date would be more fitting at the press event, but the conference call i think will have d3 news pushed.  Reason i’m thinking that is i’d be surprised if wow’s numbers haven’t fallen again.  Even a small fall 2 quarters in a row will cause investors to ask questions and a d3 beta with a hoped for release yet this year would be a good thing to pull out at that time.  A strong hint at the press event followed by something more solid at the call would even work as it’d casue a stir among fans and some articles to point at 2 days prior to the call.

    Also remember that by this date swtor will probably have put out pre-order info and according to the devs from earlier this year the time between a pre-order date and release would be best counted in weeks and not months so d3 news would be a nice thing to have when they get asked about the impact of that release (and they WILL get asked about the impact of that release).

  5. The big news that they are about to disclose during the Conf Call is an update on their progress towards getting Diablo 3 on a console platform.

    The Beta start date will be released in a different forum.


    Disclaimer: These are all just guesses, of course.  I have no ‘real’ crystal ball that I use (not on a regular basis, at least)

  6. If I don’t get into beta I will still be happy with the amount of information that will be released. There is so much I want to know about that game.

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