Thanks to Davidus for noticing that Activision/Blizzard has announced the date for their next quarterly conference call: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011. This is a week earlier than usual (the last two were held on the 9th of the month), and while the date change probably has nothing to do with their urgency to make a big Diablo III announcement… we can always hope!

    These quarterly conference calls are themed for investors and the financial press, and chiefly feature Bobby Kotick talking up new products before the, plus accountants reading numbers about profits and expenses. The calls often feature new announcements as well though; the one in February created chaos with the “Blizzard is not projecting any new games this year,” remark, and back in May we were given the “3rd quarter target date” for the start of the Diablo III Beta. Might this call give us a start date for that beta? Could be..

    As usual, we’ll host a live chat during the conference call, so we can all listen to the streamed audio and hyperventilate like school girls when Mike Morhaime finally comes on and maybe says something about Diablo III.

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