The Escapist cites a new IGN item quoting Activision/Blizzard CEO DiabloWikiBobby Kotick announcing a policy that most gamers will welcome. Activision is not going to be cramming ads into their games in inappropriate ways.

    “There was a time where we thought advertising and sponsorship was a big opportunity, but what we realized is our customers are paying $60 for a game or paying a monthly subscription fee and they don’t really want to be barraged with sponsorship or advertising,” Kotick said. “So being very respectful of our audiences, unless it’s something that’s really authentic and will enhance the game experience, we’re generally not going to include something in the game.”

    “There may be future opportunities where you might offer a consumer an advertiser-supported experience so they wouldn’t have to pay for it,” he continued. “But as long as our audience is paying $60 for a game or a subscription fee I think we’re going to limit the amount of advertising or sponsorship incorporated into a game.”

    As the article points out, ads are fine in some settings; on billboards around a football field, or on race cars. We just don’t want to see DiabloWikihealth orbs turn into cans of Dr. Pepper, or the DiabloWikiCrimson DiabloWikirunestone turn the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor‘s DiabloWikiFirebats into the new and deliciously-crunchy Fiery Ranch Doritos

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