Activision Boss Quits

I know what you were thinking when you saw the headline. No it’s not THAT boss. Sorry to disappoint if that was what you hoped, hope it’s good news if you like that boss. reports Mike Griffith, Activision’s CEO and president of Activision Publishing is quitting those positions (possibly because of the Infinity Ward debacle), taking a massive pay package to basically be an advisor for Blizzard’s executive team, “providing services on key initiatives and projects, as requested by the CEO.”

Exactly what effect this will have on Blizzard is unknown, but in the short term it will likely not even be noticeable. Read the article for much more information and back story on the matter.

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1 thought on “Activision Boss Quits

  1. Now Blood Raven would be an awesome character class to play. Blizzard should do that for the 5th class. I mean you’ve got an easy backstory THe rogue clans or whatever from the cathedral being freed from the Andariel’s grasps… Just a cool thought

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