Activision Blizzard Stock Takes a hit Following BlizzCon

With BlizzCon complete, the Activision Blizzard stock has seen a nearly 7% drop since the markets opened this morning.

There’s no doubt that BlizzCon was underwhelming this year and the Activision Blizzard share price is about to hit a 7% drop as of this afternoon. It’s hard to tell how much of this decrease is down to BlizzCon but there is a general consensus that Blizzard and Activision are out of touch with what their consumers want and that may have been noticed by the money men.

The latest article on Seeking Alpha looks at the declining trend ahead of the next earnings call on 8 November and it appears they are struggling to keep up with the competition. It will be interesting to hear what their strategy is for the remainder of the financial year. Will there be more emphasis on mobile development, which appears to be the case following the success of games such as Fortnite on mobile, or do they have other cunning plans?

It will also be interesting to hear how they play up the Diablo Immortal announcement in the investor call and how they respond to analyst questions on the subject. Stay tuned.


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  1. Probably due to missed investor expectations. Goldman Sachs posted an investor note in September, expecting an Overwatch expansion and Diablo 4 reveal this Blizzcon. Quite far from it and I think it is not only Diablo Immortal that is hurting their stock today.

    On the upside, rumors are starting to crystallize that Diablo 4 is in the works but a teaser was pulled in the last minute. This would make far more sense, akin to how Bethesda did with Elder Scrolls VI. I am sure the reception of Diablo Immortal would be very different if fans saw the game more as a temporary distraction than a worrying future of their franchise. I’m puzzled why they couldn’t even give a teaser. How can plans change so harshly in the last minute?

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