The latest round of financials¬†from Activision Blizzard have been released, and although there’s no Diablo news included, there were some interesting points of note.

    Blizzard always keeps their active user numbers close to their chest but the financial results do give us an idea of how many gamers are playing Blizzard games.

    According to their own numbers, Blizzard has seen their games rise to 41 million active users per month up from 26 million for the same period last year. So why the increase?

    The increase is due to the phenomenal sales of Overwatch which has sold more than 30 million copies. Overwatch has also now become Blizzard’s fastest growing new franchise and it’s become Activision’s eighth title to make more than a billion USD since launch.

    I often read comments about how Blizzard just doesn’t have the money to support Diablo because the game has no subscription or monetisation but surely there’s enough cash to go around to keep all their customers happy no matter what the franchise.

    With the Necromancer effectively working on a DLC model, perhaps this is the way forward to justify more Diablo 3 content. Alternatively, just make Diablo 4.

    Thanks PC Invasion.

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