Activision Blizzard Conference Call Details

For once there was an Activision Blizzard financial conference call this evening where we were not waiting for some sort of release date. This evening there was not much to shout about regarding Diablo 3 but here are a few points to note from Blizzard.

  • World of Warcraft ended the year with 10.2 million paying subscribers, down only slightly from 10.3 million in the previous quarter.
  • 2 million took part in the Diablo 3 beta.
  • Record pre-orders for Diablo 3 which includes 1.2 milion WOW annual passes.

I wonder what the record pre-orders were, not including the annual passes. Also the figures for the Collector’s Edition would be good to see. It seems those babies are all but sold out now.

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    14 thoughts on “Activision Blizzard Conference Call Details

    1. Interesting.  So 1.2 million WOW Annual Passes plus the roughly 800,000 physical preorders (per, that is 2 million right in sales right there.  Not to mention the digital preorders through Blizzard that are most likely not included in in the numbers.

      That is a lot of assumptions, but sure looks like D3 is selling pretty well. 

      •  [quote]Interesting.  So 1.2 million WOW Annual Passes plus the roughly 800,000 physical preorders…, that is 2 million right in sales right there. [/quote] 
        its not 2 million in sales 
        its not a sale when you get it for free  
        its 800 000 sales for D3 and 1.2 million sales for WoW 

      • JamesL is bang on. Without the annual pass, I am SURE this many copies of D3 would have been pre-ordered. I am also sure that WoW would NOT have had 10.2mil subscribers. Diablo was literally used as a prop to support WoW in its darkest hour (launch of SWTOR). Now that SWTOR has garnered crappy feedback and people seem to have forgotten about it, the deal has ended.

        “Bundling” a decaying product with a new launch is one of the primary ways to prop up a cash cow. Elementary B-school knowledge brilliantly applied to a real situation. As a student it interests me. As a Diablo fan it disgusts me that Diablo is killing its own revenue by becoming a crutch to WoW.

    2. **** WoW it can go to ****ing **** at least when you compare it to Diablo. Soon as Diablo comes out you will see a sudden change in WoW sucribers not increasing but decreasing!

    3. That’s plenty of D3 pre-orders indeed… but I find it most shocking that 10 million people are still playing WOW.

      • WoW is still a great game and it still dominates the MMO scene because of lack of decent competition.

        Just like D 3 will dominate the revival of the hack/slash genre.

        It is Blizzard. Simple as that. 

    4. A huge error in that post.

      WoW subscriptions were NOT down this quarter.
       They stayed the same at 10.2 million, just like the previous quarter.

      So what happened there editor? Your rage against Wow took over 😀  

      I think you should correct the post with the correctbBlizzard information … 

      • maybe just a slight error in recollection. happens to everyone. besides elly usually doesn’t rage at blizz…that’s more of flux’s job.

      • Thrall Learn2Read fully what it’s a Blizzard release that says in the last quarter of the year they lost 0.1 million WOW subs. So what it hold steady after the drop is irrelevant to the statement.

    5. Among the more important news from the call, in it they, for the first time, refered to Titan’s genre. Before this, it was always “MMOG”, obscuring it’s genre. That, plus the (false) rumor that a lot of Splash Damage employees (creators of “Brink” FPS) moved over to Titan team, brought a lot of rumors that Titan is a MMOFPS. Well, apperantly, it is not. They refered to Titan as a “MMORPG” several times during the call, so it seems that it will really be MMORPG.

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