Act One Jeweler Location Change Requested

A fan points out something most of us have been annoyed by from time to time; how damn far away the Jeweler is from the rest of the NPCs and merchants, in Act One.

Please relocate jeweler in act I.

Yes am lazy, but blizz relocated cain in act v in d2.
Grimiku: This subject comes up from time to time, so you’re not the only one who’d like to see Covetous Shen move his shop in Act I. I’d be happy to pass along your feedback.

This isn’t exactly the biggest issue in Diablo 3, but I’ve grumbled about how far the Jeweler is from the Stash and Waypoint in Tristram, I’ve put off jeweler activities in games in Act One, and have been annoyed at myself for creating an Act One game when I knew in advance that I was going to hit up the Jeweler.

Also, bonus points to the OP for remembering that Deckard Cain was initially located in the middle of town in Harrogath, before he got moved to the bottom right corner by the waypoint. Even me with my old school proclivities wouldn’t have thought to bring up that tidbit in this post.

The Mystic's Wagon in Tristram.
The Mystic’s Wagon in Tristram.
That said, what’s the solution? Cain was just a single NPC standing there, so obviously he could be moved without trouble. To go even more old school, many Diablo 1 modders moved Wirt into town, for convenience. But the Jeweler has his whole cart and layout, and there’s not really any other space in Tristram to plop him down. Give him a portable cart for Act One and stick him near the waypoint anyway?

(Bonus trivia: Myriam the DiabloWikiMystic would have been a little more convenient, since her wagon and display fit into Tristram right in the center of town, where a bunch of firewood and trees are now located along the right side of the path, just above the Inn. You can see a bunch of videos of her shoppe and conversations in old datamining posts we did during the Beta. This one, for instance. Click through for one of the videos.)

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9 thoughts on “Act One Jeweler Location Change Requested

  1. I have an idea.. Give us back the Horadric Cube and delete the Blacksmith and Jewler! BAM More space in town and freedom to craft wherever we please! Yahooooooooooo!


    • I do not want to handle the retarded moving of stuff to the cube and out anymore. The blacksmith and jeweler work just fine.

  2. Another somewhat annoying and “seemingly simple” fix would be for the number of Nephalem Valor stacks to be displayed next to the character portrait of the other members in your party. It’s unfortunate when you enter a Key Warden game and no one responds to the question: “How many stacks does everyone have?”

    • I think I remember someone once suggestion the number go above everyone’s flags in town, and the “blues” replied positively to the suggestion.

  3. It is quite a hike. Neat mystic video, it would have been so cool to have the added itemization that she would have added at game launch instead of in the expansion.

  4. Do people visit the Jeweler that often that those three additional steps to the Act I location are really a problem? I think this is one of those discussions that end up in the question if services should be tied to NPCs at all or be operated through menus/keyboard shortcuts instead.

    Some love for the environment and pacing, please, even when the rest of the game is about squeezing those last .000% of efficiency.

  5. Diablo 2 act V? I think you’ll find Cain never got moved apart from an internal only testing version.

    How do I know? I’m doing pindle runs right now! What else can I do while I’m getting steam trading cards 😛

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