A couple of interesting Blue posts on the EU threads today. The first asks about Inferno item farming in Act One:

    Act One worth farming? Is it?
    Takralus: I’d have to agree with the other here, it totally depends on your gear and your expectations, IMO. There’s lots to take into consideration. If you’re happy for a higher degree of difficulty, which in turn means you’ll kill things slower and may end up with a larger repair bill — but have a better chance of finding nice loot — then maybe it’s time for the next Act.

    It seems kind of silly to even contemplate this, after watching some of the Alkaizer live stream last night, but yes, farming in Act One can be viable… but it doesn’t feel very good once you’re geared enough to farm in Act Two or Three. We talked about this on the podcast this week, and the lower item levels you get in Act One are wearisome. “Oh look, another rare level 54 shoulders!” Anything you wish you could vendor without wasting the 3 seconds to ID it first is not a real joyous find, and you get an awful lot of those in Act One.

    Players who have grown very bored with farming Act Three have been talking wistfully about Blizzard’s initial design theory for Inferno; that it would be a “flat” difficulty with enemies of roughly-equivalent challenge/reward in all four acts. This would obviously be tough for progression for characters new to DiabloWikiInferno, but it would certainly expand the viable farming areas for the most powerful characters. Perhaps some sort of hybrid system can be incorporated, where players could custom select their difficulty? After all, we’ve likely got some years to wait before a Skovosian Act Five comes along in an Expansion.

    Elsewhere, a fan suggests a creative method to allow Hardcore players to get some of their lost loot back.

    So after your hero dies in HC his equip is lost forever. This is very annoying but somehow logical i guess. He died somewhere in the wilderness and you cant get his stuff.

    I am proposing that you should be able somehow retrive that equip but in unique interesting way. For example when your next hero reaches level of your dead hero he gets a quest.
    Someone aproach to him in dram for example and say that he needs to save soul in agony(your dead hero) bla bla bla.

    He then needs to go to the same spot where your dead hero died and something happends. He might fight with a ghost of dead hero or make a favor to him, something like that. After that you get his stuff.

    This way items in HC would have value and HC play would get something unique.
    Nakatoir: I think that being able to have the gear of an old character drop at a REALLY low chance would be kinda cool, but only if it was in a way where the gear was not usable for you and bound to the account. This saves it from being a way that you can get old gear back, and just makes it so that you can be sentimental about a lost character 🙂

    A very cool concept especially if the item had a tag on it like, “Belonged to [Charactername]” or something of the sort.

    Here’s where the Hardcore purists (who are seldom actual Hardcore players, oddly enough) leap in and shout that this is an abomination and a corruption of the whole theory behind hardcore play, etc, etc. And in this case I think they’re right and I think I agree with them. That said, it would be kind of cool if Hardcore awarded you with something for creating another character of the same class, and exceeding your previous point of progress.

    Talking to Xanth yesterday, his new Witch Doctor (this is #5, I believe) was already back to level 50, after his previous one died at Paragon 10 earlier this week. Would he be even more motivated to keep grinding away if he had a chance to get some of his lost gear back once he reached Paragon level 11? Perhaps he’ll let us know in comments…

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