We all know that although we fight the DiabloWikiSkeleton King in the Beta he is not the Act 1 boss, brought forward in the beta to give testers something meaty to fight as a finale. The boss of each of the acts has been heavily speculated, even the final boss is open for debate. That could all now be settled with the discovery of another image post in the Beta Forum, apparently boss profiles that will appear in your profile once you have defeated each. Each has a picture and the Act number above them.

    Of course this is below the fold. Also, as someone pointed out to me yesterday, the scrolling ‘latest comments’ up top of this page can also spoil things if you see a comment fly by “A unicorn! zomg, you’re kidding me!?” so don’t look at that for a day or so either.

    Act Bosses in Diablo 3

    The first one is a little bit of a surprise. I say a little because DiabloWikiThe Butcher is such an iconic boss now. His greeting on first entering his room “Ahhh, fresh meat!” in Diablo 1 is part of the popular lingo and perhaps because of that Blizzard felt he had more gravitas now and could play a more important role in the story. So it sounds like that after you kill the Skeleton King you move onto the Torture Chambers but only for a while before you head out to the DiabloWikiFields of Misery, DiabloWikiFestering Woods etc and then return to the Torture Chambers later where the Butcher will be waiting for you. Yes, you!

    I think it’s great the Butcher is going to be an Act boss, even though it was known he’s coming back in Diablo 3, I’m more excited that it’s going to be an even larger battle now. The other bosses or their order, does anything surprise you there?

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