Act Bosses Confirmed?

We all know that although we fight the DiabloWikiSkeleton King in the Beta he is not the Act 1 boss, brought forward in the beta to give testers something meaty to fight as a finale. The boss of each of the acts has been heavily speculated, even the final boss is open for debate. That could all now be settled with the discovery of another image post in the Beta Forum, apparently boss profiles that will appear in your profile once you have defeated each. Each has a picture and the Act number above them.

Of course this is below the fold. Also, as someone pointed out to me yesterday, the scrolling ‘latest comments’ up top of this page can also spoil things if you see a comment fly by “A unicorn! zomg, you’re kidding me!?” so don’t look at that for a day or so either.

Act Bosses in Diablo 3

The first one is a little bit of a surprise. I say a little because DiabloWikiThe Butcher is such an iconic boss now. His greeting on first entering his room “Ahhh, fresh meat!” in Diablo 1 is part of the popular lingo and perhaps because of that Blizzard felt he had more gravitas now and could play a more important role in the story. So it sounds like that after you kill the Skeleton King you move onto the Torture Chambers but only for a while before you head out to the DiabloWikiFields of Misery, DiabloWikiFestering Woods etc and then return to the Torture Chambers later where the Butcher will be waiting for you. Yes, you!

I think it’s great the Butcher is going to be an Act boss, even though it was known he’s coming back in Diablo 3, I’m more excited that it’s going to be an even larger battle now. The other bosses or their order, does anything surprise you there?

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    29 thoughts on “Act Bosses Confirmed?

    1. I’m glad to see Belial did make the cut. I always imagined Belial as fatter than Azmodan – but perhaps my image of Belial is tainted by FF 12.

        • heh yeah. I mean, we keep bloody killing Diablo but like a bad smell he just won’t go.  Perhaps we should hold a vote for the expansion boss, but then that could be considered spoilery when none of the above are options.

          Now that the Butcher has joined the ranks of Act Bosses he got own horns and tusks I notice.

          • There’s also the possibility of some “resurrection magic” to bring back any of them – plus the ones from Diablo 2 – back to live. ^^

          • In no particular order:
            1) Imperius
            2) Malthael
            3) The rest of Azmodan’s lieutenants (7 deadly sins, Wrath, Gluttony, etc)
            4) Since resurrection is fine, Baal, Mephisto, etc.
            5) Time travel could be a go, which means Inarius/Lilith, and any other Sin War stuff.

          • He had horns and tusk in Diablo 1 I believe 😆

            I’m very excited.  Loved the butcher.  It all makes sense now based on the old screenshots of corpses impaled on the wall and such.

    2. I was thinking Imperius would be the expansion boss but now that we know he is actually on the game im not sure who that would leave us with. We still dont know for sure what happened with Baal and Mephisto i mean, if Diablo is coming back perhaps they are still out there somewhere? From the lore the only one i can come up with is a return from Inarius, think about it, if we actually kill Belial, Azmodan and Diablo, and assuming Baal and Mephisto are gone for good then Inarius is still left there in Hell imprisoned but, he could get away and he may want to get some revenge :O

    3. I just hope that they can really bring back that fear that the butcher instilled in many of us all those years ago…..

    4. Seeing how often Diablo seems to live despite our attempts to permanently defeat him, it’s possible. However, since an expansion would most likely only have one act boss, Diablo (the name of the freakin game) should only return (much much stronger) in the 2nd expansion. Or as a dual-encounter boss in the 1st expansion (thinking along the lines of Baal’s minion room). I suppose if the expansions were bigger than we expect, there is more room for Diablo to make multiple appearances in one game, just hard to really say. If I trust anyone to pull off an elaborate story within a PC game, it’s definitely Blizzard right up there with Square-Enix.

    5. the butcher as an ACT BOSS? He must have some greater role than he did in Diablo 1 if that`s the case…a bit surprised to see his return.

      • There’s a reason behind it.

        I will add that I’m the one who put the text in the picture above. It wasn’t in the actual images, so that may vary in-game. Right now, in the beta, it’s just a locked icon and says “Boss” in a similar font/color. But it should be fine.

    6. A complete time travel expansion would be cool, too. Hell, I would even play a Diablo 1 & 2 in the style of Diablo 3. ^^

    7. “So it sounds like that after you kill the Skeleton King you move onto the Torture Chambers but only for a while before you head out to the Fields of Misery, Festering Woods etc and then return to the Torture Chambers later where the Butcher will be waiting for you.”

      I’m pretty sure the Torture Chambers are in Leoric’s Mansion at the end of the act, Elly…

      But, yeah this confirmation has been a long time coming… The Butcher has been hinted at since we saw that new art of him on the old pre-beta site in Cain’s journal…

    8. This opens up a lot of possibilities.  It is said in Diablo Lore there must always be evil to counter good. Without it the balance of existence is all messed up.

      They could even do something like introduce a neutral faction vowing for power while evil and good are weak.  They could introduce a whole knew type of creature race.  They could explore a deeper evil.  Anyone remember the old D&D book Deity and Demigods?  There were different factions of evils (demons vs devils). 

      So much possbility….. 

      • I’d rather them not go into some super powerful race of god-like beings… We already have that with the Titans in Warcraft and the Xel’naga in Starcraft… then again, by what they said at Blizzcon, it sounds like humans may be becoming very god-like by the end of D3…

    9. Maybe it’s time to just deactivate that scrolling comment box until after the game’s been out for a week or so?
      I keep on trying to make comments that don’t have spoilers in them. >.<
      Just a thought.

    10. Hell yeah!! Can’t wait to mess with the legendary butcher yet again. Especially with my Messerschmidt’s Reaver!!!

      U gotta wonder though if Blizz deliberate (no doubt!!) policy of allowing this to come to light before the launch of the game is sound indeed. Personally, I have my reservations.

    11. This is the first link I kinda wished I hadn’t clicked on.

      Making him the Act 1 Boss is ballsy.  At least I think it is.  It might also turn out to be stupid.  I guess we’ll see.

    12. btw, butcher is that 1 boss i never really fight. I was very young at that time, and him jumping out and 1-hit me isnt quite….. entertaining. so whenever i see his room, i skirt around it and walk away. 😀
      guess it is time to try kick his butt eh?

    13. The Butcher is the most amazing diablo boss in all of diablo 1 and 2. He is better than diablo, baal, mephisto everyone.
      He was a scary ass mother fucker with an awesome line, scary room, and super fast attack and NEVER relenting chasing your ass down and killing you. My god he gave me nightmares when I played diablo as a kid.
      I am fucking amazingly happy at this news

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