Reports are surfacing of more pk’s in Diablo 3 hardcore, and this time they’ve brought back town killing!As reported on the Diablo 3 forums:

    Similar to the hot fixed A1 MPK method, by luring lots of mobs into the emptied(no more guards) Caldeum Bazaar and invite clueless player which once join game and will start game from inside Caldeum Bazaar instead of Hidden camp. Can’t immediately Leave game(need 10 sec count down) once your character was hit by any monster.

    Basically after the bazaar is cleared there are no guards left to stop you from hoarding up monsters and inviting unsuspecting players to their doom. Sadly unlike the recent wave of pk’s that require you to banner to them this one simply requires you to join the game and leaves no room for safety. As I never farm act 2 I was oblivious to this but I’m never surprised at what lengths people will go to ruin the game for others.

    This continues a heavy pk influx in hardcore. It’s still a small percent of the community but with people streaming the kills and boasting about it, it is encouraging copy cats. I was playing this evening and out of the several games I played tonight I entered into 2 pk trap games each with a different pk,both of which I had never seen before.The problem maybe small but in a small community it’s effects are much more damaging.

    Stay safe and hold off on act 2 key farming for a bit.

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