Act 1 Music – Videos Part 1

Act 1 Music – Videos Part 1

I have put together a couple of videos from the Act 1 audio files which appeared earlier today. These are the first two videos which include as many relevant shots as possible with captions to help set the scene.

The Forsaken Cemetery video is after the break.

View Videos Part 2, containing four more Diablo 3 music videos.

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78 thoughts on “Act 1 Music – Videos Part 1

  1. You know, a lot of people say that they remember the music while playing. To be honest, I don’t think that it’s just the music that made it great – it was also the enemy sounds as well.

    I can still remember the first time the Rogue Encampment music was playing and encountering my first Fallen – the croaky call mixed with the music seems to have stuck rather than one or the other. This sounds great, and it sounds even better when actually in the world.

    While it was great while playing the beta, I can only hope it delivers through the entire game – which I imagine it will.

    • Music and game sounds are indeed very important. But from what I’ve heard so far, Diablo 3 will sound very different from D1 & D2. No Matt Uelmen anymore…

      • But would things be any different WITH Matt Uelmen. I mean weren’t all previous very different already? Especially LoD. 

        To me, this sounds a lot like what Matt would do now. Last music he did for Blizzard was for Wow The Burning Crusade and it was very much like this (imo).

  2. No worries, Nizaris – they also lost the main sound designers on the original team, so if you liked the tunes leaked this weekend, you’ll really love the laughing skeletons.

  3. Seems good for atmospheric music, not exactly tunes I’ll be listening to during other leisure activities though 😮

    • lol yeah. This seems very eerie to me…. Combine this with hardcore and on inferno difficulty…. I’m gonna be pretty scared playing act 1  😛

    • Yeah, this is my feeling. Yeah, it might be enjoyable to listen to but damn if it won’t set the mood well.

    • I’d love to see you create better. My day was nice ’til you and Zeramus ruined it with your idiocy… 🙄

  4. Excellent work! Were these leaked somewhere?

    I loved the D2 soundtrack (still do, actually) and I’m very interested the atmospheric sounds from D3. It really helps set the tone for the entire game.

  5. Well compared to Diablo 1, can only be described as boring. Not enough happening… Listen to D1 caves music then listen to this…
    I have a feeling most of D3 music will be this *passive* Wheres the drums?

  6. The music is aching and haunting, with beautiful echoes that cry of pain and longing. Imagine walking around in the foggy jungles around Tristram with this playing in the background. I would be (a bit) unnerved.

  7. Elly, I love you so much!  The music to me is one of the biggest things in the Diablo series.  Thank you very much for sharing these little tidbits.  Can’t wait for more.

  8. Thank you Elly! Awesome production. Great combination of music parts and nicely, sometimes zoomed in views and comments to the pictures. This music sets the stage for the game once again.

  9. With the music attached, the screenshots become dark and foreboding. Just think about hearing this and actually playing. This gives me once again the same distinct creepy feeling i had in Diablo II

  10. Having some inside info, this sounds a lot like how Matt Uelmen originally designed the music for D3 way back when he was working on the sound track.

    • I don’t like liars and you’re a big liar. You can even tell the water is black to suck Blizzard’s ass.

      Having some inside info?Bullshit…. Prove it or you’re lying.

  11. Awesome music – suits the scene so well. And for those complaining, obviously they need to start slowly and ramp things up as the game progresses. I’ve no doubt the later tracks will be a lot more exciting. But I’m loving this.

  12. Relative to Legend of Zelda music it is not very memorable.
    It is too passive and not PSYCHOTIC enough relative to old Diablo music.
    It requires more mana.

    • Thanks for the link.

      I’m a little confused and worried by this.  It would surprise me if this is the FULL music that we hear in game (as we’re killing stuff) as it is much less substantial and “melody-driven” than either D1 or D2 (not saying either had strong melodies but you could at least hum along to parts or identify measures that reminded you of other musical scores to movies, especially in D2).  By comparison these tracks are pretty . . . UNCREATIVE.  Moody, sure, but as many have said, they’re pretty much all the same.  After a while it just sounds like a guy leaning on a bunch of keyboard keys trying maintain and shift slightly the dissonance.

      I hope there are other tracks that will “layer” over these, giving us more melody.  That said this is an awful lot of music for something that will merely play in the background…

      • I think this is the atmospheric background type music, which we’ll hear some of the time, with more active, orchestral type pieces during key moments.

      • You also have to remember that this music is taken from the same act within an hour from each other so they are not going to differ that much.  They will (most likely) use the same tech that they used in WoW and have the zone music blend into each other as you go from one zone to another.

  13. WoW, I cannot believe some of you are complaining about this. It’s a small portion of the act 1 exterior “only” music. It’s not supposed to be epic tristam music or anything of the sort. God damn trolls INFURIATE ME!!!!!    👿

    • Small portion of the D2 act 1 music squashes these spineless tunes.  😐 You just don’t have any critical reasoning.

  14. Are you kidding? Music is freaking awesome. Yeah, it’s different from previous diablos. But drummer-lovers will get their drums (remember followers video?).

  15. Its alright i suppose but its just not the same without Matt (the maker of the Diablo 1/2,Torchlight  and The Burning Crusade music/sounds).

  16. fuck yeah!!!! after two months of only annoying and shitty news, this music finally turns it around.
    I love it the creepy and sad tone is exactly what I had in mind for D3 act 1. I only hope the story in act 1 will have the same scary and tragic feel to it, or there will be a real disconnect.
    I do agree with one poster though, I hope not all of act 1 is this kinda music or it will be come boring. it would only really be effective music if it is put in the right segments of the act.

    • actually I listened to a few other tracks and ……. they all sound too similar.
      I don’t know I am starting to have a change of heart 🙁

  17. Great videos. Love the captions and the screenshots to set the mood. And the music is wonderful (as always).

  18. It doesn’t sound like Diablo 2, which is quite odd, considering it’s Diablo ‘3’ – some people…
    Still actively playing Diablo 2, I can say for a fact that the shots shown in this video are far more eerie and gloomy than anything ever was in Diablo 2. The music fits the setting perfectly, which is what you want from it – it’s supposed to emphasize the visual impression, not dominate the whole experience.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Diablo 2 music, but it just wouldn’t fit into what is shown here.

  19. i tried turning brightness and contrast on my screen down (and up). on some screenshots u really see what you miss. (art controversy)

    • You haven’t even heard the whole soundtrack, how can you say it all sounds the same? Obviously there’s still tons of stuff we haven’t heard.

    • THe tracks need more electric and classic GUITAR, heart-pumping drum beats (love the snare drum sound here), and use of different types of woodwinds,strings, and cymbals! ^_^. Listen to Diablo 1 catacombs, Diablo 2 Wilderness & Harem. Those are creative tracks for me. 😈

  20. Great work, Elly. Thanks!
    I like these ambient sounds/music, looking forward to hearing it all in action.

    “.. leaving the shaman ´til last (noob)” 😆  

  21. Definitely not bad, but it’s nowhere near as good as Uelmen’s stuff on D1 and 2.
    Interested to hear what more the D3 soundtrack has to offer though.

  22. They sound very appropriate for the situations they’re in, excellent work! But the music from D1 and D2 is engraved in my DNA and I expected/still hope that some of the music will resemble what we are used to. Of course without Matt that would be difficult but..

  23. I’m a big fan of the diablo 2 soundtrack (like the rest of us). I usually listen to it when I’m cleaning the house.
    I’m not sure I’ll be doing the same with this music, it’s too atmospheric. Theres no beat, no melody. It’s very boring. Im disappointed so far. I just hope the rest of the game has better music.

  24. The music has a dark undertone, but missing the Diablo touch. I always perceived Diablo music to be very instrumental. Just having eerie music alone doesn’t cut it.

  25. I really wonder how much music is going to be in this game. There are already 6 tracks up on youtube.  That’s a lot of music for just an hour+ of play time.  If we were to go by these numbers then act one might have something like 24 tracks. (6 tracks per hour and guessing act one is about 4 hours long) They will need a dvd just for the music at that rate.

  26. So this is my first time commenting on this site after \lurking\ for so long. I am disappointed- not gonna lie. I wasn’t expecting anything remotely close to D1 or D2 (which had their vast differences, but still). I feel like the whole song sounded like what I imagine what would play AFTER you slay demons.. not before/during. There isn’t any point in the song that I feel that I could find memorable or be like \I like this part coming up\, that i felt I could do with the previous soundtracks. Not trying to bash anyone that likes it… it just isn’t doing anything for me.. and I hope the music progresses rapidly in the game past this point of passive/background music.

  27. –Like–

    Eerie mood / Dystopic feel


    Instrument voicing sounds cheap. Too synthy.
    No real melody lines or phrasing -and- harmony lacks any dynamics to help “give and take” of melody phrases
    Rather than music, this feels like unsophisticated layering of random “thoughts”.
    I would like the composer to take some of them, and elaborate on them, rather than jumping to the next “thought” so suddenly.

    I hope that what we have not heard, is better than this. Love the slideshows!

  28. I think i love Elly, in time with all my stupid posts she will learn to love me too. Love me dammit!!!! God save the queen! All hail Diablo! OMFG I can’t wait for this game. Oh and if anyone doesn’t like my posts you can TRY to get even with me on Starcraft 2, I’ll feed you your supper!

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