We posted a couple of music videos the other day and now the remainder are ready. Each video plays through a series of screenshots from Act One complete with captions to give you something to look at whilst you listen.

    One thing I’ve began to notice is how similar a lot of these sound (apart from the Skeleton King audio) but they are different, although I think perhaps segments of music are used in multiple areas.

    Having listened to each of these a handful of times I reckon these are just ambient background filler music and with the full, much more distinct, scores playing most of the time. Well, at least I’m keeping my fingers crossed that’s the case.

    Anyway, the first video is below and the rest are after the fold to help ease the clutter on the front page.

    Act 1: Fields of Misery

    After the break, lots more!

    Act 1: Festering Woods

    Act 1: Highlands

    Act 1: Manor Grounds

    Act 1: Skeleton King

    We’ve got heaps more vids and podcasts on our Youtube Diablo 3 channel.

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