Act 1 Music – Videos Part 2

Act 1 Music – Videos Part 2

We posted a couple of music videos the other day and now the remainder are ready. Each video plays through a series of screenshots from Act One complete with captions to give you something to look at whilst you listen.

One thing I’ve began to notice is how similar a lot of these sound (apart from the Skeleton King audio) but they are different, although I think perhaps segments of music are used in multiple areas.

Having listened to each of these a handful of times I reckon these are just ambient background filler music and with the full, much more distinct, scores playing most of the time. Well, at least I’m keeping my fingers crossed that’s the case.

Anyway, the first video is below and the rest are after the fold to help ease the clutter on the front page.

Act 1: Fields of Misery

After the break, lots more!

Act 1: Festering Woods

Act 1: Highlands

Act 1: Manor Grounds

Act 1: Skeleton King

We’ve got heaps more vids and podcasts on our Youtube Diablo 3 channel.

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    7 thoughts on “Act 1 Music – Videos Part 2

    1. I think Bashiok may have answered your concern about fuller scores here. It seems that these small scores are going to be what they’re going to go with in the game.

    2. This is not the only music included in the beta client FFS. I think a lot of people are still under that misguided impression. The more “music like” (less ambient) tracks are in Sound.mpq/Soundbank/Music – the tracks don’t have names but one is clearly the new Tristram theme. That one can be found here:

      • Yeah!  That’s more like it.
        I want to hear more of that.  The earlier tracks got me a little concerned.

    3. Are all of these in the key of C minor?  Same cheap synths?  Very little guitar (only heard on the new Tristram and barely on the skeleton king)?  Same slow tempo?  Mostly no melodies, just chord progressions?  Very boring.  I really enjoyed all of Bliz’s changes to the game, but this is so simple.  The one redeeming factor is that if I want to make some black metal or melodeath, I have some good backing synth and orchestra for sweet riffs, now….

    4. I’m ecstatic, honestly. I was concerned, from some other tracks I’d heard, that the music would be bombastic, WarCraft-esque stuff full of trumpets and drums. I’m really happy with most of this, as well as the melodic pieces in Softshack’s link.

      I like the music a hell of a lot more than the art style. 😆 The atmosphere it creates should balance out the cheesy visuals.

      • I think the visuals are really good for what the game is trying to convey – quick rogue-like combat with emphasis on strategic positioning and enemy/effect identification.  I’m REALLY surprised, though, that they are not supporting cards like the Radeon X1800 series and the GeForce 7000 series cards are listed as slow!  The game is listed as DirectX 9 compatible, and the visuals, while nice, are nowhere near as demanding as more current games.  I would think that a 5 or so year old graphics card (at max) with DX9 support would be OK to play this game on.  Guess not…. Luckily I don’t have to upgrade.

    5. I really like the ambient sounds, they fit the game perfectly. However, I think the game also really needs some more melodic theme songs as there were in Diablo 2, the main theme song sounds good though.

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