Achievements in DiabloNut

Although we’ve had the list of achievements since last week Dorjan has now had a chance to fully integrate them into DiabloNut.

You can view them as one complete list or via their categories which are General, Campaign, Cooperative, Challenges and Crafting.  Each achievement displays any dependencies or individual objectives if there is more than one and they all interlink.   These are just the achievements in the beta there are a ton more to come in the final game.  Here’s a couple examples of non-spoilery achievements.

Achievement - Fall of the Black King

Achievement - Thorough Inspection


click me in post edit box in the forumsAs with the items you can add these in your forum posts by clicking the DiabloNut button in the make post box and adding in this for example [ITEM=””]Betamaxed[/ITEM] which will give you the tool tip Betamaxed (mouse over that).

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    5 thoughts on “Achievements in DiabloNut

    1. I pretty much never care for achievements but somehow I just know I’ll try (read will) to get them all.

    2. *spoiler* Good to see that 2012 and 2013 are already planned out for me due to there being achievements for max lvling every class.

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