Diablo III Achievement Unlocked: 10% Completion

The 10% achievement has now been unlocked on the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise reveal site! The first video unlocked is, as Flux has said in one of his the previous article, a Developer Diaries video. You can listen to the soft tones of DiabloWikiJay Wilson, DiabloWikiChristian Lichtner, and Jason Regier as they cover the state of development for Diablo III.

Also, this video was recorded in February 2011. Yes, 14 months ago. It makes me shudder to think what the rest of the content we’ll be unlocking is, but I had a glimmer of hope that the UI was still under iteration. Which it probably still is, but I believe that the heavy iterations they said they’re currently working on are no longer relevant to the current state of development.


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25 thoughts on “Diablo III Achievement Unlocked: 10% Completion

    • Now, now, let’s be fair. The diabeard talk is no more than the last 90 seconds. And oh-so relevant, as it occurred 14 months ago. Imagine if they hadn’t shaved since? They’d look like the Unibomber by now.

      I don’t want to sound too harsh, but seriously? This was the big 10% progress milestone? Did they ever consider iterating their interview a bit? On the bright side; we’re certain to like the 20% feature more. Hell, the inevitable wallpapers of artwork we’ve already seen will seem pretty good, after this opening.

      • Yeah I’m not going to lie… I’m not enthralled by it being part 1… implying there is more (which we know anyway because of the datamine). For a moment… I mused that the lacklusterness of the video would cease the progress of the unlock entirely (provided user hype had anything to do with it).

      • ” And oh-so relevant, as it occurred 14 months ago.”
        “Did they ever consider iterating their interview a bit?”
        Did you ever hear what “Developer diaries” are? The main point of them is to show things IN PROCESS.
        Also I’m not very thrilled with such things but in view of current state of the game that video is a bit “funny” to watch and it’s better then any wallpaper for sure.
        But OK OK, whiners can continue whining. 😀

        • Well, it’s better than nothing (I guess?) but was there a word of content in it that you were like, “Awesome news!” 

          Two things worked against it, beside the non-tent of it. 1) They clearly meant to reveal it like, last November, when it wouldn’t have seemed to distantly out of date. 2) They set it as the big 10% unlock on their REVEAL!!!1! countdown thing, thus raising our expectations that it would be more than just 3 guys chatting about their job titles and shaving habits.

          I do wonder how Bliz thought this would view, to people. Say you’re a casual gamer who sort of knows about D3 but isn’t that hyped. And you see a link to the big REVEAL thing, and go check out the first 10% progress bar, and you see some cool DH and Barb intro movies, and then you see this… Would you consider that 4 minutes well-spent? Would this encourage you to follow the game more closely?

  1. FYI This video was filmed in February of 2011. Hence why they said end of 2011 as their target release date. A lot of people on the official website and YT got confused by this part.

  2. I thought, what a cool tshirt, its got a play button on it. Then oh yeah ok. :p

    • I googled what the shirt says and im not happy with it…

      they lied to us
      this was supposed to be
      the future
      where is my jetpack,
      where is my robotic companion,
      where is my dinner in pill form,
      where is my hydrogen fueled automobile,
      where is my nuclear-powered levitating home,
      where is my cure for this disease

      Does Jay ironicaly want to excuse for all the features they ripped off from the game?

  3. Seeing this made me kind of want to find my way back in time so I can suddenly burst into the video and be all like:

    “Hey Jay, -no don’t call security yet- GIVE UP ON 2011. Seriously.

    Oh, and be careful with the headgear you make for the armor sets *particularly the wizard* and just stop trying to make runes items.  


  4. I got really excited when then said they were working on the UI and content….then I read that this video was from Feb 2011.  Hopes dashed.

     What’s next?  A skill rune gameplay vid from 2009?

  5. “Making everything look was good as possible within the timeframe we have
    Yeah, that worked out nicely, didn’t it.

  6. Wow – so much bitterness. I think it’s actually cool to get an idea of what it was like for them actually making the game, rather than a polished trailer with gameplay cutting in and out and everyone wearing Blizzard t-shirts. 


    • +1. I found myself unable to dislike it and simply accepting it for what it is. Interesting in other words.

  7. I like such videos, but 1 year old video? Dunno it seems strange to show such an outdated material.

  8. i just hope the next unlocks get better…….. or else all this ‘smoke’ about revealing new “awesome” stuff is a big lie just to help with their marketing. (if liking and sharing is indeed helping that % get up… i cant believe that blizzard will just update it when they think they are ready to unlock new vids.

  9. the most curious thing about this video is Jay’s smile when he talks about the release timeline, its either he’s amused since he was allowed (finally) to say something given the internal character of this production or at that point pretty much knew that it was impossible:)

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