Two Blue posts of interest today.

    The Enemy Within

    A guy posted that his account password was changed despite the fact that he had a mobile authenticator. This touched off six pages of wild accusations, conspiracy theories, and much more. The real fun came share your misery with others:

    My Battle.net account was hacked again. Despite the existence of a mobile authenticator.

    I previously submitted a thread regarding my account being hacked despite my mobile authenticator. The ticket I submitted was resolved and I received a roll back.

    Yet again, my battle.net account’s password has been changed this morning. However, the hacker can’t log in to diablo III because the authenticator now prompts to be activated with each log in. So the diablo account is safe, but I can’t log in to it either. I also can’t manipulate settings in my account to change the E-mail or password.

    How did this happen? The aunthenticaor prompts even when you try to log in to battle.net. So how did the hacker change my password? Is it possible to change the password through a compromised E-mail?

    Lylirra: It looks like your account password change was completed from the same location that a) you’re posting from currently and b) set up the Mobile Authenticator. That could mean a number of different things (for example, a technical/caching error or someone else like a friend or family member completed it for you).

    From our end, it does not immediately look as though your account has been compromised, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some precautions. First, definitely submit a help ticket; if you’re concerned for any reason, this is the best thing you can do. Our support representatives can investigate further, and will be happy to do so. Second, simply because you’re reporting difficulty accessing your account and resetting your password, you may want to call our Account & Technical Support department directly (http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/contact). Provided that you can verify ownership over your account, we should be able to resolve the password issues you’re experiencing and get you playing again.

    Sadly, the Blue locked the thread with that reply, so there’s no aftermath for our entertainment. Possibly the OP was crazy and changing his password/hacking himself for attention, or possibly there was a caching error… but I’m much more partial to the thought that he read the blue reply, sat in stunned silence for about 5 seconds, then erupted out of his chair, screaming like a banshee as he ran after his little brother/roommate, murder glowing red in his eyes.

    Down Under Latency Issues

    Most Diablo III players in Oz have seen their latency shoot up considerably, often to unplayable levels, since the v1.02 patch. This has occasioned much anger and complaint, but at least Blizzard is looking into it, with a number of “submit your ISP and ping” collection threads. If you’re one of the affected users, hit up the ongoing data collection thread. It might not fix your problem, but at least you can share your misery with others.

    We can see from the feedback in many threads here in our forum, that in some cases, latency has increased, which is the complete opposite of what we want our players to experience in Sanctuary. Please bear in mind that some of the issues you may be experiencing are not necessarily specific to this region.

    I had previously posted that we are working our absolute hardest to address these concerns as soon as possible and nothing has changed in this regard. In the interest of identifying trends, such as routing issues, I would ask that those who are affected by high latency could provide the following details:

    Region in Aus/NZ:
    ISP Name:
    Connection Type: i.e (ADSL)
    Latency Range in game:
    Average Latency:

    If we could keep this thread clear and precise then this would help collating the information. Also I want to say thank you for being patient as we work to improve latency for Aus/NZ players.

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