Now that you’ve had time to absorb the fact that the Demon Hunter is the final class, you are probably ready for some info. Below are some bullets from the Diablo 3 panel that immediately followed the opening ceremony.

    • They chose the Demon Hunter because they wanted one that felt like a bounty hunter.
    • Conventional ranged class that was fast, mysterious, dark and medieval.  Operates at range with weaponry.  Using gadgets and traps.
    • Has a bit of an attitude.
    • Shadow Magic – Dark magic. She knows more about demons than anyone else in Diablo 3.
    • What makes them visually distinct – A flowing scarf.  Can see their legs and they have an arm guard.
    • Their tools will be bows, crossbows and they are the only class that can dual weild pistol crossbows.
    • They can come from any walk of life. They are not chosen.  They are bound together by their thirst for revenge against demons who have killed their families.
    • They are recruited by other Demon Hunters and they don’t have a homeland. They are nomadic but have a base in the borderlands up north where they train recruits.
    • They are obsessed heroes.
    • They have glowing eyes that hints at working with darker forces.
    • They want their prey to know the terror of being stalked.
    • The Demon Hunter is in this battle for only one thing, and that is to kill Demons.


    • Bola Shot wraps around the target and explodes.
    • Vault is a Move skill and has a shadow theme and has some acrobatics to it.
    • Spike Trap, not unlike some of the assassin gameplay from Diablo 2.  Take a normal trap spell weave in some shadow and has a sense of anticipation about it.
    • Grenades is another ranged attack and this really shows off the 3d engine. Can bounce them off walls and floors and bounces around.
    • Multishot you may remember from Diablo 2, a hugely popular skill but it’s been ramped up.

    Watch five of the skills in action after the jump.

    Molton Arrow


    Fan of Knives

    Entangling Roots




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