A Witch Doctor Winning

One of the questions I asked of all the guests on our Diablo III Predictions Podcast was if they thought we’d see a lot of DiabloWikicookie cutterism in Diablo III. Replies were mixed, but I personally thought it was a certainty. That after a few weeks we’d see some builds that were super successful, and when some guy posted say, a video of himself steamrolling an Inferno act boss in 9 seconds, people who were not enjoying such end game success would rapidly emulate that build.

There’s no way to know about the cookie cuttering yet, but here’s the video. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go level up my WD a bit…

Any of our resident Witch Doctor experts want to weigh in on the skills/runes/strategy in use here?

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36 thoughts on “A Witch Doctor Winning

  1. LOL, awesome.
    I have a WD who is kinda stymied in Act I Hell, obviously I need some of what that guy has… i.e. insane damage output 🙂

    Gotta say though, the proof of the build is not in the boss… it’s in the champ packs ><

  2. Skill build looks almost exactly the same as what my lv 57ish WD friend has: Big Bad Voodoo combined with the Fetish army = a lot of damage, then throw in spirit walk for def, the int boost for massive damages, zombie bears does a ton of damage, and I’m not sure on the right-click ability.
    Really though, Chris is correct, its basically just popping every big cd you can and having high weapon damage. On a similar note, here’s a Barb doing it in 10 seconds: http://youtu.be/a7X5oDsQ5oQ

    • The skill on rightclick is Gargantuan with it’s second rune. (Lacking the name at the moment – the one giving him speed and 200% weapon dam for a few seconds when encountering a boss or having more than 5 enemies around him…) Really interesting would be his choice of passives.

      • Definitely the best of the gargantuan runes by a longshot.

        This video isn’t anything amazing. They might as well show a video of any boss in hell mode dying in 2 seconds.

        1.He obviously has good items, or at least a lot of damage, so a good weapon probably.
        2. Bears are 236% weapon damage, but butcher is getting hit multiple times because he’s fat and pretty much not moving.
        3. Bear spam is very heavy mana cost. He’s using vision quest and honored guest it seems in order to keep it up, and could even be using rain dance perhaps. His damage would drop off significantly if the fight lasted longer, because spirit walk is a 15 second cooldown and voodoo would wear off. He probably also has mana regen items. 

  3. spiritual attunement with vision quest for massive mana regen when cd’s are popped perhaps? 

    • spiritual attunement isn’t very effective, even with vision quest, but it’s something. he probably has mana regen items that are more significant.

  4. Worm Skull has it right.  It DOESN’T MATTER FOR DAMAGE REASONS why BBV and Fetish Army are there.  They are ONLY THERE FOR THE COOLDOWN.    Spirit walk is of course there for defensive reasons but also the COOLDOWN.  Another skill he uses for the cooldown is the Gargantuan.  It probably has poor damage, you known?  But once you have 4 skills on cooldown, vision quest (passive) kicks in and you can spam whatever skill you want.  Each bear does a ton of damage and several appear at once it looks like… you do the math.  So the Zombie charger + bears rune is in.     I would use this build: 

    so every once in a while, pop a confusion, BBV and fetish army… continuously cast soul harvest… spam.  

    But it’s up to you.  You could try using firebats at earlier levels or play around with mana regen gear till you get to vison quest.

    • Well, I’m sure BBV’s 20% attack speed and (presumably) 20% increased damage helps.

      • Its 30% damage on the Slam Dance rune for BBV but that is not actually what hes using which is interesting, the blue animation means they are actually using the Rain Dance rune for 122 mana per second (Slam is red aura). This implies that they are actually NOT using mana regen items which lets them instead get better damage items because they dont have to worry about those hard to get mana regen items, it can only spawn on WD wep and offhand or helms, and as we can see they are using a sword, additionally the mana regen would take up a affix on the item so that free spot is opened up for probably attack speed.

        • Thanks for catching that.

          It seems obvious that he is investing a lot of skill slots to sustain that channeling. A bit too much for my taste. 

          • Yeah, basically this build would be useless for doing Champ Packs because he could not sustain the damage after his totem is down. Really its more of a proof of concept build for pure dps on bosses.

  5. Don’t level your WDs just yet people, Blizzard will note the success and nerf the shit out of ’em. XD

    • Unfortunately, yes. A boss fight must take 20 min, or they’ll nerf u down. Sad but likely true. 

      • There is an achivement that requires you to kill the butcher in 2 minutes, because they expect end game weapon to turn inferno a much much more easy task to complete.
        And there you have one more reason not to nerf it blizz by the way. 

    • They will not nerf this build, because its not OP. He would not be able to kill a champ pack easily with this build – notice the lack of 5 stacks? Thus making it useless for mf because the butcher would never drop a rare no matter how much mf you could add – even though to do this you would need to ignore getting mf anyways.

    • “a known build among WDs”

      You make it sound like some sort of secret society or something. 

      • but what he says is true, vision quest + bears is very well known for those who visit the WD forum.

  6. It will be nerfed just like the Force Armor and critical hit build for the wizard was.

  7. Come on, you guys are ignoring the obvious here. WD’s only need 2 stats buffed, int (damage out & resists) & vit (damage in). The problem is melee characters need to work on 3 stats so they’re going to be weaker. How the hell could such an obvious imbalance be so easily overlooked, its a god damn lighthouse becon flaw.

    Gee, I wonder how powerful my monk would be if dex buffed his resists too. DUH! Its time to give dex & str based characters more resists per int point. Then maybe barb’s may become a viable character to play per se.

    • At least Strength boosts armor, but yeah, I agree, they should have more inherent resistance since the nature of melee combat ensures you’re taking far more damage than a ranged character.

    • Barbs and monks get an innate 30% damage reduction. You would think a wizard’s high intelligence would make him virtually immune to spell effects. Nope, he remains squishy, squishy, squishy.

    • Str = armor. Armor works just like (our in based) all-resist except less effective.

    • Nah INT & STR are both worthless for defensive proposes, +resist and +armour mods are better then them (armour because it can go high then str and resist because you need 10 in for +1 resist all IE +6 resist X is equal to +10 INT) only stats worth getting are VIT and DEX.

  8. Is it only me or does Zombie Bears seem crap for champion / boss packs in inferno. I find the only way to survive long enough to get 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor before taking on a boss involves kiting. Channelled spells aren’t exactly great for kiting 😛

  9. i second that! pretty standard build across wd’s. he jst has alot of crit% + high dmg weapon.

  10. Suddenly the excitement to play D3 dropped by 300 % :(( I know I know only 0.01% can do this, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It is like trying to juggle a ball for a record 50 times when the guy next door just beat his record of 5400. I thought D 3 was going to be my number one game to be played for the next 12 months. Then these guys come along, kill the enjoyment and assemble 10.000.000 gold in 3 hour playing sessions in Inferno… Mmm, maybe I just should go back to fun board gaming and do nice games like Castle Ravenloft or something. It could well be Blizzard killed both Wow and Diablo with one stroke. Why even bother playing anymore if you watch this… Update: going to play Magic Realms from 1978 … At least those games made you let dream again.  

    • switch to HC, take the game slow and forget what other folks are doin.  nobody should be able to ruin this gothic loot pinata for us.  except for maybe wives/girlfriends and or some bosses/professors…

  11. Hes using vision quest passive with 4 cooldown skills. Big bad voodoo with mana rune. Unending mana. Then zombie bear faceroll everything.

  12. To reiterate for all those COMPLAINING about this “broken” build, HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO USE THIS FOR CHAMPION PACKS, thus making it ENTIRELY USELESS FOR MF RUNS. This is only a proof of concept type build for ONLY DOING THE BUTCHER because zombie bears hits the butcher multiple times because of his size and his use of damage items over mana regen, instead getting mana through the totems rain dance rune. As soon as the totem is up, he would not be able to cast ZB fast at all and his dps would be crap.

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