A Web-Based Diablo 3 Auction House and Misc Suggestions

Nothing real newsworthy from the Blizzard CMs the past couple of days, but here are a couple of recent posts on topics worth consideration. First up, a fan asks if we’re every going to see the Diablo 3 Auction House accessible via the browser (instead of having to log into the game itself):

At the moment, we know some people really enjoy the Auction House and would love the ability to use it from a web interface, but we also feel that the Auction House can harm the game experience, particularly when it’s used to fill-in the majority of your item slots and then inadvertently becomes the primary upgrade path to new and better items. In light of the downsides, we have no current plans to add a web or mobile-based Auction House experience.

No surprise they’re not going to enable a browser-based AH at this point, with all the recent criticism (from Bliz and others) of the Auction House. But I am surprised they didn’t enable it last summer or fall. As far as I know, WoW’s had Auction House access via browser and even smart phones for years, and I always figured Diablo 3 would follow suit. Wonder why they never did, back when most people still thought the AH was a great feature? Technical issues?

Elsewhere, a fan offers some suggestions, others join in, and the thread gets a general purpose blessing from a Blue:

Why not make the most powerful items account bound. Or before you identify the Legendary you have a choice to make it account bound. If you choose to make it account bound the Item will then roll higher DPS or higher main stat or have a 40% chance to roll crit. Only then it will be worthwhile to farm for items.

Add some more gems. For instance add some gems if you add them in Helm it increases the chance for 80% loot to fall as Weapons, or 80% loot fall as pants etc. This will change the focus to what ever item you are farming for.
Vaneras: I am unfortunately not able to comment on on any of these suggestions in particular, but I would like you guys to know that we really appreciate that you take the time to think these up and post them 🙂

I feel it important to mention that although we always like to see good suggestions from the community, we cannot make any promises that any of them will make it into the game, be it through the next patch, or a future patch, or even in the expansion. That being said though, good suggestions always serve as great feedback for the developers, and even if they might not be feasible, they can still serve as inspiration for other ideas or alternative suggestions.

In short, please keep posting your ideas and suggestions. Know that we read them and value them, even if they may not make it into the game. 🙂

That last paragraph made me laugh. They read and value our ideas even if they don’t make it into the game… so basically that’s Blizzard’s version of friendzoning us?

As for the OP’s actual ideas… I think they’re both pretty cool. Not the exact implementation, but I like the idea of being able to search for specific item types, or otherwise customize my searching. (Pregame the devs spoke repeatedly about players being able to customize their Blacksmith’s recipes, such as by training him to focus on swords and thus learning more high end sword crafting recipes. That didn’t make it into the final game, and end game crafting was useless until v1.07, but I liked the idea of being able to customize your loot output in some fashion.

On a related note I always thought Diablo 2 should have had a Rune Find modifier (like Gold Find and Magic Find). D3 doesn’t have runes (yet), but there are again I’d like to have some control over the sheer crap shoot luck of item finding… whether it was enabled via equipment modifiers, some option on game creation, different drops depending on your class or the classes in a party game, etc.

Anyone feeling me on this, or do you guys prefer the basic model RNG, where GF and MF can modify the quantity and quality, but never item variety?

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  1. “we also feel that the Auction House can harm the game experience, particularly when it’s used to fill-in the majority of your item slots and then inadvertently becomes the primary upgrade path to new and better items.”

    loled at this

    so surprised to hear them say it so plainly when only a year ago the AH was supposed the greatest thing ever

    then read it again and loled at “inadvertently”

    so do they actually believe the AH is NOT the main way way people find items ?
    sure, there are many people who play without the AH, but after so many months of people complaining of lackluster items and low drops rates do they really believe most people inadvertently use the AH as the primary upgrade path ?
    I would guess most people purposefully use the AH as their standard upgrade path

    • Blizzard has always been the biggest hypocrites in the market, they blatantly lie to their fanbase because they know they can get away with it.

    • Agreed.

      If I remember correctly, Jay Wilson said that the main reason for RMAH was to avoid scam and ensure safety. He said that people would eventually buy items from a “shady website” so might as well use their official means of buy and sell.

      So that meant that it shouldn’t really matter if it is browser or app-based as long as it is Blizzard-approved. If you look at WoW, then we should still be relatively safe as long as we practice common sense about internet purchases.

      Then whamo! After shitloads of criticisms they suddenly say that “it can harm the game”. Whatever happened to their initial approach that “as long as it is safe, you can do it all you want”? Absolute hypocrisy.

  2. Browser based AH would be lovely – but it’s true the AH is currently the main upgrade path for many.

    They should simply fix this by making legendaries, or a new item level in the expansion be bind on use,. or bind on pickup even – that should cut down on the trades of those items, and force people to go out there and find their own gear if they want the best of the best.

    The AH will still be available for low-mid-high tier gear,. but end level stuff should not be available for sale.

  3. Regarding that guy’s ideas, I’m all for something like that. I’d love to see a way to customize item output as you do. I always get criticized by drawing comparisons to WoW but think about the Blacksmith/Weaponsmiths. You have the ability to take different paths toward different goals. Why not do the same thing here? How about some of the other WoW features like Reforging? How about adding sockets to items or enchanting them. Perhaps once you do any of these things the item becomes account bound? So maybe you find something decent on the AH that you can make your own but it becomes account bound once you make those adjustments.

    I’d still like to see some other type of gem system similar to WoW. Cut and combine gems to inherit properties of both but at a cost.

  4. In regards to the second comment on increasing loot dropped as weapons, pants, etc:

    I didn’t play a lot of the Diablo 2 mod, Median XL, but I found the concept interesting that certain uber levels and heroic levels had a drop bias (i.e. better chance to drop gold, runes, set items, unique items, etc.). I’ve found myself thinking a few times while playing Diablo 3, “Man, I wish there was an area to farm gems/Tomes of Secret/set items.” Perhaps this idea could be combined with Flux’s idea of endless dungeons in each Act so that you go to a certain Act’s endless dungeon to farm certain items. The major flaw in the certain drop bias areas is that it would greatly impact the economy and Auction House prices of those items.

    • Yeah, you look at various things in D2 that had a big chance to drop runes. Hellforge quest and Countess runs leap to mind. D3 doesn’t have runes, but especially now that I’ve been playing Hardcore, I rejoice at each sighting of Gobby or a golden chest, since I know ToS fountains may result.

      Of course if there were some Elites that had big chances to drop ToS or gems or whatever, then those items would become correspondingly less valuable as more of them would exist since other people would farm them too.

      But that would be a great way to make some of the purples matter in D3. Give them all much higher odds to drop Tomes or gems or Plans/Designs, etc.

  5. The next obvious step is Diablo 3 for Facebook. Get ready!

    • That’s a great idea and would absolutely fit the current vibe for this game. Be accessible and make money. You should start a petition for this.

  6. How could they not figure out character/account binding on launch? How got-damn stupid can you get? If you have real, massive item sinks, the AH works brilliantly. Even a web based one. The issue has always been item sinks. Even D2 suffered for lack of item sinks (ladder resets are the worst forced item sink system in history).

    As for item-specific hunting, I wonder if people just want a more WoW like experience. Diablo isn’t WoW. It’s random, random to the point of frustration. You’re not supposed to farm the same boss looking for a specific legendary w/ specific stats. Maybe purely random gear/drops is going out of favor? Maybe most people don’t want the old Diablo gear hunt, where luck had a huge impact? Isn’t that why the AH is so damn popular? I’ll be interested to see how different the console version is. And if they ban all forms of p2p trading during online games, b/c if you have ANY kind of p2p trading, even drop trading, then a 3rd party AH is going to step in and fill that void.

    • I agree item sinks are the way to go for several reasons.

      1. They havent been used in quite some time.
      2. There are all kinds of creative ways to create item sinks.
      3. Soulbinding everything has been overdone in recent games and feels a bit rehashed and played out, even if it is an improvement over d3’s mess.

  7. But diablo is also a trading game… what is point of:
    -get rid of AH.
    -make more BoP/BoE items.

    Might as well just reduce the AH to be just Gold/craft materials then.

  8. There’s a better, more visceral option for the same effect, adressing the issue from the monster side of things, which would enhance variety in combat, the benefit of a healthy friendlist, the feeling of a living world and thus longterm replayability in one strike, as the cited idea. I’ll incorporate it in the Roadmap for further developement I’m working on. *tease* (It’ll be placed in context to other mechanics and systems, both already there and ideas thought through. So just a hint for now: What screen available to the player shows a rather perfect way for Blizzard, to gain better control over what monster drops what type of item and where?) *tease*


    Alexis of Silverfang

  9. A rune find modifier would have been a terrible idea in d2. Its tuned great as it is now, as hell hellforge rushses allow you to build most of the premium runewords in weeks or a few months. a runeword modifier would destroy that and go a long way towards ruining replayability.

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