Recently I partook in some split bounty farming. Ordinarily I hate that approach, each person completing an act’s Bounties and everyone in game getting a cache even though they didn’t even set foot in the act. Cheeky Merlot with your cheese madam? But this was for research purposes.

    So last week I set about collecting 100 DiabloWikiHoradric Caches with fellow IncGamers’ clan mates, in particular fellow Demon Hunter AnthonyH, I ended up getting 102 because, well, counting is difficult. It was tough resisting opening them, especially as I was desperate for legendary mats and was convinced the caches would contain salvageable legendary items. Resist I did and then I set about opening them all and I videoed as I indulged in the cache-opening frenzy.

    DiabloWikiHoradric Cache rules:

      • Caches roll items at the level of the character who earned the cache, but the Smart Drop goes for the character who opens them. (So for instance, you can farm them with a DH and a Barb and open with a Witch Doctor, and you’ll all INT gear.)
      • Horadric Cache contents are no longer affected by the difficulty level where they are earned or opened, so no more Imperial Gems.
      • Horadric Caches can *not* pop the DiabloWikiTorment-only legendary or set items, which you can see a full list of in that wiki Article.
      • There are a number of legendary items that can *only* fall from Horadric Caches, and these are all tied to the act the Cache was earned in. Full list here.

    The ironic thing with all the caches we got is that AnthonyH, who I had farmed with, had been farming for the last ring I got, I wasn’t even much bothered about it. He never did get it. I felt bad for at least 3 seconds until I slipped that bad boy on my finger.

    I had heard you can expect around 10% Legendary rate from caches, that’s anecdotal though, but it’s pretty much the experience I had here with 11 legendaries in 102 Caches. Here’s the final tally from my 102 bags:

    • Marquise Gems: 255 (2.5 per bag)
    • Reusable Parts: 347 (3.47 per bag)
    • Arcane Dust: 255 (2.55 per bag)
    • Veiled Crystal: 30 (.3 per bag)
    • Rift Key Fragments: 202 (2 per bag)
    • Health Potions: 154 (1.54 per bag)
    • Blood Shards: 25 (1 per 4 bags).
    • Rare Items: 127 (1.27 per bag)
    • Legendary Items: 11 (1 every 9 bags)
    • Crafting Plans: 0 (Very rare drop, and the odds depend on how many plans your Smith doesn’t already know.)
    • What has been your Cache experience? Better or worse than mine?


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