A grab bag of miscellaneous Diablo 3 tidbits, none of them large enough to deserve a news post of their own in these busy days.

    We’ll start off with the unfunny news, as a man has died, supposedly after playing Diablo III for 72-straight hours.

    A 32 years old American, Russell Shirley, decided to go on holiday for three days to be able to enjoy the game Blizzard Entertainment launched a few days ago. But it looks like Russell Shirley enjoyed Diablo 3 so much that he forgot to sleep. He played Diablo III for 3 days straight and his heart craked.

    After 72 hours straight of staying in front of the computer, Russell Shirley suffered a heart attack. The one who found him dead in his apartment was a co-worker, who was worried that Russell didn’t arrive to work, so he decided to pay him a visit.

    As the article says, the guy was in very poor physical condition, and there’s no evidence his heart attack actually came during a play session, or was caused by losing a Hardcore character, or choking at a particularly cheesy bit of NPC dialogue. Still, it’s a tragic event and we’ll thank you to keep the DiabloWikiHardcore graveyard and special DiabloWikiFeat of Strength Achievement jokes to yourselves.

    Diablo III is not yet available in China, as that nation’s government agencies engage in their usual foot-dragging over censorship and control. With the game readily available almost everywhere else in Asia, black market sales were going strong, and these were using a pun and calling the game “Big Pineapple.” What? Quote from the Tech In Asia article:

    It’s a play on words, using the same sort of strategy Chinese net users often use to evade political censorship. Using Diablo 3?s official Chinese name — Dark God of Destruction — is being searched for by Taobao officials. But the Chinese term for “big pineapple” is dà b?luó, which sounds a bit like “Diablo.” By using that term, and adding pictures of pineapples, vendors can make it much harder for Taobao to track them down.

    What’s not mentioned is something we posted about last September, and you see in the picture there. There’s a humorous double entendre to it as well, since “dà b?luó” also sounds a bit like a slang term for “large breasts” in Chinese. Stick that in your DiabloWikisheablo pipe and smoke it!

    In other amusing news from Asia, this article claims that Korean bars and nightclubs have seen a marked downturn in business since the launch of Diablo III.

    More people spending time in PC bang, playing Diablo III means fewer people doing other things. One bar owner told The Hankyoreh that business is down. He’s heard that it’s because of Diablo III, which doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He’s a fan. After closing the bar at 2am, he heads over to a PC bang and plays until 8am. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And then beat ‘em.

    How Blizzard Saved $44m on Diablo III.

    The author reckons that’s how much more profit Blizzard pulled on D3 sales by not making a console version, since developers have to pay hefty royalties to MS or Sony to produce Xbox or PS3 games. Of course Blizzard is working on a console version, and they certainly would have sold many more copies had D3 launched in console as well, and they “saved” a lot more money running their own digital download service instead of sharing profits with Steam, especially since digital sales are 100% profit without the manufacturing or distribution or $20 a box to retailers, etc.

    Which are a few of the reasons I only posted this article in a mixed bag, rather than giving it a news post of its own. Thanks to Dana for the news tip.

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