A New Diablo Wallpaper Arrives

Since you probably don’t have a large enough selection of Diablo 3 wallpapers, this Tuesday has brought us yet another high-res background for your computers. If you all remember, this portrait debuted for Blizzcon in 2010, but this image is a super closeup.

Bashiok had to tease the “official announcement” on twitter.

I’m happy to announce the official release of a new wallpaper. Enjoy. http://t.co/aMmnxl0F

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17 thoughts on “A New Diablo Wallpaper Arrives

  1. i feel like i have seen this before… you know only 9348234 times. imo blizz needs to fire who ever designs these wallpapers… sh** i can get more original than this

    • The story of Adam and Eve, Blizzard development cycle edition:

      God: Adam, I know you have been alone for a long time and have waited patiently.  Today I bestow unto you, my faithful servant, a precious gift.  Please enjoy this wallpaper of a woman.

      Adam: But God… I’d so much like a real woman.  I’ve been so good in Your garden and have written many volumes of fan fiction in Your universe.

      God: Silence!  I am still iterating. The wallpaper is good enough!  You will remain bored here in the first 5% of the world I have created for you. In four years I shall return with another wallpaper.


  2. A community manager rubbing salt into the wounds of an already on the fence community. Lame fail. If I was his boss I would have a word with him. Unprofessional and childish. 

  3. Blizzard has taken the trolling to a new level. People are so anxious to play the game, and all they do is realease some f*cking wallpper once in a while and beta patch notes, which people not in beta really don’t care about. And maybe even people in beta doesn’t care at all. Blizzard should be renamed to Trollard.
    And best captcha ever: I’m sorry. Well I am not.

  4. Funny, I swear I have been using this wallpaper for a week now… Without the Diablo III written on it though, which IMO ruins all the wallpapers they have put up.. I know it is Diablo III, don’t need the letters staring me in the face everyday. Just saying..  😐

  5. Hmmm not to be mean ,,but im kinda disappointed on the drawing quality, its a good concept , i like the wall paper ,, but look at the face , its not angled right, hes right side isnt stepping back but mostly forward.. wich doesnt make sense with the angle of hes mouth, anyways might be my eyes but dont you guys find he looks half deformed ? 
    btw easier to see when using as wallpaper 

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