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A thread about playing a new Hardcore character on Monster Power 10, from the Russian B.net forum, tickles my interest. See the full post for a huge list of characters who are entered into the unofficial tourney and some of their milestones, etc. Here’s an excerpt from the OP and the blue replies:

Starting a new char from the beginning with DiabloWikiMonster Power 10. Everything (AH, restarting location, skipping packs) allowed except playing on different MP.

Goal: reach A1 inf and farm there.

OBLIGATORY: you play with this character ONLY on MP10.
Nakatoir: I was looking into creating a new extreme purist health phobia character again after my last one died tragically. Combining that concept from a while back with the Monster Power 10 from level 1 idea here will be really cool. I am quite afraid though and feel I would not really get very far.

Wish you all the best of luck, really impressed with the progress of some of the players in this thread! O.O

what is a purist health phobia character?
Nakatoir: It is a set of item and stat limitations that you place upon yourself to increase the difficulty of the game. You can find the thread about it here. Was a lot of fun, just as I can see this being a really enjoyable style of play as well 🙂

The tournament in the OP here isn’t that challenging, since it’s just “play HC on MP10, but you can twink and AH” which sort of defeats the whole purpose. Thanks to MP10 and +exp gear, it’s now possible to go from 1-60 in under 3 hours, simply by playing on DiabloWikiMP10 (ideally while wearing DiabloWikiHellfire Ring and a ruby helm) and running along behind a friend with a high level character as they massacre the world. You won’t manage that speed playing solo, even with great twinks, especially not on DiabloWikiHardcore, but leveling is greatly accelerated.

For more challenge players are doing what the CM mentioned, trying variations of the old Diablo 1 (and D2) DiabloWikiLive off the Land play style. Just how purist you are depends on your own standards (can you use NPCs for repairs/items/potions?) but at a minimum you don’t get to twink or use the Auction House, and of course you have to play solo, or only with other LotL purists, and only on MP10. Though D3 is much easier than D1/D2 in monster difficulty (at least on Normal) the much reduced quantity of item finds in D3 adds some more challenge, especially on higher MP settings.

That style of play is obviously as far as possible from the “rush to 60, max out MF, frantically item farm with full AH everything, etc” style that’s kind of the default, but unless you’re employed in a Chinese gaming sweatshop, the point of playing a video game is to have fun. And some players have fun by maximizing their item find rate, but that’s not the only way to do it. You might find more fun making a new char, without using all the exploits that D3 provides to make things easy and quick?

(I tried it during the PTR and loved it, but haven’t had time to try it again since 1.05 went live. It was an interesting experience, since the monster hit points and damage are way higher, so fights go very long, but your character gets overleveled quite quickly, which evens the battle a bit. I was level 21 just through Act One, though I think the exp curve catches up with you eventually.)

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12 thoughts on “A New Character on Monster Power 10…

  1. i absolutely LOVE to see things like this.

    i remember back during diablo 1, i was one of the people very frequenting the player made “ironman” channel. for a few years all we would do was start a new character, enter the dungeon, and go till we died…. the boldest of us occasionally made it to hell normal, but it became really difficult past there.

    the way the questing worked in diablo 2 kinda took the idea away from there, and i could never really get into hardcore in d2, simply because of the nature of one shot one kill monsters, and the servers not being super stable. so i didnt do much there.

    but with MP, i also was thinking of doing a hardcore MP challenge, but with no twinking or AH. i feel that if you’re going to use those things that its basically just leveling another character… sure its tougher, but you arent REALLY going crazy…

    so yea… iron man for life.

  2. The only Way I play is without the AH and RMAH personally. All my gear is self found or self crafted.

  3. Well I’m starting a “single player” tourney right now on the D3 SP forum. If anyone else is interested in playing MP 10 HC self-found no twinks, etc. then come join us!

    I was equally intrigued by the idea of starting over with the greater challenge like the old /players 8 single player forum tourneys that used to go down.

  4. I get the idea of making the game more challenging for fun sake, but it seems a little ridiculous (regarding the health phobia challenge in the link). It shouldn’t be necessary to limit, even hamstring, your own character because the game is not (yet) truly complete and balanced. I just came back to try the MP system and I like it very much, and the idea of starting a new character on MP 10 for the entirety of its life sounds really challenging and fun too, but whoever came up with the idea in that forum link probably just needs to play a different game. Also, making me watch an add to post here is pretty asinine.

    • most games ive played, that ive played a lot, ive gone through and played with limitations. do you really not comprehend why this would be fun? so someone wants to play DIABLO 3, but with some changes to make it more difficult…. that doesnt mean that ‘oh, they made it more difficult, they must want to play *insert EXACT SAME GAME BUT HARDER here*’ no.

      ive played through all the final fantasy games so many times that for instance, every time i go through final fantasy 7, i play with one character (i have to kill my teammates before i kill monsters) and without using magic. does that mean i should be playing a different game? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

      just because you dont understand why something is fun for SOMEONE ELSE, doesnt mean you need to poo-poo all over the idea.

  5. Would love it if Blizzard could just create these ladders instead of having to resort to forum post “challenges”. Would add so much replay value. What a terrible decision to not implement these from the start. Sure hope one day they realize their mistake and put ladders like these in a future patch.

  6. I wonder where this will eventually lead? Players seem to be getting very creative with these gimp yourself challenges lately.

    You’re not a real man till you’ve leveled a character 1 – 60 on hardcore MP10 while sitting in your chair naked with a photoshopped fake nude of Taylor Swift blocking the bottom 30% of your screen while using only one hand. Oh yeah and no AH rule in effect and no Kleenex rule in effect you are allowed one sheet of sandpaper.

    T-Swift Challenge Pussssayyyyyyys… deal with it.

    • i havent heard a single person saying ‘unless you do these challenges……’ type things. its a different way to play, that a lot of people enjoy. almost everyone who do crazy challenges like this 100% understand that most people will not want to do it, and that its kinda wacky and not your usual way to play…. and thats why they love it.

      tip: you dont have to love it, but figuring out why people enjoy is pretty damn easy as long as you aren’t close minded.

  7. Very first thing I did with .5 was start a lvl 1 Monk (Softcore) at MP10 just to see what it’d be like. I died twice before killing the 2nd Wretched Mother. 😀 I found it hugely entertaining and have since been considering trying this HC just to see how far I could possibly get. Soooo much more entertaining than farming IMO….

  8. mp10 is fun with the hellfire ring on.. one shoting skeleton king and butcher. You can get your char to 60 fast now! makes the achievement more doable (2x lvl 60 dh for example)

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