DiabloWikiBashiok‘s got a new avatar on Battle.net; it’s still a DiabloWikiFallen Shaman, but it’s got a new, faster, more fiery animation. *insert wild “this means the beta is coming” speculation here*

    Is it just me… Or does bashoik have a new icon again?

    What’s up new avatar? I love you.

    The older gif is on the left. The new one’s on the right. Both are +50% size for to seeing more better of the clarity. Stare at them to the exclusion of all other visuals, until you begin to hallucinate. Next thing you know it’ll be BlizzCon time!


    Update: The fact that it looks like it’s on FF in FF isn’t intentional, and will be modified.

    It wasn’t frame limited so in Firefox it looks all speedy gonzales. I think it’s being fixed.

    Update: Edited post title to more accurately reflect why we felt this issue was newsworthy.

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