Some interesting tidbits from his production notes:

    Self-proclaimed long time site lurker Joshua created a video for the Blizzcon live action movie contest and came in third. He’s now posted it on Youtube and sent us some interesting behind teh scenes info about the creation and production of the short film.

  • All of the Monk’s dialogue is taken directly from the game. The script was written based around the sound bites that I gathered.
  • The Deadly Reach animation matches the in game (default) version frame for frame and also nearly pixel for pixel.
  • The costume that Krysten (the Monk) designed is based on the first equipment that you can buy in-game.
  • This is the first Diablo related video to place in a Blizzcon movie contest.
  • I leveled a Hardcore Monk to 60 (with minor help) just to kill him off for the video.
  • Here’s the video, with a female Monk (definitely not a nun) appearing in the real world and behavior roughly as you’d expect. And then… plot twist!

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