Did you know that when posting on the WoW boards, or other Battle.net boards for the newer games, you’re not automagically associated with your character name? This might be a big detail to some, and kind of forgotten. Bashiok said this on the WoW boards:

    But you wouldn’t like having your real name associated with your in-game characters

    Nor will I be.

    You won’t have to be tied to a character name while posting. You’ll have the choice of displaying one if you want, but it’s off by default.

    Now, this might not be a massive reassurance to most people upset about showing their real name – that will still show – but people afraid mainly of the character + name link might feel a lot better knowing this.

    Then again, this is the game where picking the wrong UI mod could post your details everywhere… (Friendly advice: Make sure to pic UI’s you know from WoW UI, or enable parental control, disabling Real ID stuff.)

    What do you guys think, wanna change your mind on the poll now?

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