A Message from Jay Wilson: Release Date In the Near Future

This just in… sign of a DiabloWikirelease date? We get sparingly few messages from DiabloWikiJay Wilson, and it makes me wonder what spurred this sudden message. We can also probably take from this that we will see another patch that makes some continued tweaks to the D3 beta. Whether it will truly transform the beta from something “good” to something “great” remains to be seen, but expect something in the future that precludes the release date.

Jay Wilson wanted to share a message with the Diablo III community:

Some of you might have seen some headlines or a certain (obviously sarcastic) blue post that implies that we’re unsteady about where Diablo III stands, and that you should temper your expectations when it comes to the next installment in the Diablo series.

Let me be clear: Nothing could be further from the truth.

As those of you in the beta have seen, the game is in good shape. Actually, I should say that the beta version of the game is in good shape. The latest full build we’ve been testing here in the office is in great shape.

We get a lot of sympathy from the other teams because of the long hours of crunch our design team is putting in, but the secret is that playing through the game as we do final tuning, bug fixes, and optimizations is a real joy. We always know a Blizzard game is almost ready when we have to ask members of the team to stop playing so they can get their work done. That’s definitely been the case around here.

We think you’re going to love Diablo III when it’s released, and speaking of release plans, you can seriously expect a launch-date announcement from us in the near future. See, I didn’t say “soon,” so I’m not taunting you. 😉 You’ll know as soon as I know for sure the exact date.

And by the way, we want you to have high expectations for Diablo III and all Blizzard games. That’s what pushes us to try to make the best gaming experiences we possibly can. If Diablo III wasn’t a worthy next installment in the Diablo series, we wouldn’t release it. That’s the way we do it. That’s the way we’ve always done it.

As I’ve said many times in the recent past, we think Diablo III is coming along great and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. We’re doing all we can to ensure you have one hell of a time once you step foot in Sanctuary…

Also, I think Diablo is much more comparable to the Evil Dead series personally, and those just kept getting better. OK, I know a lot of you prefer Evil Dead 2 to Army of Darkness, but come on, Bruce Campbell fights a squad of little Bruce Campbells! Priceless. =)

Jay Wilson is the Game Director of Diablo 3, and wants to know “Hey, uh, what’s that you got on your face?”

Truly, if there was anything that could be a bigger sign that says we’ll be receiving a date within a month (or few weeks), this would be such a statement. Here’s for hoping. Again.

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105 thoughts on “A Message from Jay Wilson: Release Date In the Near Future

  1. Good catch.  I didn’t even notice it on the forums.
    Hopefully “near future” for a release date announcement means within the next two weeks.

    • Last time they used the term “Near Future” we got the info in like 2 weeks. I’m fairly (if a bit cautiously) optimistic it’s going to be that soon as well.

      Man, I cannot wait! I think I’ll celebrate by doing a Diablo 1 run through and then another Diablo 2 run to freshen myself up on the story once the game is officialy dated for release. 

      • TBH you’d be better of reading the book of cain for a refresher, unless you want to relive the moments that probably won’t be in D3, like halls of the blind, or the release of tal rasha, etc.
        BoC, because they…well they didn’t change things per se, but expanded them greatly, making the previous two game’s narratives kind of “small” and non-inclusive. 

  2. “…and speaking of release plans, you can seriously expect a launch-date announcement from us in the near future. See, I didn’t say “soon,” so I’m not taunting you. 😉 You’ll know as soon as I know for sure the exact date.”
    Why even bring this up if you’re not going to give concrete info. Given the rabid twitch response this provokes in most of the people who can’t wait for the game… why even remind us of it. Just announce it when you have it instead of poking us with the “near future” and “soon” stick.
    I like to see confidence in a developer… certainly better then comparing your game to a sequel for “The Happening”. Here’s to hoping this is of substance and not marketing banter.

    • Look at most of comments here and you’ll have your answer. Each time they pull out this trick, some of the sheep calm down and get all excited, writing in all caps like OMG OMG SOON I AM EXCITE LOLOL MINE etc…It’s calculated damage control.

      • The effect is clear, but it doesn’t really serve as damage control as far as I can tell.
        The over excited sheep is already brimming to the teeth with glee at the game, so a new “soon” prod won’t really catch his attention. It might illicit an extra tweet or post but nothing substantial in terms of changing their disposition, since they had his attention all along.
        Meanwhile, the more cynical among us already know that this is complete garbage as long as no concrete info is given. But we are reminded of all the similar infuriating statements made previously.
        Not much in the way of damage control, if you ask me… IMO, it’s just the complementary PR banter. Nothing calculated, nothing aimed, just the customary cliche they use in order to illicit a response… there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    • why ?
      what exactly did he say ?   
      “you can seriously expect a launch-date announcement from us in the near future” ?? 

      no kidding, if they’re targeting Q2 then of course we can expect an announcement in the near future.
      how is that news ? 

      • Because “in the near future” sounds in this case like “in the next two weeks” to me.. and as soon as we get the release date, we are probably two months away from getting the game which could mean late April/early May release. Much better than a release on June 30.

  3. Good to hear that everything is progressing smoothly.

    I wonder what kind of hours the dev team would have had to pull if the game had a confirmed release date back in December?

    Still waiting on a beta key though. 

  4. OH MY GAWD!! 😀
    I just got banned from trolling on the Diablo 3 forums for a week!!
    That’s how bored I am of waiting…. lol

  5. \Please don’t hate me because RMAH, design interference from my bosses and anxiety about cannibalization pushed the release out a year…\  XOXOX

  6. yeah we’ll see about that. Jay, I know where you live and if you’re fucking with us again and pull out another delay “in the near future”…….you better sleep with a sawed-off shotgun under your pillow, tubby!

      • Did you expect anything else from a guy who’s avatar looks like he is getting a pool cue crammed up his rear?

        • you’ve obviously never watched an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. that face up there is his happy face.

          • LOL so he likes things in his butt.  I have seen Hell’s Kitchen.  I don’t like the show. He is a complete Ahole and reminds me of a few head chefs I use to work for.

      • well threats like that usually work for me. Jay doesn’t have to know that I’m on the other side of the world actually

  7. This is not looking too good me thinks. The release date will probably suck dead donkey scrotum.

    Sign of Delay! 

  8. Oh, Bashiok, what did you go and do now? I can imagine he must be a bit embarrassed. I mean, the internet is great at twisting things, but comparing Diablo to M. Night Shyamalan? C’mon!
    Jay Wilson: “Hey wait a minute now!” *runs to computer to post on forums*

    Ah well, Paris isn’t the worst place to receive your walking papers. Har.

  9. they did say at the investors call that they will be announcing release date detailed schedule in coming weeks

  10. This is awesome. To hear something that’s the OPPOSITE of another delay is awesome..  Thank you Nizaris for finding this, I needed it so much.

  11. Evil Dead 2 was WAY better than Army of Darkness. Yes, the tiny Bruce Campbell fight was pretty neat, but only a complete idiot thinks Army of Darkness was better than Evil Dead 2.

      • Oh look another Septar post typical drivel coming from you.
        Evil dead 2 was the best of the evil dead series and to think otherwise shows your ineptitude.   And if Jay Wilson believes it to be true it explains the idiocy behind his decisions.

        • I think Jay topped everyone when he confessed that he believes Kate Backinsale to be the greatest actress that ever lived…^^

  12. soon, near future.. it all has the same influence on me: YEAH RIGHT! those terms lost their value coming from Blizz a long time ago. I’m doubting if they’ll even make Q2..

  13. Near future: mid way through the 3rd quarter to announce a relase date of end of 1st quarter 2013.   Sadly, Blizzard’s efforts are all in vain due to the undeniable fact that the world will end on December 21st.

  14. Just another PR post, I wouldn’t read too much into it.
    June is looking good, June 1st would be really great.

    • He stars in a lot of B-List movies and has one of those cult followings. He also cameos in all 3 Spider-Man series if you want something a little more high-profile. In the 1st, he’s the wrestling ring announcer, the second he’s a butler at the broadway show, and the third he is the waiter that Peter talks to when he is going to propose to Mary Jane.

      Not that I’m a big fan or anything…

    • go to youtube and search for 

      Best *one liners* Army of Darkness

      Bruce is the guy with the shotgun  

  15. “We get a lot of sympathy from the other teams because of the long hours of crunch our design team is putting in”

    That’s SO unnecessary. Blizz have gigantic funds, huge name and fame therefore enough capacity to hire enough talented individuals to make a project be finished on time and without people having to work overtime. Yet they postpone D3 more than once and have their employees do overtime. Dear Jay Wilson, working “crunch” overtime is not something to be applauded. It’s retarded, unnecessary and it should be rejected by employees. A properly planned and ran project doesn’t require crunchtime.

    I don’t care how enjoyable you make working overtime sound, by pretending your team is playing the game too much, it’s still bad practice.

    • Throwing more cooks in the kitchen doesn’t make the food cook any faster.

      Works the same in software development and is a basic management principle. You hit a point were throwing more people at the task will actually slow it down. I’m sure Blizzard understand this well.

      • If throwing more cooks in the kitchen doesn’t work, perhaps it’s a good idea to make an extra big deal out of planning and managing the project properly so that it stays on schedule.

        • Its obvious you have never worked on a software development team. Many MANY things can pop up out of no where and delay a project no matter how amazing project planning and management is. My company had plans to upgrade one of our production server with the newest version of our DBMS. A week before hand we started having hardware issues with the cluster, and the boot up of the server. There is NO way to plan for these things, its just an inevitability in the IT world and causes delays quite often.

          • <3 KaoticSoul,
            Roenie no disrespect but you sound very ignorant, if you don’t have the college degree or the real world experience to back up your ridicule you should be careful about what you say.
            There are a lot of intangibles that you’re not taking into account and being that Blizzard has never announced a release date, they’ve never not been “on schedule”. The Blizzard schedule is that a game is done when it’s done, why are you being so critical of a company that has a flawless track record of releasing solid games?
            Throw some love up once in a while, being a fuckin hater isn’t going to get you anywhere in life.

    • This isn’t FoxConn. :/ 
      That’s all I can think right now. My congestion is making it hard to think. Someone will understand my meaning.

  16. Im expecting the relase date in the next 2 weeks. Man, Bashiok must have went through a lot of s*** for what he said… A couple days ago when i typed Diablo 3 on Google it gave me an article saying something like “Blizzard says that we should lower our expectations for Diablo 3”. No pay rise for him this year 🙂

  17. “because of the long hours of crunch our design team is putting in”

    the beta has been going on for 5 months
    the game was in development for at least 3 1/2 years before that 
    that’s not exactly the definition of crunch 


    • Nail on the head.  The post begins with “some of you may have heard…” [something bad].  “Let me be clear…” [something bad] is not true.

      PR 101.  Something bad has happened and need to stop the bleeding.  Need a firm response controverting the something bad before too many people believe it’s actually bad.  Mentioning the release date is the shiniest keys they could dangle in front of us as a distraction.  Can’t really blame ’em.

  18. This is another way of saying the game got delayed again.
    I’m guessing we’re going to get a release date between mid and end of Q2.
    And how can i get my expectations up for a game that clearly never had any solid design development behind it and with every update slips deeper into boring mediocrity.

    • “This is another way of saying the game got delayed again.”
      I think your razor’s gone dull. 

      • Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it has gone dull, on the contrary, it’s sharper then ever.
        But if you want to believe this stalling non-information and damage control of Jay points towards an easy Q2 release, be my guest.
        Here’s a relevant snippet of his trolliscious post:

        “We think you’re going to love Diablo III when it’s released, and speaking of release plans, you can seriously expect a launch-date announcement from us in the near future. See, I didn’t say “soon,” so I’m not taunting you.  You’ll know as !!!soon!!! as I know for sure the exact date.”

        = Saying that he doesn’t know for sure anytime “soon(tm)”.

  19. So many words, so little content.
    Ignoring all criticism of patch 13 (admittedly some of the CM’s answered a little part of that, but nothing about the skill UI design, Elective mode being annoying etc).

  20. I think they’ve done enough, and they have really stopped even the systems iteration, which is bloody awesome. All they’re doing now is planning their marketing strategy. This is more important than you think, because the WoW subscription has taken up around 1 million potential Diablo 3 buyers. If they still want the retail version of D3 to make some business records, they have to design an excellent campaign and give the game tons of visibility before release. That is what these guys are primarily worried about now I guess. Tweaks and stuff are minor issues.

  21. YES! Finally we’re getting a release date in 2013!…couse…thats soon/in the near future (or any other abstract retarded estimation) by Blizzard standards. -_-

  22. Oh !
    So we are getting nearer from the day when they shall announce the date of the day when they shall announce the date of the day when they shall announce the date of day when they shall announce the date of the day of the release.
    I hope I got it right.
    Great, rejoice all !

  23. The developers can’t stop playing LOL. I believe the developers’s grandmothers can’t stop playing. 

  24. ok, so here is how its gonna work….begining of march, release date announcement, april false release date as april fools joke….actual release jun 29th unfortunately

  25. April 24th or May 8th launch and announcement within a week, probably Feb 29th (nice date).

    MOP Beta probably 2 weeks later (mid May) and Mop Sep launch with Aug as the pre release event fase.

    Can I get something if it turns true ? :))     

  26. Wow, can’t believe how many people here are bitter. “Hurr durr D3 will come out late June/2013 anyway.”
    The game systems have been finalized and revealed to the public. They probably just gotta fix all the bugs which won’t take longer than 2 months. So, release date will be here in the next 2 weeks, and the release will be 2 months after that. Early to mid May I say.

    • Well, Bobby said Q2, so you can bet on it being Q2. If there’s a 2 month window to announce a release date and releasing the game, it would have to be announced by April. Probably sooner.

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