Gamasutra have posted an interesting article about chance in games, and among other games, it mentions Diablo 2. It’s mostly an interesting piece on how developers can use chance in games, and is a slightly heavy read, but if things like development and design of games interest you, you should check it out! Here is a snip:

    Luck plays a significant part in many games. Indeed, some games, such as snakes and ladders, are entirely a matter of chance yet still manage to captivate their players.

    One of the many decisions, therefore, that the designer of any game must make is whether or not to add an element of luck in the form of probability-based randomness.

    Chance outcomes clearly do not always improve gameplay, but nor do they always necessarily hinder it.

    In some circumstances, luck enriches the very forces that motivate players, whilst in other circumstances it does the exact opposite.

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