Nothing new from Blizzard in the forums/twitter/facebook today, but this tweet (most tweets are also mirrored to their new FB page) from yesterday is kind of substantive. Or at least worth some further comment on a slow news day.

    Work continues on various Act II dungeons and locations. A lot coming together at the same time.—Dec 7th

    They recently posted another Act II mention that generated a fan question:

    • Awesome new Act II boss concepts by Vic. Hopefully moving into modeling soon!—Nov 30

      • Act II boss? Are you going in chronological order, too? Yikes. It’s going to be a while, isn’t it?—by PossiblyNathan
        • No the game is sort of attacked all at once in some ways. We don’t generally go in complete chronological order.


    During the Fansite Summit the day before Blizzcon, I was part of the group that toured through the Diablo section (they had “Project Hydra” nameplates on every door) at Blizzard HQ, and while they’d covered up lots of walls of art and some things in the cubicles (Monk and 5th char concept stuff, probably?) there was one long wall of monster concepts/names/ideas that we were able to walk past.

    DiabloWikiBashiok (our tour guide) asked us not to take any photos, look too closely, or post any of the info, and while I didn’t take any pics or post any info, I did look very closely. There were a lot of monsters we haven’t seen yet, all of which had concept art and ideas, and most had at least a rough render as well. So yes, of course the team doesn’t just work chronologically; it’s not like they have nothing done of Act 3+ other than concept art and vague story ideas.

    That said, there has never been any mention of Act III anything, via twitter or the forums. They’ve surely got the basic design, story, environment, monsters, etc sketched out for all the acts (most players assume we’ll see 4, as in D2, with another one added in each of the expansions, but that’s unconfirmed), but at least judging by their official comments, there’s not anything approaching polish being applied to Act III. Yet.

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