A Look at the Diablo 3 Beta Items, Armors and More

The Diablo IncGamers laboratory has been busy this week and today we bring you images of all the chest armors in the Beta. Some great images here of all the armors for the classes as well as unique and standard chest armor. Get stuck in and keep an eye out for more soon.

I am going to place a spoiler warning on this one but if you want to check them out read on after the break for the images.

Update: We have just finished off adding all the items, armors, weapons etc to the Beta items gallery also. Everything is now there for your perusal.

Barbarian Chest Armor

Unique Chest Armor

Witch Doctor Chest Armor





Wizard Chest Armor

Wizard Chest Armor

Demon Hunter Chest Armor

Monk Chest Armor





Standard Chest Armor

Standard Chest Armor




UPDATE: I have just completed adding all items to the items beta gallery now so EVERYTHING is now there if you want to check ALL items, armors, weapons etc out,

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  1. good job
    did you datamine to get pics? 🙂

  2. A lot of that looks like high tier stuff. In that case, I think it really deserves a spoiler warning and a break. The unique armors are readable even without magnification and I’m kind of hoping to avoid seeing everything before the game launches. Thanks.

  3. Hmm, I am kind of worried that the high-end armor for all classes looks alike (red and silver armor), Diablo: Clone wars again ?

  4. I appreciate the contributors here putting spoiler warnings on this stuff. As thirsty as I am to get my hands on this game, I really want to experience it all in one big rush on release day =D

  5. Yeah, the wording made it seem as if this was just stuff that you could find in the beta. I’ve seen all the beta videos so I was not worried about it too much, but now I know what high level uniques look like 🙁

  6. I like the boob holders!

  7. Maybe some armour arts are outdated, because I could find some contradiction in between some pieces. Most armours are front-view artworks, but there are 5-6 which are drawn from an angled view, a la D2 style. Wonder if they will be changed in the final game or it will stay the same…

    • i bet the ones with d2 style are now unused.

    • Same with the helms… They flat ones look terrible by comparison – I reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllly hope that they do go ahead and use the D2 style ones – the new front-on ones really look flat and lifeless by comparison… they really are much worse pieces of art…
      However looking at the beta they seem to have the flat ones in there, which is a bad sign and disappointing to say the least

  8. looks like theres 17 armor for male and only 12 for female. also will nightmare, hell, inferno armors be different from normal?

  9. Are armor dyes currently in the beta?

  10. Check the updated news post. I have added ALL items, weapons, armors, inventory items, dyes etc now.

  11. Hmmm… I find these class specific armors confusing. Where do you get them? Do monsters drop random armors or class-specific armors? Also, an armor gets automatically male or female traits when a character wears it or there are only male armors and female armors? 😐

    • The armour is the same for everyone, it just looks different depending on what class gender you are. If you give a piece to another character they will see it as it fits their class/gender. Except class-exclusive armours like Demon Hunter Cloaks, Barbarian Belts etc, which only have one look (or two if the genders are different).

      • Okay, so unique and standard armors are the same for everyone, but they become different when wore by a character, depending on class and gender? Is that correct?

  12. Thanks for this update Rushter. Nice info, if you find time to separate male and female items would rock, it’s a little weird but helpful anyway. Just wanted to add that there’s a typo in the 5th page, I’m pretty sure monk hunters are not yet in the game 8)

  13. In the inventory picture they show what look to be backpacks.  I wonder if they will be in the final game.

    • No, a lot of the items were removed from the game but the item art is still in the files.
      You can see two different versions of the talisman in there, traits windows, all sorts of things.

  14. You can see the female Witch Doctor’s nipples through her armor.
    Now I know which class I’m playing first 😉

  15. I like them, though the Wizard shoulders (and necks for the female models) are a little excessive.

  16. Oh my Gosh.. The items look really awesome. (especially the swords and the axes) I’m very excited, but I don’t understand all of those items are in the beta?

  17. So wait a minute…these are from the beta, so does this mean it’s all the chest armor that drops in the beta, or is it all of the chest armors in the game, that were somehow stripped from the beta code?

    • The latter. It may well not include the newest icons made (there aren’t 18 of every armour and the male/female numbers are always equal), and include now unused ones (e.g. charms).

  18. Am I the only one who noticed this troll: http://diablo.incgamers.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/6412/title/daggers/cat/631 ?
    Is it Rushster or Blizzard? I’m guessing the latter.

  19. Cool! If i counted correctly, there’s 41 diffrent cool rings! 😀

  20. Not looking.. Not looking..

  21. Just gorgeous.  It’s times like this I wish it weren’t an isometric game.  Sure, you can zoom in, and I will to stare at myself if I have any of those on, but this would look great in a 3rd person game.  There’s a great variety too. Let’s hope when I get my high level shoulder pads on it doesn’t turn from slick into farcical.

  22. Love the hamburger in the daggers image =]
    The Bows image looks more like crossbows to me

  23. So, I’m confused: these are icons, right?  Do they look like these on your character, or will all of these just appear like the first \tier\ of armor when actually worn?

  24. A) The female Witch Doctor needs a bra, stat. Fighting the legion horrors of the Burning Hells is bad enough w/o your nipples chafing all day and night.
    B) Maybe it’s not lined up properly, but the male barb has a big, black bulky chest plate, and the “equivalent” on the female is practically a halter top.
    C) The female monk has some damn fine legs, and she ain’t afraid to show them off.
    Also, later in those files are a couple of pretty spoiler-rific goodies. A bunch of NPC dialog portraits (including many from later acts), and the little waypoint bars. The waypoint bars have a small image of the area that the waypoint directs to. Don’t look too hard at the later ones if you don’t like spoilers.

  25. The items are looking gorgeous! WANT

  26. The items look gorgeous but are they all of the items in the game? or just in beta? How about Gems? it shows all of the gems not found in the beta

  27. So is this just gear in act 1 normal or the whole game on normal mode?

  28. they look *kinda* underwhelming inventory screen wise 😮 those isometric ones were 10 times better 🙁 ok im nitpicking

    edit: ok barbarian was the worst one, rest are good :p

  29. Standard chest armor besides they all look useless, colorful and ugly.

  30. The swords and axes look superb and amazing.

  31. Everyone of those looks wicked but…where is the skull helm that the Barbarian showed off in the first gameplay video? Now that was a helmet!

  32. They all look amazing.

  33. These are all soooooo cool >_<

  34. I like how they made the male and female versions match, but uh… what’s with the female witch doctor… someone at blizz into those jungle women?

  35. True! Where’s the Barbarian Skull Helm from the first video?

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