Over on our sister site Guild Wars: IncGamers there’s a new article by Shawn which looks at the Guild Wars 2 boss mechanics and compares them with how Blizzard have handled bosses in Diablo 3. If any of you are taking part in the GW2 Beta test or have an interest in the game this is worth a read.  Shawn feels that ArenaNet have not quite got things right yet and he explains why he’s using Diablo 3 as a comparison. Here’s a quick snip:

    After finishing off a few acts in Hell difficulty during my last play session, something stuck out in my mind with regards to how boss fights are played out. Diablo 3?s implementation of boss mechanics (and how it conveys the abilities which might one-shot you) are done exceptionally well, while on the other hand.. GW2 has somewhat dropped the ball so far. Or if you’re on the receiving end of a champion’s attention, it would be more accurate to say they’ve dropped the health globe. ..Instantly.

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