It seems that “a game” will at the very least be announced at WWI. Not that we are surprised, but it’s nice to get a confirmation by a slip (?) of tongue from Rob Pardo at DGC Paris. GamesIndustry.biz reports that:

    In a question and answer session that concluded this year’s GDC Paris, Pardo was asked directly if he could talk more about “the new game” that rumours have strongly suggested will be Diablo 3.

    “So you want me to announce the game before our announcement?” he said. “No offense, but I think there’s like 300 people here, and I’ll be ripped apart by 8000 people there [at the Invitational] if I pre-announce it – but it’s going to be really exciting. I think everybody here will be really excited about the announcement.”

    Now, that doesn’t mean that it will be a [wiki]Diablo 3[/wiki] announcement, but there is more information on why it will be Diablo 3 here.


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