March 24. New update here

    It looks like Blizzard Entertainment got yet another game in early development.  If you are a programmer with awesome skills and experience in the game industry, you have the opportunity to join the best international game studios and all what comes attached to that: good salary, benefits, reputation and access to the in-house gym and cafeteria to boot.

    Thus far Blizzard is developing five new games:
    1. Starcraft II
    2. Diablo III
    3. New World of Warcraft expansion
    4. Next-Gen MMO
    5. A new unannounced game (New IP?)

    The fifth brand-new unannounced game surfaced last week.  I don’t recall any executives commenting about the existence of a fifth game before, but certainly two executives have hinted interest in a new IP.

    The first time a new IP was hinted was as far back as 2006, when Paul Sams said the following to Gamespot:

    Paul Sams: “I wouldn

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