Monstrous played around with some machinama tools and created a short video showing off some Reaper of Souls battles viewed from the “behind the action” an MMO-style First Person PoV. It’s A bit WoW-looking, but viewing the monsters, skill animations, and backgrounds from this lower perspective is intriguing.

    A Different Perspective: Diablo 3 via MMO Camera

    Monstrous told me he was working on this for an April Fools joke but ran out of time so just posted a rough cut, and he apologized for the low video quality. I think it’s great though, but I’d really like to see some video from this angle while a character ran around the dungeons, caves, wilderness, etc. You can’t see much of it in the stationary battle scenes in the video, but I like how the fog of war hazes things out in the distance, and it would be interesting to see the camera moving between pillars, down hallways, etc.

    You guys like? Hanker for more WASD controls? Can you imagine playing like this?

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