A Different Perspective: Diablo 3 via MMO Camera

A Different Perspective: Diablo 3 via MMO Camera

Monstrous played around with some machinama tools and created a short video showing off some Reaper of Souls battles viewed from the “behind the action” an MMO-style First Person PoV. It’s A bit WoW-looking, but viewing the monsters, skill animations, and backgrounds from this lower perspective is intriguing.

A Different Perspective: Diablo 3 via MMO Camera

Monstrous told me he was working on this for an April Fools joke but ran out of time so just posted a rough cut, and he apologized for the low video quality. I think it’s great though, but I’d really like to see some video from this angle while a character ran around the dungeons, caves, wilderness, etc. You can’t see much of it in the stationary battle scenes in the video, but I like how the fog of war hazes things out in the distance, and it would be interesting to see the camera moving between pillars, down hallways, etc.

You guys like? Hanker for more WASD controls? Can you imagine playing like this?

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20 thoughts on “A Different Perspective: Diablo 3 via MMO Camera

  1. I like it!
    I would actually like a game mode like that (as an alternative to a classic, isometric look).
    I always wanted to get a closer look at the monsters I'm killing in droves and playing in a zoom mode really isn't an option because of the reduced field of vision and intervening terrain.
    Maybe one day Blizzard or some skilled independent moder will make it a reality…

  2. WASD would be awesome, but it'd make Hunters even more OP than they are now. I wouldn't mind WASD in regular isometric view; mice should be for aiming, not moving.

  3. looks surprisingly good. don’t think it would play well though. definitely wanna see more, with some movement.

  4. Blizz would have to work a bit to have such a mode since they are cheating the 3D engine using the fact the camera is fixed (you can tell wearing 3D glasses) like the rivers in the Dalgur's oasis which flows 2 yards below the ground.

  5. i've always wanted to have the option to switch views to first person. but i see that it would be problematic, i.e. frozen, arcane, waller, etc. to overcome those elite affixes in first person.

  6. It's not first person Flux, it's still third person, just a lot lower down & closer to the character. Personally I'd like to have a movable camera (like Sacred 2 had) just to be able to change the view a bit sometimes, but apparently D3's target market (Josh/Jay's gran) wouldn't be able to cope with a movable camera so I think it's unlikely. That said, there's no "collecting your pension" quest & no Stannah Stairlift (http://www.stannah.com/) for all of those stairs in the game, so I think perhaps those comments pre-release were a tad disingenious & that maybe they meant mouth-breathers instead of their gran (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mouthbreather).

  7. I’ve always wanted to see a Diablo-world MMO so yes, I’d play this. It gives a whole new depth to all the areas.

  8. God no, there's a reason I could never get into WoW, and this perspective and WASD controls are a big part of the reasons why.

  9. Poll happy flux didn't make this a poll?

    Ahh well I vote NO.

    Or don't care 'cuz I died from the jailer/molten behind me.

  10. This perspective is not playable with the current game (at least for ranged build). With current view there is already a difference between going north and going south (like charging beast that you see preparing the charge when going north but not when going south).
    Yet having another view in another screen/window would be cool. Particularly for streamers.

  11. While it might be unplayable withot 360º vision, I really liked how some areas looked like and the soundtrack usage…

  12. While it looks nice, there are certain skills in D3 that will not work in this pov. For example, Barb’s furious charge, how would you determine the distance or rather the destination of the charge? Or WD’s acid cloud, how do you target some mob that is behind others?

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