WoW 10 Year statue

    WoW 10 Year statue

    World of Warcraft recently hit its ten year anniversary, and as a special reward Blizzard sent out commemorative sculptures of an Orc wolf-rider to players who have held an active subscription to WoW since the launch. That’s apparently a fairly exclusive club; we all know that WoW has had millions of paying customers for years, but not everyone was playing from the early days, and even most long-time players have let their subscription lapse once or thrice before leaping back in when the next expansion is released.

    And yeah, the statue looks pretty nice, but it’s not exactly “free” — 10 years x 12 months x $15 = $1800.

    That said, it’s interesting to imagine what sort of prize dedicated Diablo players might deserve for their (our?) years of devotion. Giant metal Diablo statue?

    Diablo 3 has only been out for 2.5 years, but Diablo 2 is approaching its 15th anniversary since the June 2000 release, and Diablo 1 has 4 years more than that, and counting. Has anyone played D1 or D2 steadily for that long? I don’t even know how you’d define “steadily” in this instance; there’s nothing to verify it like an active WoW subscription, and I suspect the answer is no. Lots of players go back to D1 or D2 all the time, but hasn’t everyone uninstalled the game(s) several times, or not rushed to reinstall on a new computer? Or gone a few months or years between playing, before going back in for nostalgia’s sake?

    Does anyone still have their earliest Diablo 1 or Diablo 2 characters? Or initial Battle.net account? Has anyone played either game regularly for 19 or 15 years? If so, what prize do you deserve?

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