A Day in the Life of Bashiok

Even CMs need to eat

Some of you may think he is only at Blizzard to taunt us with his forum responses and tricky wordplay but what does a Community Manager really get up to on an average day?

Bashiok is the latest Blizzard member to take part in the ‘Day in the Life of’ article series and he takes you through what we can assume is a quite a typical busy day at Blizzard.

Most people don’t quite understand what a Community Manager does. Some think we just sit in the forums all day. Not true! It’s an understandable misconception as this role is still a fairly new thing. It’s not a position most companies have, a lot of the work isn’t seen externally, and from company to company the responsibilities can vary wildly. In some cases, a Community Manager will also do PR and marketing for an entire company. Being as large as we are (our North America Community Development and eSports team numbers over 35 people) we’re able to specialize.

The article covers his day in considerable detail, so click on for insight into what makes Bashiok so darn awesome.

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14 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Bashiok

    • The part about all of their articles having to be coordinated in advance to go online simultaneously in 12 languages explains a lot. It reminds me of the dreadful dialogue in the Demon Hunter cinematic, which only made sense when you considered that it was made for promotion in 12 different langauges, and to be watched on big video screens high overhead at gaming shows. It had to be simple and uncomplicated and very obvious. Like a Michael Bay movie.

      This particular Bashiok piece felt overlong, overwritten, and vague. Talking to him in the past, he told me numerous far more interesting things about his day and his job than are included in this article. (Like the time he had to fly to Austin to run a D3 demo event for 100+ game retailer executives, since he was the only person in Blizzard who was expert in D3 and not actually on the dev team.)

      I suspect he could have made this one a lot more interesting, but PR and corporate are editing the soul out of these pieces and forcing them to be so nonspecific.  A lesson in the perils (and inevitable demise?) as Blizzard becomes ever more of a  massive global conglomerate?

      • for some reason I expected Kotick’s eyes there at the end after “massive global conglomerate?”

      • this isn´t about topic at hand, but I was just curious, when are you going to remove the Azmodan poll, it´s been around for a while now, and anybody who cared to vote surely already has.

        • You are correct, but nothing in the news had demanded/spurred  a new vote and I didn’t want to just throw up some “first char you’ll play is?” vote.

          However I do have a good poll idea now, and a new one will got up on Monday.

    • lol I can sum that up in 2 words “Robert Pattinson” ………*goes to the bathroom and throws up at the reminder of his fugly face*

  1. So he talks all day about what should be written down on Blizzard sites. Wow. A little lame but pretty cool at the same time.

  2. First time  I’ve seen confirmation that the name he gave out during the real name debacle is realy his.

    • I’ll take your word for that, but his real name hasn’t been a secret. He’s often sent out emails to fansite people from his official name bliz account, he uses it in person at media events, it’s on wiki pages, etc.

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