Even CMs need to eat

    Some of you may think he is only at Blizzard to taunt us with his forum responses and tricky wordplay but what does a Community Manager really get up to on an average day?

    Bashiok is the latest Blizzard member to take part in the ‘Day in the Life of’ article series and he takes you through what we can assume is a quite a typical busy day at Blizzard.

    Most people don’t quite understand what a Community Manager does. Some think we just sit in the forums all day. Not true! It’s an understandable misconception as this role is still a fairly new thing. It’s not a position most companies have, a lot of the work isn’t seen externally, and from company to company the responsibilities can vary wildly. In some cases, a Community Manager will also do PR and marketing for an entire company. Being as large as we are (our North America Community Development and eSports team numbers over 35 people) we’re able to specialize.

    The article covers his day in considerable detail, so click on for insight into what makes Bashiok so darn awesome.

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