A Bashiok… Achievement?

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It certainly seems that way… at least. As we all know, DiabloWikiBashiok has always been portrayed as a DiabloWikiFallen Shaman. Recently, he posted a somewhat enigmatic tweet saying the following:

You know you’ve made it when there’s a game achievement urging people to kill you with specific weapons. – Bashiok

I think some people will take great pleasure in making Bashiok a loot pinata. It makes me wonder what special skills his in-game manifestation will take. I have a feeling we might see such skills as “ban hammer” and “stunning sarcasm.”

It also makes me interested in seeing the Cryptozoology piece we’re bound to have later once we see his cuddly avatar in-game.

In related twitter news, let Bashiok know what Diablo site you enjoy going to the most by tweeting back to him! #diiinet (our twitter) or diablo.incgamers.com.

What are your favorite Diablo III fansites? I’d really like to know! – Bashiok

Oh, and if you haven’t already, you can follow incgamer’s diablo twitter to get updates on articles instantly!

Correction: It appears that people including me were wrong about the tweets! Check the feed swarmed with inc posters: Link

All I can say is… twitter is hard. Thanks for pointing out the real-time feed, Puppetstrings.

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43 thoughts on “A Bashiok… Achievement?

  1. You know you’ve made it when there’s a game achievement urging people to kill you with specific weapons everybody hates you. – Bashiok

    • Why on earth would you ‘hate’ Bashiok?  Dude’s just doing his job, trying to earn a living like everyone else.  He tries to do it with a sense of humor, which rubs people raw when he’s got news they don’t like, but good god – hate?  Do you think Bash has anything at all to do with the design decisions Jay & crew make on the game?

      • Um, it’s a joke.  We’re all well aware what his job is, and we know damn well that he has nothing to do with the design of the game itself… he’s the proverbial punching bag. Again, A JOKE.  White knight much?

    • Bashiok is the person people love to hate because it’s the punching bag people are presented. All that tells me and the rest of us is that communities at large care little about anything but themselves.

      If you knew Bashiok on a more personal level, like I do, you’d probably find him to be a really awesome guy. Because he is.

  2. The greatest trick Bashiok ever pulled was convincing the world Diablo III didn’t exist. – “Bashiok” Achievement Unlocked.

  3. Basically hes the one that must distort all the crap announcements to make it sound less problematic. Like in the last one about the stash size reduction where he had to take in account every single item slot from all stash plus all 10 characters to make it sound like we still have plenty of space.
    Hes not the devil, but he works for it and we never saw its true face, so there’s only Bashiok for us to hate.
    My 2 cents that diii.net won’t be mentioned in that forum. LOL!

  4. Less egocentric celebrity achievements and more deaths animations please!

    Oh…and a freaking RELEASE DATE, DUDEEEEE!!!

  5. “What are your favorite Diablo III fawnsites? I’d really like to know! – Bashiok”
    Corrected quote

  6. you know they come on incgamers and keep a eye on here. i wounder what other sites they do that with

  7. “I have a feeling we might see such skills as “ban hammer” and “stunning sarcasm.””
    Was “Blatant Bullshit” too obvious?

  8. He deleted my tweet like right away.
    I feel so underground being on this site maaaaaan.
    Corporate run fan sites like curse can eat a chode.

  9. Clearly when he asked what our favorite fan site is, he meant to say “Whats your favorite fan site that kisses our ass instead of actually being a fan and criticizing our work?”

  10. “It appears that Bashiok or Blizzard PR are deleting all of those who tweet that they come here for Diablo news. That’s… crazy.”

    I wish Flux wrote that update so that it would have gained the synical mocking it deserves.

    • Don’t worry, I edited in my own little exposition. I first… attempted to stay politely puzzled. Then I realized I was just wrong, so I corrected it.

  11. Not sure I understand how Bashiok/Blizz would delete tweets on our own accounts. Maybe I don’t fully understand how Twitter works. Anyway, I told Bash that I F5 this site hourly while at work. We’ll see what happens.

    Long live diablo.incgamers.com.

  12. Let them delete, and don’t worry about it. People who aren’t complete sheep will find this site eventually.

    This site doesn’t idly gobble up any news bit from the Big B, but looks at it a bit more critically.
    It’s still done with a foundation of care.

    So what if Daniel ‘Bashiok’ Kaffee can’t handle the truth.

  13. You guys do realize you can’t delete someones twitter messages right? Because they come from your own Twitter account. That’s why it says  “@” and then their name. Your messages are probably just being flooded and the small sample only shows the last 5 posts.


    Go there and scroll down infinitely to see all of the tweets, you’ll see plenty of incgamer ones.

      • Well I can’t say for sure what you tweeted, you can delete your own or edit them also. All I know is I doubt Bashiok is sitting at his desk hand deleting all of them. I see plenty of incgamer tweets. So why they would delete some and not others I don’t know.

  14. Tweeted my support. Noticed a lot of Diablofans ones, but I figured that would be the case since they are on the Curse network and MMO-Champion (probably the most visited wow news site if you don’t count wowhead) constantly directs people there.

    However, I saw a lot more for horadric.ru and judgehype.com, which are apparently big russian and french D3 fan sites.

    • I had a look on diablofans. The comments on the news post talking about the shrunken stash were all basically “cool, I don’t mind”. So that should give you some idea about the type of ‘fans’ that visit that site.

      • Hmm, I also don’t mind the current stash size since I think i t will more that adequately fulfill my needs based on my past ARPG experience. So I’m curious, just what kind of “fan” am I ❓

  15. Just wanted to add that when typing “Diablo 3 news” into the google search this is the second site below the search bar!

    Thats how I got here 😀


  16. you are the only fansite that put it on the frontpage it seems, not sure if the results are gonna matter

  17. So Bashiok tweets this after they talk about giving keys to fansites soon.
    It sounds like the release hype parade is going to commence shortly. Expect facebook games and what not. : /

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