$99 Diablo 3 Sold Auction House Item Goes AWOL

The RMAH was bound to turn up a few issues but what happens when you sell an item, the item goes missing from the system and you don’t get your payment? This is what has happened to one unlucky EU auction house user called Weavols who sold an item then failed to receive payment or the item back.

After attempting to contact customer support he got nowhere fast as you can see from the support mails in the image which is probably down to the fact that CS in reality can’t do much to help and an “investigation” needs to be ramped up. Well at least we would hope that would happen and the case won’t simply be swept under the carpet.

Has this happened to you in the RMAH? Do you think that Blizzard need to add another level of support for AH issues that involve real cash? The support messages that were returned are not really satisfactory.

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    50 thoughts on “$99 Diablo 3 Sold Auction House Item Goes AWOL

      • Current Blizzard developers/support/and all others are total fa*gs.
        They simply don’t care.I was scammed because of their bugged game.And all that i recieve as a answer was an auto msg “Can’t help you,gtfo, go write in-game report if you want”

        But they will see the result of their actions when they try to sell us … the “Expansion”.

        • “But they will see the result of their actions when they try to sell us … the “Expansion”.”

          yeah, we will buy it, and then complain on the forums. ^^

            • Do you honestly believe that? The expansion will sell millions just like the game. Gamers, in general, are sheep. They have very little memory of anything outside of instance gratification. If Blizzard stole their car, F’ed their girlfriend, and torched their house, gamers would STILL buy what they are selling.

              Look at the 360 fiasco. Over 50% of 360’s have failed because of the RROD, but people STILL continued to buy them, even though it was almost certain that they would end up sending their system in for repair or replacement, and often, on multiple occasions.

      • Someone probably did get pwned. These auctions are an attractive way to use stolen credit card details. If you put items up for the price of a fancy dinner instead of McD’s then your buyer will probably be spending someone else’s money and getting your bnet and PayPal accounts flagged.

    1. Looks like it could have used a bit more testing. Perhaps Blizzard should have given us all 10$ to begin with for the server failings at launch and have us play around with those for a while and then later enabled us to put money in, if we wanted to…

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    2. I tried to sell an item for the first time using real money and pay pal last night. I was going to try to sell a very nice pants for about 25 dollars. It asked for my sms identification #. My phone beeped, signalling a text message. As I entered the code on the AH for verification, I accidently hit cancel. It canceled my AH, but I never recieved my item back. On the AH “completed” tab, it says that auction has failed. Its been over 24 hours and I still never got my item back.

      They need to fix this error, or need a back up plan to retrieve missing items.

      • Greetings!

        First, I’d like to take the time to spam you with a useless boilerplate “thank you” message so that you know that our outsourced customer service department values you as an individual.

        Now let me assure you that I have done a thorough investigation of your issue by reading the 5-6 word note left by the last customer service representative you contacted. My investigation has revealed that you never had an item, and that you were imagining the whole thing.

        Thank you for contacting customer support! If you feel that your issue still hasn’t been resolved, you can follow-up on this ticket and speak to a completely new customer service representative that will not read any previous correspondences and start you back at square 1. Also it will take several days.

        Thank you,

        –Screen name that suggests I’m a native English speaker.

    3. you must be utterly stupid to buy an GAME ITEM that gives you some silly stats for 250$, really really stupid

      • Why has one to be stupid lol. When you get older and have a job that pays you well $250 doesn’t seem to be so much money any more. Just wait a few years and you will see. (If you are not too stupid to get a well paying job ;o) )

    4. Two things.

      1) This could easily be a troll post. They could have already received the item and are rabble rousing.

      2) Even if this IS a troll post (which given recent news is always a possibility), this customer service is atrocious. It is VERY apparent that they’re re-appropriating ill-equipped staff from the WoW department to deal with this influx of shinaniganry.

      I guess there’s a 3rd:

      3) Phrexis – it’ll take up to 5 days to complete the transaction. If it goes past that mark, then you have a problem. Why 5 days is required is beyond me. Also, screenshots of the cancellation or it didn’t happen.

      • I suspect that the 5 days is a worst case scenario for something like:

        * Auction completes Friday afternoon, 5 minutes after banks close.
        * Saturday
        * Sunday
        * Monday is a holiday
        * Takes a day or two for everything to trickle through to your actual balance.

        It’s extreme and realistically would probably never happen, but it’s fairly standard to get ridiculous warnings like that on bank transactions and/or shipping.

        Having said that, I don’t really disagree with anything you said. The overall customer service in that thread is astonishingly bad. It almost looks like someone making fake replies as a parody of bad CS, but I think it’s sadly real.

        • Eh, banks – for what? It’s done on their side until you cash out, it has nothing to do with banks.. 🙄

      • Just hope to not have any problems.Cause the answer will be,

        Hello Dear mr,

        F U. GTFO.

        They are in panic atm.They are simple don’t know how to make this game playable.There are a TONS of bugs/issues/exploits/angry comnunity.
        They dont know where to start from.Too late for that you crappy devs got 10 years to make it.Too late.

    5. Hopefully a bunch of these cases happen over the next few years, and then when I pass the bar, I can lead a massive class action and retire on the contingency fee.

    6. I have to admit, that’s pretty bad customer service.

      When this gets resolved, I expect an update to learn what happened. 😕

      • I was thinking that too. Single point of contact should be de-rigeur for good customer service. It was pretty amazing to see SIX different CS reps replying to his emails (which showed admirable restraint to the end.) I don’t think I’ve ever gotten good service from a company that pools all their customer emails together. With their ticketing system it can’t be that hard to assign a case owner to see it through unless there’s an escalation and hand-off.

        Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at the content of those CS emails, where 2/3 of each one was boilerplate nonsense or exhortations to go do something else, which no frustrated customer is interested in.

    7. I was about to post a ticket for a weapon I sold 4 days ago…20€. I have no item and no money yet. Looking at the answers he got…I think I’m going to say byebye to those 20€. It’s okay, only thing that troubles me is…Where are those 20€???

        • oh come on, its an MMO and they have to get something out of it for their continued additions and content patches.
          oh wait

      • Sad thing…you will probably get better customer support by many of those fly by night companies.

        • Well if they are an established gold/item selling company that been doing it for ages that is really true. But Joe Blogs pop up shop will be likely just take your cash and run.

    8. It would be bad if the transaction did take place with the buyer receiving the item but the seller not receiving the money. Could it be possible though that the transaction did not take place (no money was paid) but the item got deleted somehow?

    9. What happens when a company gets larger and more corporate?
      They stop caring about their customers.

      This is what has happened to Blizzard. Success and going corporate has lead to them being less innovative in their designs and worse in customer service, while charging higher prices for their games.

      I’m done with Blizzard. They’ve lost their way from who they used to be. No longer a great gaming company, just another greedy corporation.

    10. i’ve not been playing for two weeks now and maybe not anymore and maybe i’ll come back .. but the news of failing i keep hearing day after day for a game that i loved so much b4 even playing it and to a company i’ve always enjoyed its games made me feel some sadness in my heart and much much disappointment
      honestly this wasn’t what i had imagined for my most fav game to end to

    11. I had an issue with the gold AH that I tried to alert Blizzard to on numerous occasions, and everytime I got the exact same “we are looking into (something unrelated) please check the forums here…” Tried posting in the forums, HA, like they’re ever going to see THAT.

      Long story short: I tried to buy three weapons, one at a time because the previous was no longer available, and each time got a message saying exactly that: “the item is no longer available.” Then I tried to bid on another weapon, and after about a minute, I got a “your request has timed out” message. 10 minutes later, the gold was removed from my account and all 4 items showed up in my Completed Auctions.

      I tried to get Blizzard’s attention because if it happened in the gold AH, what’s to prevent it from happening in the RMAH? Screw the gold I lost, I want to know that the game isn’t going to be taken down for investigations into the RMAH. However, if that would have been my credit card / Paypal that it happened to, and I kept getting these copy/paste answers, I would be considering much more “serious” options. That’s called theft, and apparently the customer service reps could care less. Either that, or they don’t understand what I’m trying to say, in which case they shouldn’t be answering AH related tickets to begin with. *sigh*

    12. I just want to applaud you, Rushster, along with the rest of the gang behind this website, for posting this piece. It’s very heartwarming and respectable to see you guys lending a hand of support to the little guy in a situation like this. I really hope to see this continue!

    13. Yeah those support replies were rubbish. They were operating like the user lost some little item in game (WoW-like) rather than a person losing actual money / something of real value.

      They need to rethink their support behaviour on this matter imo.

    14. This does seem to be exactly in line with every way customer support has handled similar issues so far. In case anyone doesn’t believe the main post could be genuine, here is mine for buying a stack of items too large to put into a stash: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/9338/supportticket.png

      I’m certainly not too worried about it, especially because it was partly a mistake on my part and no real money was involved. But it absolutely makes me believe the above is true and Blizzard would act this way, even if the mistake was clearly on their end.

    15. Thats just bull****, just look at how many times they get the ID/Amount/Item/etc wrong.. Are they even lookin at the same thing that the guy is? I just cant believe those are the ppl who we contact for support, and they cant even get the idea of what is going on.. I`m just sad.. Poor guy.. And hope this doesnt happen too often!

    16. Their support is unbelievably bad! from my experience, i can post my ticket of my issue as well, they are so lame it’s just unacceptable.

      I thought i loved blizzard but now i don’t think i do anymore, D3 is a good game indeed but have ton’s of flaws and the support is the worst I’ve seen in my entire life.

    17. I have the same problem. I sold 3 items on tuesday. 2 of 3 already paid to my paypal. 3rd item just went “failed”. I opened a ticket yesterday, I’m still waiting for an answer. It was “only” a 12EUR selling, but its very frustrating. I sold several items this week, I got all money that I sold later, so the 5 days waiting not because banks are closed or anything like this. There is no problem with waiting. While an auction is in “Processing” state in your AH Log. But this one Auction switched to “Failed”. If I check it, it just says: Error: 0. So it won’t be fixed automatically, I won’t get the money if i just sit and wait. Its sad that I’ll have the same useless conversations with the support :S

    18. Have we been seeing any: “I payed 99 for an item and it dissapeared” or similar posts?

      Does that mean the severalpeople that have posted here are dishonest? Or does it mean blizzard is giving the people their item and just pocketing the money?

      This is a big deal. Either blizzard appears to be commiting fraud or we have people that have stepped beyond trolling and straight into defamation.

      Its criminal one way or the other as far as I see it.

    19. Went round and round with Blizzard CS over a “failed” auction. I was advised that Blizzard cannot, “verify, undo, or investigate” any failed auction sales. Blizzard CS is claiming a “glitch” in the system is causing some auctions to fail. I feel they have a responsibility to ensure that real money auctions are completed to customer satisfaction, however they do not share this opinion I am afraid.

    20. If you’ve ever had to deal with the ticket support responses in D3 (and I hope for your sake you haven’t) the people responding really are that dumb so the odds of this being a troll post given all the other issues and dumb responses other people had are low. I’m not just talking about “oh I have no idea what this game does nor do I care” stupid. I’m talking probably struggled to pass their GED stupid. A normal company would be embarrassed by this response and others just like it that have emerged. 🙂

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