8 June Diablo 3 Hotfixes

A quick update from Blizzard regarding the latest hotfix that’s up and running.


  • In cooperative games, monster damage will no longer increase when additional players join the game. Please note that monster health will still scale based on the number of players in a party

Bug Fixes

  • Tyrael no longer has collision when he is your active follower
  • Pots of ashes in Act I and vases in Act IV will now drop less gold when destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time

That last one I’m surprised didn’t get caught before now, before open beta I would have thought. Cheese on a stick.

All the previous patches and hotfixes from the beginning of time can be found on DiabloWiki.Net for reference.

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    69 thoughts on “8 June Diablo 3 Hotfixes

    1. Heh, they are just going to patch every path to riches. Wow, they really don’t want you grinding for cash.

      Glad the internet wasn’t as gossipy back in D1 & D2.

      • The gold nerf was to address bot farming. So Blizzard fixes the Quest exploit and makes botting much harder and people are complaining???

        go figure….

        • This is kind of like the crime bills that get passed in the US which do absolutely nothing to stop crime. I have not complained once about the inferno/elite mob difficulty. I said to myself, I’m not good enough so i need to get some new stuff thus its time to grind previous territory for gold. Now they nerf that thinking that bot farmers are going to go extinct. I will still farm obviously and simply hit different areas. Perhaps my gold per hour goes down a few- no biggie. But to say that this is great because you/blizz “think” its actually going to impact gold bots is a laugh.

    2. Blizzard has nerfed out all legitimate means of farming enough gold to buy gear. Diablo 3 is now officially on my “this game sucks” list. Bots are still in the game farming away and chat bots advertising their sites in the general chat forum. Blizzard is either too incompetent to stop them or just does not care.

      You can’t advance through inferno without buying gear from higher acts. Bleh. Too few viable endgame skills/builds. Bleh. Torchlight 2 come out quickly!!

      • If you are spending hours on end breaking urns and vases then you have already exhausted this game and it’s not fun to you anymore. Move on instead of grinding for virtual items.

        • hi, you must be new.

          welcome to diablo, the game thats NOT SUPPOSED TO END.
          if you exhaust a diablo game something is wrong. very wrong.

          hmm, well … i guess its grumpy and me who are new. please introduce us to this broken disney trading sim.

        • Exactly.
          I don’t understand you people… the strongest part of Diablo 3 are probably all the awesome skills and skill runes you have… but instead of testing them all out you’re mindlessly trying to grind Inferno, which is far from being fun as you admit yourself…

        • DEAR FLUX:

          Please bring the ability to downvote back. Also, allow downvoted comments to get buried please. We get changes that are really good for the game, changes that the fans have been complaining about, and what happens?

          A long list of trolls saying how bad the game sucks now, and that they are going to quit…………

          Honestly, you people disgust me. 😐

      • They are already addressing the fact that you can’t progress in inferno without buying items. When the next patch is released (hopefully soon) you can get lvl 62 and below items from act 3-4 hell, and lvl 63 and below items (the highest in the game) from act 1 inferno, which is pretty easy. Those who are stronger and can to acts 2/3/4 can farm faster, but anyone can do act 3 hell and get enough gear to confidently step into act 1 inferno, and then farm any item in the game. It should have been like that at launch, but Blizzard isn’t perfect.

    3. “Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time.”

      I KNEW it was a bug, darn it!!!

    4. Not a bad game but something’s lacking.. finished inferno a week ago and im already bored. Cant believe it didnt even last a full month

        • cant say i remember man.

          i was playing offline and i FOUND my own items, so it took quite a while.

          two weeks, one month, who cares. what matters is that i played that game – despite all its flaws, bugs, build useless rendering patches, rerolls, you name it – for about 11 years.

          and D3? im in act one hell. and i am really bored. i took my sweet time, tried to find my own items… and now after only 50 hours i am not feeling like i even want to start the game.

          my pet WD is basically useless. sure i could reskill him. i actually did, about a dozen times.
          and you know what?
          that made my WD even more bland and boring. i cant even remember his name. i sure know my battletag though.

    5. I love how in the interviews and events leading up to D3 release all that fat ass said was “its soooo cooool” about this feature and that feature. Meanwhile the game sucks so bad and yet they are nerfing every possible way that keeps the re-playability factor there. The quests are boring. The dialogue sucks and its pretty cheesy. what the hell is with the cut scenes every 2 minutes and the end game? Laughable at best.

      Yea im pissed. So what?

        • Actually I have played Deus Ex. And guess what? i LOVED it. It did not disappoint me after the long hiatus of the series. It lived up to EVERY expectation. Besides what does my name have to do with Diablo 3?

          QQ fanboy, go burn some dvd’s

      • You bought it. You played it. You don’t like it.
        It’s okay, but that’s just like your opinion, man.
        After 1 month, these whiner comments are getting really boring.
        It’s like you’d buy a burrito, what just doesn’t taste the way you imagined it and you’d keep complaining about it to your friends for over a month. Just imagine how effin’ bored would they be about you.

        • Well, I surely didn’t wait for a dozen years for the burito to be made nor did I pay 60 euros for it.

          • Also the burrito did not have a three-year hype and marketing campaign that lead you to believe it would be the best meal ever, and a worthy successor to Burrito II.

        • I can’t relate to this analogy since every burrito I’ve had HAS BEEN FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

    6. Also they forgot to add that Tyrael damage was nerfed becouse Siegebreaker farm was too easy…meanwhile bots make 400k/hour looks legit 😉

      • Yes, this hotfixes look uncomplete.

        I noticed that the spawn rate of treasure goblins (ActII/Ancient Path) has been reduced (feels like twice less).

        Also it seems they removed the bug where if you are in hell actI for example, you can start a solo quest in nightmare actIV, then leave game, then public game and then you find yourself with the hell actIV game, it was very convenient.

        Some others mention Tyrael dps and ActIII quest 1 for powerleveling, anybody can find a complete list or a source ?

    7. “Fixes” = further evidence that what was shipped was not a tested game, but a late stage beta build. Still, the game can be developed, hopefully for the better.

    8. “Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time”

      When they hotfixed Azmodan’s quest rewards, they didn’t remove them entirely. If it was a bug, wouldn’t they have just removed it then and there? No. It’s a design feature that’s getting exploited and subsequently cut. Not a bug.

      Edit: and by “cut” I mean they’re actually adding to the game a system to keep track of which quests you have and have not done. Not sure if you should call that “cutting” or “adding a feature to limit”.

      Edit2: I just tested this and the bug fix is not in place. received 370 gold for act 1 quest to kill the wretched mother 2x in a row on normal. (I also did this 2x in a row on inferno and got 1600 gold each time.)

      • I believe there actually was a bug where you could get the same exp reward multiple times per game. Most likely they fixed that.

        • Yeah, that’s most likely what they fixed. I forgot about that until you mentioned it.

    9. I still fail to understand how it is a good idea to not make available the gear to complete the present level until the next level. There is not way I could have even tried to go through Hell with the gear I have found myself. I am not the best player out there and I am sure there are people that could probably complete the game self-found, but that just sucks.

      Now, something decent on the auction house is crazy expensive, especially for somebody that didnt spend hours and hours breaking pots and ashes. I dont consider that a bug either, just an exploit that people have used as a means to an end. The 1 hand sword I am using now I found for 5,000 gold on the auction house. That same sword would be more like 5,000,000 now. I finally got to 60 last night to start getting NV, which really helped, but the gold cost is far ahead of what I can collect just playing.

      I think the gold auction house was just a trial in getting people used to buying their gear so that when the RMAH goes live, the trend can continue.

      • My theory is that the game is supposed to be much harder than people think it’s supposed to be, therefore, gear requirements are exaggerated. I saw this sort of thing all the time Warcraft. Dungeon, ilevel requirement 200, can be done if everyone is geared in ilevel 200 items. Random pug, “What, you’re ilevel is only only an average of 225, your gear sucks for this dungeon and you suck for thinking you can do it”.

        • I disagree, I think it’s actually the opposite. Inferno was supposed to be a huge gear grind, and people attempted to play it straight through and complained that it was impossibly hard, which it was. Then those people found cheesy min/max strategies that allowed them to do it without the gear, but either they were ultra tanky and killing at a snail’s pace or glass cannons dying to quill rat sneezes. Then they complained that the game was no fun that way when in fact they still weren’t even supposed to be there.

          Blizzard actually thought people were going to be grinding Act 1 for a really long time, then grinding Act 2 for a really long time, etc. But there were a dozen different problems with that design that they didn’t foresee, the biggest of which being that players simply didn’t like it and would do anything to get around it. In 1.0.3 they’re basically changing the design so that progression happens at a reasonable pace.

          • I agree, except beating the entire game in about a month is not a reasonable pace, it’s way too fast!

            Inferno is the end game of Diablo 3, once you beat it there is nothing left to do. There is no PvP, there is no incentive to keep playing after you beat Inferno (in diablo 2 you’d beat the game well before max level, so there was always incentive to keep going), and trading has degenerated into farming gold to buy items, which you really don’t need after you beat inferno.

            I love the gameplay in this game, but I feel that there are a myriad of problems really hurting this game’s longevity.

      • Gear’s available. You just haven’t managed to drop any yet. I hit the late Hell wall, first with a Wiz then with a DH. Eventually managed to drop some items with my DH, and she’s now in Inferno. It’s annoying sometimes but you’ve just got to plow through, and it feels great when you do drop a decent upgrade that makes a real, discernible difference to your progress.

        This is how Diablo works. The best drops are hard to get. Otherwise the game would be easy. Why is everyone complaining that they can’t complete it yet?

        • I think it’s probably because most people are used to the dupes in D2…
          For someone who’s played with just self found items in D2 (like I did most of the time) it was a lot harder then people seem to remember. Not to mention that it got a lot easier to find items after D2X and several patches.

          • I don’t think D2’s Hell was ever even a fraction as hard(i.e. grindy) as D3’s Inferno. IMO where Blizzard fell short was that they simply misinterpreted the part of Diablo that people actually enjoy, in part due to the fans not even knowing themselves. Nobody wants to be stuck on progressing through one act for weeks, that’s simply frustrating. They want to make progress at a reasonable pace, eventually beat the game, and then start farming. If you want the game to be harder at that point you can add more MF, or experiment with new builds.

            • Exacly THIS what man says – i want to farm every act in game for items / i want to experiment with diffrent builds – not beeing forced just to defensive skills as melee and running around with 1h + shield – where is fun in that ?. Why we cant use all those nice looking 2H, why as barb we cant use our signature ability – whats happend with diablo joy ?.

              Beeing forced to repeat Act I-II to grind enough gold for some AH item is just wrong.

    10. “Fixed a bug where players could turn in the same quest repeatedly and always receive rewards as though they were completing the quest for the first time.”

      Does this mean the Wortham runs and Kulle runs were giving too much xp each time?

    11. Hotfix list incomplete. Mighty Tyrael lost 95% of his damage in Inferno.

      Best Wizard skill nerfed 🙁

    12. Also the act 3 ‘powerlvling’ part is nerfed.

      The bombardement lands sooner now, actually immediately so that it can’t kill the monsters anymore.

      You can add this to the hotfix list as well.

    13. Love that they’re being so aggressively anti-exploit. None of that D2-style cheapness, please! 🙂

      • Cheap? D3 is the epitome of cheap, to the point where I never want to play the game again and upset that I wasted breath, time, and emotion on this game. D3 is so bad that it taints my WHOLE Diablo 1/2 experience.

    14. Without wanting to be all ‘fanboy’ i gotta ask, did it get uncool to just enjoy a game for what it is?

      • It’s just the loud-mouthed minority. Nothing to be concerned about. I just hope that people who have not been logged in for 1 month will be unavailable to post on the official forums. That would make at least some people less willingly to (re-install and) post the garbage, which at this point, is unbearable.

      • yes, it does seem that way now around here. i’m not so ignorant as to totally miss a few problems with the game and its balance/itemization/whatever… but its got to a point where to say the game is ok as it is and that it is very fun to play over and over makes you a fanboy who defends blizzard in every breath and doesn’t care if the game sucks.

        hi, i must be a fanboy then, because i like the game…. that and i dont understand why people come to a site of a game they apparently hate to bash it. if people like the game, but want to discuss where it could be better, and the problems it has and your ideas for solutions, that i understand. but telling someone to leave or shush when all they do is say how much the game sucks (while not giving an idea how to fix) is making someone a fanboy, crazy state of mind people are living in these days…

    15. Hate to be a hater, but there are a lot of dumbass comments on this. People not understanding economic and game development principles and realities. Go level up another character, play hc or play a different game till pvp or never

    16. Also expectations ruined the game for so many people here. If D3 was just a random new game, it would be receiving so much less hate.

      “in d2 you beat the game well before max level. ”

      aside fromthis comment being hilarious, its a perfect example of the stupid standards this game is being held to. Irrelevant comparisons like this fail to consider that maybe games have changed in 10 years.

      • Speaking for myself, I have a D2X CD and if I liked it more than D3 I would be, ya know, PLAYING IT.

    17. Now, I only started playing D2 a few years ago, so I’m not as devoted to the franchise as most people here. And, I’m not really all that into farming, so if turns out the game only keeps me interested through playing through Hell at least (Inferno hopefully) with all the classes — and any expansions, of course — I’ll be more than OK with it and consider my $60 well spent.

      But remember — not only are we comparing D3 at the initial release with D2 lo these many patches later, but D2 was a very, very good game. Not that many games are still being sold on the shelf at Target 10 years after release. Very few games had the kind of legs D2 did. If D3 doesn’t have that kind of legs, I’m not really surprised, simply because so few games do.

      In my profession we talk about “regression to the mean” — meaning that if you so something extraordinarily well, the next time you try it you’re likely to do worse, not because you’ve gotten worse, but because that’s what “extraordinarily well” means. I’m enjoying D3 a lot, but I think it’s possible it may never be as good as D2, not because Blizzard is doing anything “wrong,” or because D3 is a bad game, but simply because D2 was just an extraordinarily good game. D3 could be a great game and still not be better than D2 in many people’s minds simply because “better than D2” is a very high bar.

      There’s also bound to be people who like D2 better than D3 just because of their personal tastes, and again, that doesn’t mean Blizzard messed up, just that different people like different things.

      My $0.02.

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