With the recent systems update, many have been concerned that the dedicated potion button was a decrease in the total amount of active skills. While it may look like that at first glance, we see that we still have 4 skills that are on the hotbar bound (by default) to numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. The fifth and sixth skills are for your left and right mouse buttons – RMB and LMB respectively. By simply dedicating the 5th hotbar skill we did not see a fall in the number of DiabloWikiskills we can use, but a removal of the option to have an extra slot with the same skill active.

    DiabloWikiBashiok explains that having a quick-swap feature for a 7th skill is still on the “to-do” list for development. While he originally spoke incorrectly about this already being a feature, it provides some light for those that hope to have the option of using a basic attack or else having a quick-swap feature for your build.

    The full exchange was the following:

      I don’t care about the push-back, I am happy they are making the game better, but how is taking away another skill button making this game any better?

      This is really simplifying the game and taking away synergies and player skill. When you only have the option to use so few of your skills and considering how some are on a long cooldown you’ll just end up spamming one or two keys and occasionally using #3 and #4…. please, dont make diablo 3 like league of legends =[ This might work well for your console project, but for a pc it is just disgusting to me.

      Is anyone else here a little miffed about the constant reduction of skills?

    1, 2, 3, 4, LMB, RMB, alt-RMB.

    7 slots.

    (Pro tip: press the X key to swap to your alt-RMB. The X key can be rebound to something else too.)

      So no TAB swap?
      AKA Skills 1&2 on mouse button 1 & 2, hold TAB and get skills 3 & 4 on same mouse buttons?
      (I thought this was the case?)

    No, it used to work that the alt-RMB ability would swap in when you hit TAB. Which can still be the case, you’d just rebind the X key to TAB.

      That is actually a decrease. Normally i would agree with all of you that this isnt a problem. However it is unfortunatly. There are certain skills/passives that directly correlate with a basic attack which ISNT counted as a skill. The problem here is that you cannot do a basic attack now and have 6 skills at the same time.

      Simply looking at the screenshots in the system changes picture will give you an idea. There were 7 boxes in the current d3 beta that were full customization. Now there is only 6 boxes in the new iteration. Why any of you would say this is an improvement is beyond me.

      You guys are basically arguing against a system that was never a problem to begin with that they have now forced and locked you into a certain system.

    In play testing higher levels we just haven’t found any use for normal attacks for any of the builds we’ve been using. There’s always a skill that’s zero cost and usually builds resource or is just out and out better than a normal attack. Which doesn’t mean a build doesn’t exist, but since you still have 7 available slots if you want to keep normal attack on your LMB, you can still do that.

    I just checked, and this option is not available. Do you promise it will be on release? 🙂

    Eek, right, it’s still on the to-do list. I refuse to make any promises. 🙂

    Based on the exchange we can infer that we might, with “no promises,” see a 7th skill-switching ability for your mouse. This poses a few problems for the development team, though, and it illuminates the web of compromised skills/systems when something as small as this changes. If we are to assume that basic attacks at higher levels are negligible, we can infer that we will also never take a DiabloWikipassive skill tied to your basic attack after level 30. This would be in direct contradiction to their desire to make all passives “awesome” and worth taking.

    It calls into question the necessity of a basic attack in the first place. From the first minute of playing the beta, we are given one skill that is spammable and of greater power/utility than your basic attack. With the current hero architecture constructed around the idea of “generators” and “spenders,” where does your basic attack ever seem like a viable option for demon slaying? To me, it doesn’t. The only times I recall using my basic attack constantly was in the first patch of beta before the overhaul of the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter DiabloWikiresources and skill order.

    As some have suggested, why don’t we just remove the basic attack? Well, at this point, that suggestion doesn’t seem all that bad. While Bashiok given a nod to the possibility of a fun/viable build that incorporates your basic attack, I can’t say with any degree of certainty that any people would consistently use it. The main existence, for me at least, would simply to be that I know it’s there if I want it. We’ll be able to test out the new hotbar soon(tm) and experience it for ourselves.

    But what do you all think? Do you want a basic attack? Have you been planning builds that have incorporated it along with the complementing passive? Would it be considered “dumbing down the game” if they did remove it?

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