Thanks to a pic from Menagese over on the offical Diablo sub-reddit. There are 6 new hidden items that will be added to the BlizzCon Store after the opening ceremony. Better get that Diablo 4 hype going in full swing.

    Of those the picture says: a Mistery Canvas, mystery shit and jacket. There’s also a mystery book, and Collectors edition of the book. Last but not least a hat to finish that list off.

    Well what do you thinks the Canvas will have? The newest iteration of Diablo or Lilith or just the canvas of the Barbarian? Also about that book. It makes me feel like we’ll get something like what blizzard did with “The Art of Overwatch” art book and its normal and CE versions. I know I own the CE of that art book and its heavy and amazing.

    Well what’s your opinion? Let us know here in the comments and the forums.

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