Both the Diablo 2 Wiki as well as the Diablo 3 Wiki has had a large amount of updates, and it’s not only humorous additions like the DiabloWikiArchivist. Among all the updates since the last Wiki Watch are even more Diablo 2 DiabloWikigame terms and Diablo 3 DiabloWikiskill updates. For this Watch, we’re looking at an absolutely HUGE Diablo 2 guide update! 55 guides of different types have been added and/or updated from the wiki or from our database of guides.

    The list of newly-added D2 strategies is quite substantial, with many more to be added in the days to come.  All of these guides were among the most highly recommended in our various strategy forums, and having survived much editing and peer review, you can trust their recommendations. The game version and play type (PvP or PvM) are stated atop each guide, for easy reference. If you have a good idea for any type of gamplay guide, you can contact me (leord[at]incgamers[dot]com) or Flux (flux[at]diii.net) to get help adding it to DiabloWiki.

    Diablo 2 Guides:

    A HUGE thanks goes out to all our contributors since the last Watch, the wiki would be nowhere without your help!

    Thank you Danco, DxAxxxTyriel, Matek, Azymn, Mizantrop, Valmy, Holyknight3000, Medievaldragon, Widus, Sidewinder99, Kamikazie-Bunny, Vipermagi, Prymeking, Doc, Froboy449, OiMa, Sinistra, Dradloff, Reelix, Sing in Silence, Scorp144, Dethklok, Nitsuj and Netmoe!

    More guides for all classes after the break.

    General Guides

    Amazon Guides (full list)

    Assassin Guides (full list)

    Barbarian Guides (full list)

    Druid Guides (full list)

    Necromancer Guides (full list)

    Paladin Guides (full list)

    Sorceress Guides (full list)

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