5000 Bugs Reported

As we head up to release, bugs are being squashed as they come in and according to blizzard more than 5000 bugs have been reported since the Beta began. Looks like some testers are being proactive in getting the game sorted out.

I have some really cool news for you. Last night, we past 5000 bugs reported on the Bug Report forums! This is an incredible milestone for the Diablo III community, and one you should be proud of.

Here are some fun stats about bugs in the Beta:

  • The first bug was reported on 9/6/11 and can be found here
  • The most common bug ever reported was when the Battle.net servers were down during Thanksgiving 2011. It was reported over 200 times.
  • 5092 bugs have been reported since 10 AM PST on 1/25/12
  • Of the 5092 bugs reported on the forums, 856 unique bugs have been sent off to the developers to fix. (Remember, a bug reported on the forums can be a duplicate or not a bug at all).

Thank you again for all of your hard work testing the Diablo III Beta and helping Blizzard make it the best game it can possibly be. Here’s to 5000 more!

Source: Blues: IncGamers

We have a Bug Thread in the Beta forum that doesn’t appear to be bursting at the seems with reports so perhaps Blizzard are all over the bugs like a dose of salts.

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    52 thoughts on “5000 Bugs Reported

    1. Well, that’s 856 squashed bugs closer to the release date.
      I’d Gladly help find the next 800 bugs. So…
      Giev Beta Access, plz?

    2. Only 5000?
      Out of how many testers?
      Beta testers these days, thinking they have a free trial of a game :/

    3. so the game was in development for at least 3 years before the beta began 
      5000 bugs have been reported so far in the beta 

      and that’s something Blizzard is proud of 

      can’t decide which smiley describes this best

      • You´re nor being fair to Blizzard, Diablo 3 is a massive piece of software with, I´m guessing here but I am probably not too far of, millions of lines of code. Any program, even the smallest one, generally has one or two bugs, when you have game of this size, 865 bugs is actually something to be proud of. Also, there aren’t 865 bugs in 1/3 of Act 1 in first difficulty, majority of those 865 bugs has to do with infrastructure, b.net, loading screens, items, RNG, etc, are in no way related or exclusive to act 1 normal.

        haste makes waste

        • all that is true
          but they did have an internal company wide beta before this beta ever started
          and they also have the QA department going over stuff daily
          and yet they’re still proud the fans found and reported 856 bugs ? ? lol

      • Removing things can contribute to just as many bugs as adding things when different parts of the code refer to the removed section…

        • Blizzard will remove the runes also this will cause 10000+ more bugs Maybe they will remove a couple of classes (monk and Dh, my guess) half of the skills… We will have 1000000+ bugs. They will remove all of those maybe the last act also and “will look for them and will perfect them in the future” Long live Blizzard!

    4. I want a beta key, but at the same time I don’t want anything spoiled when i get that game in my hands 🙂

    5. “5092 bugs have been reported since 10 AM PST on 1/25/12”

      Should not that read “.. as of 10am PST on 01/25/2012”? I’d be a tad alarmed, otherwise.

    6. Ignoring the fact that they didn’t clarify whether these bugs were unique to the forum, or unique to the forum+bug database (which QA Testers and developers would use)… these bugs could be ‘as designed’ and ‘known shippable,’ so I wonder how many actually will get fixed.

    7. How many of these unique 856 bugs weren’t already known about and recorded in their internal bug tracking system anyway?

      I’d guess that probable whittles the ‘new’ bug reports down by half. Then, as we’ve recently seen, some of those bug reports will be about features that are drastically changed/removed anyway.

      • They said that 856 bugs were sent to the developers to fix… so… probably all of them. It’s the other chunk that were already known, not really bugs, duplicate reports, etc…

        • It’s difficult to know exactly what they mean by that statement. I’m interpreting it as “we’ve done a first pass of screening on these issues, but you guys are the experts so it’s up to you to check if they’re already reported issues or not”.

          I find it difficult to believe that in this tiny segment of the game they could report 856 bugs that were entirely unknown to the developers.

          • Well, they stated that they sent them to the developers.  What they could have meant is the QA Testers.  When I worked at EA, we had a Database Manager (a QA Tester) who would check if the submitted bugs were dupes.  If they weren’t, then they would be submitted.

            There is another important issue here: they wouldn’t be sent to developers in the format of the post.  At EA we had a pretty strict guideline for how a bug report should look.  Many bugs were sent back to the QA Testers the first time around.  Many times the reports were missing something, such as the steps to exactly reproduce the bug.  Yet they are not “sending back” bugs for the posters to fix.  So almost for sure, these bugs were sent to the QA department to check first (if they were actually bugs, if they were dupes in the database), then write an official bug report.

        • 5092 bugs have been reported since 10 AM PST on 1/25/12″
          That reads as though 5000+ bugs have been submitted since 10 am today.

          • Yes it reads like that but its a mistake.  If you look his first point he clearly means from the start of the beta on 9/6/11.

    8. Do they really expect us to cheer for any updates beyond a release date?? -.- srsly, who the fck cares about bug fixes when one doesn’t have a beta key and we don’t have the slightest idea about the release date lol?  😆

    9. So less than a fifth of the bug reports were actually valid and we should be proud of the community? lolwut…? 😐

    10. “helping Blizzard make it the best game it can possibly be” my ass!! that would imply that they’re actually listening to what we’re saying, and we sure as hell didn’t ask for all those crap changes and re-iterations and delays all this time

        • Hey, I’ve been through Skyrim and BF3(not to mention I waited less for them and they still turned out good). I think I can handle any bug blizz throws at me.

    11. I wonder how many of these “bugs” are about the game not being accessible enough?  Heh, okay maybe that’s going a bit far 😉

    12. Stop complaining that its not a release date whenever Blizzard says something.  I want the game as soon as possible too, but I swear, some of you would get to the other side of the fence and complain that the grass is too green.

    13. Believe me the beta isn’t that great, how much is there to really test when you’re limited to an entire play through of a few hours of game. Not to mention even if there are only a few thousand testers they are all doing the EXACT same thing over and over. When I did take the time to report a bug it had already been reported hundreds of times. They need to add content or there is no reason for more testers.

    14. Thats what I think:
      Mike Morhaime (Co-Founder of Blizzard Entertainment) to Senior Designer: “So… what’s up with it?”
      Senior Designer: “Well, you know how it works… it’s done……. when it’s…”
      Mike: “F… off !!”
      Senior Designer: “Fair enough… the completion is nearing!”
      Mike: “When is the future not nearing, except in a time machine?”
      Senior Designer: “Thats a good point! Point taken… I’m sure that we will go gold in… maybe 1 or maybe… 2 years maximum! If it’s done of course!”
      Mike: “WHAT THE… FRAKHURRRMAAJHARMAAA??? You didn’t mind to tell me that, BEFORE we actually announced it for first quarter 2012, didn’t you?”
      Senior Designer: “Well, it was almost done…I mean it was near complet…”
      Mike: “NOOO! THIS IS DIABLO THREE, and you are DONE!”

    15. What they forgot to tell you that the game was tested over seas ages ago before beta in NA/EU even started. Ooops did I say that out loud ?

    16. There will ALLWAYS be bugs. At this rate they will fix bugs till forever. release the fukin game already thats what patches are for!!! And if its so fukin buggy wtf did those programmers do all these years!?!??

    17. * The first bug was reported on 9/6/11
      * Here’s to 5000 more!
      Okay, so they plan to beta for at least 6 more months?

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