500 More Diablo 3 Beta Keys on Invisible Walls on Thursday

As we predicted eatlier, more key giveaways are starting to crop up on general sites. A chap I met years ago and organised a gaming event with now works over at GameTrailers and we exhange the odd Twitter post from time to time. Anyway, he has just tweeted that on his Invisible Walls show on GameTrailers they will be giving away a further 500 Beta keys on Thursday which is the 200th episode.

Wow, looks like we’ll be giving away 500 Dialbo 3 beta keys during Invisible Walls 200, Live next week @ 6pm PST!!” March1

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    14 thoughts on “500 More Diablo 3 Beta Keys on Invisible Walls on Thursday

    1. Not caring bout these anymore. Hoping for an opt-in beta key or ill just wait for the full-game. Tired of all the hoops

    2. Yes – it would be nice to know how they are being given away.

      Also, my local TV listings don’t list this show at all at any time on any TV channel during the next week.  Is this an online webcast or something.  It’s not on G4TV at 6:00 pm PST (or 9:00 EST for me).  Shouldn’t I be able to find it here?:


      I realize this isn’t were the link in the news item points to, but there definitely seems to be a mixup.  Hopefully, Rushter can clarify this for me…

    3. “we’ll be giving away 500 Dialbo 3 beta keys”
      That’s nice, but what I’m really looking for is a Diablo 3 beta key.

    4. *Sighs* Looks like I will get opted in at the last possible sec of the last possible day of the beta same exact thing happened with the starcraft 2 beta and its just annoying. Hope there is a demo version after the beta ends so I can at least try this out before plopping money down as I am flat broke since I recently moved then a month ago and have zip to my name right now and you know how moving can drain the bank to $0

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