Yes you read that right, 500. The Blizzard Customer Support team are obviously a little bored at the moment dealing with support issues so they have decided that 500 keys will be unleashed via their Twitter.

    They will be shifting out 100 per week over the next five weeks. The sweepstakes start today and end on 23 January. Here’s how you can enter…

    1. Have an active Battle.net® account
    2. Be a registered user of Twitter®
    3. During the Contest period become a follower of BlizzardCS® by visiting http://twitter.com/BlizzardCS and clicking “Follow;”
    4. Use the hashtag #DiabloBeta and @BlizzardCS in a Tweet,
    5. Send an email of the tweet to [email protected]. With a link to your tweet.

    Note the end date of the competition. Some UK retailers have been putting the release date as 24 January which must be wrong as these Beta keys are still going out before the supposed release date.

    Thanks to Ozan for sending that over.

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