500 Diablo 3 Beta Keys up for Grabs from Support

Yes you read that right, 500. The Blizzard Customer Support team are obviously a little bored at the moment dealing with support issues so they have decided that 500 keys will be unleashed via their Twitter.

They will be shifting out 100 per week over the next five weeks. The sweepstakes start today and end on 23 January. Here’s how you can enter…

  1. Have an active Battle.net® account
  2. Be a registered user of Twitter®
  3. During the Contest period become a follower of BlizzardCS® by visiting http://twitter.com/BlizzardCS and clicking “Follow;”
  4. Use the hashtag #DiabloBeta and @BlizzardCS in a Tweet,
  5. Send an email of the tweet to [email protected]. With a link to your tweet.

Note the end date of the competition. Some UK retailers have been putting the release date as 24 January which must be wrong as these Beta keys are still going out before the supposed release date.

Thanks to Ozan for sending that over.

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    48 thoughts on “500 Diablo 3 Beta Keys up for Grabs from Support

    1. What a bullshit blzz, first Facebook, now Twitter. Hey, some ppl are not on any “Networks” where i must told, when i have take a breath or when the sun is shining.
      Anywere, the last 2 month without beta would hard, but i will survive…

      • Agreed!

        this is so very cheap towards the fanbase, first buying ‘likes’ to release old screenshots and now buying tweets for a one in a million chance to get into the beta. PR department is ruining it for the real fansbase but hey, they know we’ll buy the game anyway so why should they care?
        They are ruining the brand ‘Blizzard’ as being a company that wants to make great games and make a fair profit doing so. Nowadays its making profit and oh, by the way, let’s do that by selling games.

        • 83,000 followers. Wouldn’t you like to sift through thousands and thousands of emails?
          Really though, they probably use a script to send out invites, but the whole ordeal is really just what the guys said above: cheap. I mean, what are they going to gain out of this? If I follow DiabloCS and even bother to look at my Twitter, I might see some of these impressive tweets. I surely don’t wanna miss one of them! Here’s a sample of this gold:
          “Close the game completely, relaunch, and try and log in again for me.”
          ” A Diablo 3 Beta? I think you are thinking of Mists of Pandaria :0)”
          “You appear to have packet loss on a few hops. Wait for a response but you want to show this to your Internet Provider as well.”
          So yeah. They go on, and on, and on, and on. It’s just f***ing silly. Maybe its a morale booster for Customer Support, since they’re obviously going through a lot of BS right now. Ya know, boost their ego: “I’m talking to 83,000 people right now! Yippee! Customer Support rules! Blizzard rules!” …
          Now how about sending some beta keys to random people that opted-in? How about that guys?

      • @Wirt – I have your gold but your leg… well, I transmuted it.  Sorry bro.
        So let me get this straight… companies that actively market on FB and Twitter are ruining their brand?  I was under the assumption that companies NOT on Twitter or FB were committing corporate malpractice.  This is pretty standard stuff.

        • RyTEK, I know use of social media is standard these days. But you can do that right and wrong. It is all about branding and ignoring or even abusing your fanbase might not be so smart to make your brand popular. Sending those beta invites to some hardcore fansites would be smarter.

          ‘Blizzard, you have to like them’.

      • No kidding… I ask myself every day why I “opted” into the D3 beta on my battle.net account… it seems keys are handed out every way except the “opt in” and I refuse to sign up for the social bullcrap

        • WORD!

          Via these useless junk-dataminer-websites like twitter and facebook they send out several hundred keys in 5 weeks, and via opt-in your chance to actually opt-in is a few million to 30 keys each two months -.-‘

          Sure Ill buy the game. Good god, if I ever had the slightest hope of getting a beta key I would have become suicidal.

        • And why exactly are they calling it a ‘Sweepstakes’?  They should have added loot to this deal. 🙁

    2. I’ve found that link from reddit. also found another raffel for a d3 key yesterday from reddit again. It seems you can found d3 key raffles etc. there…

        • I’m new to Twitter. Can you let me know what “Use the hashtag #DiabloBeta and @BlizzardCS in a Tweet” means? A Google search tells me that the pound sign (#) is apparently called a hashtag (the heck?).

    3. Goddamn, Twitter is a soulless monster. Yet I find it strangely fitting to make a deal with the devil for a D3 invite.

    4. I think the bigger issue right now is we won’t get release until end of January. Looks like February is becoming more of a reality.  Ugh. 🙁

    5. Looks like this is the final nail in the coffin for a January release… February is looking more and more unlikely as well…

    6. How many betas have been handed out via Opt-in? I signed up for the Facebook bs as well.. guess I’m not too lucky. I’ll stick by my original guess of an April release date.

    7. Cheers for posting this on Twitter. I decided to give it a go since the other facebook signup didn’t allow people from Denmark to sign up. Long story short, I just checked my bnet account.

      \o/ D3 beta for my xmas vacation.

    8. As I said in previous posts,release date not until the end of April 100% sure!
      Stop dreaming for January/February release,it’s stupid..

      Wake up finaly!

    9. That is pretty awesome giving away keys to people who could probably care less about a beta test. Awesome job!

    10. Man, I’m mad excited for this game. Been spending so many hours just researching it and everything. Maybe I’ll be allowed in on the beta this time. If Diablo is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    11. They are milking the [email protected]#$ out of the beta since whatever the hell they’re currently doing is dragging on.  I wonder if this will actually lead to them opening up Beta more (content-wise) or if it’ll just stagnate like this for months to come until the game is finally released.  It’s just annoying at this point.

    12. If anyone thinks the game will be released before June 2012 you are out of your mind.  Instead I suggest you do the following:
      1)Buy Skyrim, play it for a couple months.
      2)Then buy SWTOR, play it for a couple months.
      3)Check back on the forums to be disappointed that Blizz just announced the ‘Easter Egg Challenge-Beta Contest’ and proceed to pull out your hair.
      /Good day.

      • lol I’m pretty sure Diablo 3 will be released before June 2012. In the meantime, I’m playing Diablo 2 and am waiting for Torchlight 2. Skyrim and SWTOR – which I just found out stands for the Star Wars game after a quick Google search – doesn’t appeal to me at all.

      • If anyone thinks the game will be released after March 2012 you are out of your mind.

        C wut I did thar?  🙄

        I’m so freaking tired of people exclaming their pessimistic opinions as if they were absolute truth, and that anyone that disagrees with them is of a lesser intelligence. Can I borrow your crystal ball or whatever mystical implement you used to come up with that profound statement Quinndo? Oh wait, nevermind… you just pulled it out of your nerd-raging ass…

        • I never implied that anyone who disagrees with my statement is ‘of a lesser intelligence’, nor was I being pessimistic.  I am a realist who doesn’t think Blizz will be able to deliver the game for at least 6 months.  When they don’t have critical systems finalized I see it as a problem.  Sure, I wish it would be released in Jan but I don’t see how they can do it.
          Ultimately I think you need to get beyond your fanboy-denial.  C wut I did thar? 🙄

    13. I’m new to Twitter. The following BlizzardCS part was easy enough, but what does “Use the hashtag #DiabloBeta and @BlizzardCS in a Tweet” mean, exactly? Thanks.

      • @ is to “reply” # is to topic trend.
        @BlizzardCS will link your message to the guys that run the BlizzardCS account.  Example, IF my twitter account were Rytek (which it is not), any message that you type containing @Rytek will show up in my twitter @ wall.  For instance if you type “I really enjoy all of the posts on diablo.incgamers except for @Rytek and his nonsense”, I would get 1 message from you in my @ wall because you used @Rytek.
        The hashtag in front of #DiabloBeta will allow the string to be a clickable link.  ANYONE ELSE’s message typed containing #DiabloBeta will show up when you click through.  An example here is when Charlie Sheen put out the #Winning hashtag… anyone that clicked #Winning saw everybody else’s #Winning posts.

    14. Meh. Not going to register in Twitter. Even for a chance to get D3 beta key.

      Will keep waiting for the release date

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