Several New Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests

GamesRadar let us know that they’re passing out 500 Diablo 3 beta keys, 50 a day for the next 10 days, to anyone who becomes a fan of their Facebook page. The contest info page is here, and you can befriend them on Facebook here.

They’ve got 56k friends already, so it sounds like your odds are less than 1/100, but you never know. Good luck.

Update: Gosu Gamers is giving away 150 keys through five different contests, all of which are better than Facebook liking. The entry deadline for all of them is March 4th.

Update #2: Vox Games is giving away an unspecified number of keys, also via their Facebook page. Like them and hope to win all week.

Update #3 PikiGeek are on day two of their giveaway.

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  1. You know, I really hate all these social media contests.  Requiring that you “like” or “retweet” something seems a bit unscrupulous to me.

    • Wish there was a “dislike’ button so I can go to all these sites and let them know what I think about these stupid contests.  Yet another site banned from my personal list.

    • Threepwood
      February 29, 2012 at 01:34
      You know, I really hate all these social media contests.  Requiring that you “like” or “retweet” something seems a bit unscrupulous to me.
      You couldnt have said it better, really sick n tired of facepalms and twinkets 👿

    • All those contests are bullshit.
      I’d make an effort if it was a contest on incgamers, but not for sites I never heard of before. 

    • We have a facebook page you can like while you’re at it. We’ll be performing random drawings where you could be 1 of 500 people to win absolutely nothing. Shiny.

    • Also, interesting (you’ll be the judge of that) fact.  The words Facebook and Twitter are banned from being spoken on TV and Radio in France.  It’s classified as a form of advertising and as there are other social media type sites they don’t feel these guys should be the byword for it.  Fair comment I think.

      Loads of TV advertising over here in the UK finishes with the FB logo at the bottom of the screen and text to encourage you to find this particular shampoo manufacturer on FB, sometimes even the voiceover says Find us on FB. They used to have their own websites, now most don’t even bother with their own url, just FB.


  2. Damn. Looks like somebody without FB cant play beta. Every giveaway is on stupid FB. 🙁

  3. So what. Create a dummy fb account then.

  4. seriously … i hate “fanpages” with such a lack of imagination … “we pass keys to facebook fans YEAH” …

  5. well i at least like the randomness of this one, and it does not require you to sit infront of the page refreshing for 10 hours

  6. I fucking hate all this shit that requires you to have a fagbook. I do not want god damn facebook twitters or any of that bull shit. I flat out refuse to fall prey to stupid social media sites and it really sucks that for alot of things now you are almost pushed into creating a fagbook.

  7. Took me a long time but I finally managed to get a key today F*** Yeah! 😀

  8. still a better giveaway than any other sites that gives away instantly (5 sec after posting its gone). others give it out with a missing letter/number others gives about 5 key every 5 mins vs 100+ people itching to grab a key (but i mostly hate the missing letter/number giveaway because kicks you out if you entered many invalid or duplicate key in a few minutes)

  9. Hate these kinds of contests.  So lame.

  10. I’d rather be getting a release key honestly.

  11. facebook whorearound everywhere, seems quite a usal and accepted thing for most people. shame.
    looks like no beta for me.

  12. has contests for 150 keys which promote some creativity atleast, and doesn’t require facebook.

  13. I have a Facebook account and adblock (Makes it useable) but I have yet to enter a competition for a beta key for Diablo 3. There are many competitions not online that utilise it purely for advertising. Why, when it’s easy as pie, not do so online and turn a profit, when the same amount of effort is required and where those that may not even come in contact with your game such as friends of those that do, would you not do it? Sure, it’s frustrating, but if there were some available without Facebook from Blizz, that’d be nice, expected even, or via a lottery on those whom have opted in on their account….

    I dunno. Not that bad for a free trial/QA test I guess. Not that much to complain about as far as I can see. 

  14. Have i said before, that FB can kiss my ass? And why cant this world exist without this shit? I have that feeling, that i the only man in the world without a FB account. Stupid..
    BUT, HAHA, if beta of D3 or not, for me is not so importand atm, iam in PoE beta and its fun. Thats the point, 😉

  15. Fuck you all, facebook requiring sites. Fuck – You – All.

  16. I just applied and then read in the comments that the keys are US/Canada only, stated by Gamesradar. 

  17. I don’t care. The only Beta thing i did was sign up through Blizz account page. I won’t do anything more than that. Facebook liking? Not a chance in hell.
    I can wait for game release np 😛

  18. Anyone else pissed off that they are handing out these keys to ‘so-called’ gaming news sites, and yet a huge number of their user base and fans (especially in Europe) are still getting shafted??

  19. I just saw on Vox games, they put number of keys publicly and It’s ridiculous!
    So many bugs, some people got even BN acc. banned for trying to type those keys.. It’s a plain stupid, why they dont just random email people privately, honestly,  this is total chaos.

  20. The Gosu Gamers giveaway is the best yet – no Facebook-liking required.  

    My only concern is: is there any problem with me giving them my battlenet account name?  All their contests require you to send them your ‘battlenet account name and full name’ to them.  Is it safe to do so?

    • I think GosuGamers is even worse, you have to brake your neck to enter the contest, It’s almost like: roll over and bark and video it and send us lol. As for BN acc, I have no idea if that’s ok to give them or not. (not joining any contest )  

    • Yea it’s safe, gosugamers is an old and respected site.

  21. I’m so happy Kingdoms of Amalur is such a brill game – beats the socks off Skyrim too in my books 🙂
    Diablo 3?  Torchlight 2?  They’ll be available by me to play around Xmas 2012 tyvm lol

  22. stupid question, but pls help: do u need to own a previous blizzard title to be able to create a diablo 3 beta account and play?

  23. You arent the only one lol but i understand where you coming from. Its like the whole freaking world has a facebook account now. I dont trust a site like that with SO MUCH personal information… There is more to do in the PoE beta anyways, you arent missing much. I have both (was lucky enough to get D3 beta without facebook) but play PoE way more than the D3 Beta.


  25. Vox released their second batch minutes ago and were already gone within the first 3 minutes. What a dumb-ass method. *Unlike*

  26. I’m confused, Why didn’t IncGamers get any keys?

    • Because Blizzard doesnt care about the real fans of Diablo, they only care about getting casual Facebookers to play the oversimplified version of diablo we are getting…

  27. Hey Flux n Co., thanks for posting these news updates. I managed to win a key from one of the listed contests, and it’s all thanks to you.

  28. Piki Geek’s contest is on Day 3 now, and does not require you to “like” their Facebook page.

  29. Maybe this time i will win some key

  30. Thanks very much to Brigitte and SayTT for sharing their opinions, but I would really appreciate more:

    Is it safe to be giving Gosugamers my Battlenet Account Name? Is there anything bad they could do with it?  :O   

    • Yeah, just give them your battletag, like mine is Elly#1983 – give them your equivalent, that’s safe.

  31. The funny thing is that the same people who complain about not having facebook/twitter because they’re socially awkward are the same people who nerdrage about D3 chat system… haters gonna hate.

    • Oh the irony. 




    • Yeah that’s kind of interesting. It’s also interesting that the people who support Blizzards every decision often pick on other peoples opinions but rarely have an opinion of their own, flock mentality I guess.

      Generalizations are fun, aren’t they?

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