5 Ways To Prepare For Reaper of Souls


Are you having fun with Patch 2.0? Finding cool new stuff? Awesome, me too.

Although I’ve enjoyed the new affixes on gear in the patch, I realize that the items we find now will be obsolete once RoS hits. It’s no reason to stop playing the current game, but it did make me wonder what I could do that would have more long-term value in the game going forward.

For those who prefer to focus on how to build value in the game before the expansion, I’ve thrown together the list below. We’ve got 23 days to prepare for Reaper of Souls, so let’s get started!

Develop Cool New Builds

Numerous skill changes and a massive reworking of legendaries in Patch 2.0 have created all-new build possibilities. Even if some are nerfed in the near future, we’ll still have plenty new ones from which to choose, so it’s a good time to revisit your character’s skills and sample the new runes.

I’ve gone through all the old skills and abilities on my Barb, and it turns out WW barb really IS my favorite build (even when it’s not broken) – so no changes for him. The rest of my characters are rocking new builds though (particularly my Wiz and DH). There are tons of build options now that interact well with the new affixes, so you’ll almost certainly find something new to enjoy.

Speaking of affixes, it’s also a good time to start integrating Reduced Cooldown, +% Skill Damage and +% Elemental Damage into your build. You may not be able to perfectly recreate CM Wiz or Perma-WOTB WW Barb, but you should be able to find something that will last you a while.

Rack Up Paragon Points

If you’ve been grinding for Paragon levels on the Live server the last few months, congrats: you’re ahead of the game, and that experience will carry into the expansion. If you were instead focused on the PTR, you can be happy that our Paragon levels won’t get wiped on the Live servers. Huzzah!

On top of that, we can now choose how to allocate Paragon points, allowing us to shore up weaknesses in our gear. You can think of the new Paragon system like the shampoo aisle at the grocery store: there are lots of options to choose from, and trying them all is half the fun. Plus, you can change them whenever you want – so feel free to go crazy and dump points into Gold Find (if that’s your thing).

Dissect The New Difficulty Levels

One of the nice things about the new difficulty system is that there is a much stronger incentive to play at higher difficulty levels. I found out last night I was able to grind levels on Torment 1 with a little help from a friend, and I’m hoping I can stick to that difficulty until the expansion arrives.

So, if you haven’t already, start getting comfy with the new difficulty levels. Word of warning: although it’s tempting to crank the difficulty up to higher Torment, it’s better to pace yourself. After all, with the new gear in the expansion (and a new item level cap), we’ll have to grind from Normal to Torment again anyway. For now, focus on discovering which difficulty offers you the best rewards for the challenge.

Build Clans And Join Communities

Aside from loot changes, clans and communities have to be the best thing added to D3 Vanilla. The old friends list is nowhere near as good as what we have now. True, there’s that irritating “ping” sound with all the clan messages hitting your chat window – but a client-side fix is already being planned.

As a quick refresher: you can create a clan or join one (if your request is approved), and you can join any number of communities. In fact, there are already several clans for Diablo IncGamers, so mouse your cursor over to the bottom right of the game screen and start building out your friends list.

Enjoy Smarter And Better Drops

Although fewer items drop in the game now, stat ranges on gear are better overall and are often tuned to the character we’re playing. Drop rates on legendary and set items have been doubled as well, which makes finding your own gear a lot easier.

On the other hand, we now have account-bound items. For those who enjoyed trading prior to Patch 2.0, it may take time to adjust to playing the game self- or group-found. If you hope to maximize the amount of legendaries you get, playing in a group of four with everyone using the same class seems to be the best way, unless the devs come up with a different formula for multi-player drop rates.


If you’ve been away from the game for a while, it’s a great time to start playing again. If you’ve been playing the Live game or the PTR / beta, the above activities should help you prepare for the expansion.

There are a lot of other cool things in Patch 2.0 that I didn’t touch on. Thankfully, Flux has you covered with his Patch 2.0 overview article. I just wanted to mention a few things you can do to take the edge off the wait for RoS – and be ahead of the game when it arrives.

Is there anything you’ve especially enjoyed so far in Patch 2.0? Are you going to dig in to any of the above ideas to pass the time, or are you holding off on grinding your heart out until RoS hits?

Waterfiend is a Diablo IncGamers contributor. Say hello at his forum profile.

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    53 thoughts on “5 Ways To Prepare For Reaper of Souls

    1. What to do with all the crafting mats now? Dump em on the AH for gold or horde them for ROS?

      • Well your gems will be useless in RoS, since Marquise gems drop as often in the expansion as Flawless Squares do in D3 Vanilla. Same thing goes for Brimstones, since we’ll be using Forgotten souls instead.

        Pretty sure the rest aren’t worth anything either, but you may want to double-check in the forums.

      • I would like to have some confirmation if lvl 60 mats are required to re-roll lvl 60 gear on mystic. Anyone?

        • I can’t confirm that, it’s very likely the case. However, if you have access to the Mystic that means that you have RoS and your max level is 70, making pre-60 mats pretty useless still.

        • In the RoS beta, there were 2 tiers of materials, and none of the lvl 1-60 mats were required for lvl 61-70 crafting or enchanting. So no materials in D3v2 now are of any use in the RoS end game. (You’d still use them for lvl 1-60 crafting in RoS.)

          This may change between the end of the beta and the game going live, of course. But if you’re looking for gold, sell crafting mats and gems now, since none of them will be useful in the RoS end game.

          • I plan to roll out the movement speed of Cloak of Garwulf (maybe – tanky wolves are tanky) and lvl 60 Nemesis Bracers until I can replace them for new Nemesis. (I’m willing to sac some stats to keep this last one, since the other bracers seem nah…)

            The rest is moving to the mental bin at an alarming speed… 🙂

            I couldn’t play beta, but lvl 60 Gehennas would be decent at ealy lvl 70. Pants with 730-800 armor, sockets, Vit (legen. lvl 70 roll), Main stat (legen. lvl 70 roll), MF and Fire Res.


            What I plan to do is saving mats for rerolling nemesis and grawulf and burn the rest of lvl 60 mats on Gehennas if I get a decent roll on nemesis early on.

            I don’t plan to use mystic for lvl 70 T1 “early game” gear, since it looks a scary gold sink, imo… 🙁

    2. Even though i like the new items and the change from “trading” to “selffound”, i farmed now 10 hours straight in torment 5 and found no upgrade. I dont mind, if i dont find an upgrade but at least something usefull would be nice.
      Legendaries are now very scarce, approx 1,5 per hour if its running good for me in 4 man games. So its really frustrating that sometimes real garbage is dropping, for example http://i.imgur.com/f7BXZhQ.jpg this skorn. I mean srsly who would like to find that skorn after farming torment 5 for an hour ?

      I like my main hand though 😛

      • To be honest, I think that if your gear is good enough to do Torment 5, then your gear is probably at the point where upgrades will be scarce anyway. My gear cost me about 100 million gold, and I can do Torment 3 now, after having upgraded a number of pieces with new gear. If your current stuff is good enough to do Torment 5, you are probably at the top end of the loot curve, and likely would have had a difficult time finding upgrades anyway.

        • There are so many upgrades still left in the lootpool. Instead i find the real crap on torment 5 (which should prepare for t6). I didnt even find 1 Tal rashas yet ? Why? I dont know .
          Because its selffound now it should be a little more rewarding.

          • +
            since they took away trading how am i supposed to get those items i want , but they dont drop ? I really like the patch, but there is just nothing else to do except farming… no trades no nothing.

            Is this different in RoS ?

            • As others said, if you’re near the very top of the gear pyramid now, you’re not going to find many upgrades in Loot 2.0 of D3v2. It’s the same game with some tweaks, after all. They didn’t mean to make all current gear obsolete in the patch.

              That’s what RoS is for, with the level of gear and monsters going up to 70. There 99.9% of all current end game gear is obsolete compared to mid-grade lvl 70 end game gear, and the best stuff in RoS blows away virtually everything available today.

          • I’m with Disciple of Erebos, if you can farm T5, you’ll be at the top end of the loot curve/pool so upgrades (or even “sidegrades”) are going to be very rare.

            Also, IMO, the higher difficulties (T2/3/etc) won’t be dropping better loot per se (ie, it’s not a vertical gear progression like, WoW or SWTOR), they just offer more xp/MF/chances for loot to drop but the gear is essentially the same. So as you found, you can still definitely get **** legendaries, but you’ll have more chances of finding said **** legendaries than I will on T1.

            • “the higher difficulties (T2/3/etc) won’t be dropping better loot per se”

              Better loot? No, not until RoS anyway and even then the Torment exclusive sets aren’t necessarily better. More loot? Absolutely, although in my experience the increased drop chances are well balanced by increased enemy HP, so you won’t necessarily get more Legendaries per hour on higher Torment levels until your gear gets really good. Playing on T1 however is always much better than playing on Master, given that you can handle the enemies.

        • i dont have enough gear to do t5 alone but with 4 players its manageable on a decent speed. I cant farm it alone though..

      • The problem is, loot 2.0 is a downgrade. They nerfed attack speed, crit chance, crit damage, and weapon damage %. They also nerfed the quantity of dps boosting abilities on all items. You can’t craft bracers that have main stat, vit, all resist, armor, and crit chance. Also, after quite a few crafts, they all start to look the same. They have main stat, choose 2 of armor/allres/vit/elemental damage %, and throw in gold find and either extra hp for potions or 1-2 yards on pickup radius.

      • Found some interesting drops, though nothing I would consider an upgrade. I did find a amulet that summons clones when I stun something that was ‘close’ to my crafted one, just missing CD, it was fun to play around with. With most people that have been playing a lot and able to farm the old MP10, there is really nothing out there for you to find atm. 1.5hours/legendary seems a little high though, I’m averaging about 45mins for one personally. Couple in a row next to each other, one guy dropped 2 once. Make sure you loot your dead villagers, and chests, i would say about 1/3rd of my leg’s have dropped from those.

        • On leg came from a destructible I hadn’t seen. It was “auto-destructed” by ice armor – Frozen Storm.

        • 1.5 hours/legendary seems high? that seems totally insane to me…. with the fact that you can’t trade legendaries anymore, they should be dropping more like 10-15 minutes/legendary, cause even then it would probably take you a LONG time to complete a set….. with 1.5 hours/legendary, one will have to play for well nigh 100 or more hours to even come close to finding a full set….. at least with tradable legendaries you could incrementally get your cash to get that one piece you’re missing, but now? you find 4 out of 5 pieces, and all you want is that last one? hey, about playing for another 200 hours in hopes that that ONE ITEM drops.

    3. Found more legs in last 2 days then my whole play through before the patch. And it’s fun to see what everyone gets in the inc2 clan and playing with other is much better now

    4. Great article…I think you hit on all the key elements to enjoying the game even more. I have to admit I really like the “free spec” option in D3 as it gives you so much freedom to experiment with different builds, not only important due to new affixes on gear, but also to find new ways to play the classes and find a build that’s a lot of fun.

      One element I can’t stress enough in this new patch (and I hope it holds true in ROS) – click/open/break everything you can. I’ve gotten probably half my legendaries/sets from containers of some sort. It’s great when it happens and keeps me looking for more stuff to click on (though I also have the legendary belt that haunts enemies when you click on loot-able objects).

      Loving the game so much now. I know ROS will trump any finds at level 60, but I’ll admit I’m a diablo-holic and I can’t resist getting my fix! See you in Sanctuary! =^-^=

    5. That is an awesome Fulminator and I am super jealous. T_T That said, it seems that 2H weapons in general really need a buff.

          • also what i wanted to add, those damn elite packs never drop a legendary.
            it seems like they have a chance of 0.00000000000000000001% to drop one…

            • Honestly, what’s the point of taking them out? It’s a longer battle with less reward.

            • Oddly enough (and I’m sure it’s a bug), people keep telling me that destroying pots / skeletons / breakables yields legendaries. And it’s not just one person: several people have told me that.

            • I can confirm that Waterfiend. My friends adn I got quite a few Legendaries from white chests and corpses and just yesterday one them got one from a barrel. Still, the majority of my Legendaries came from Elites and generally from monsters.

    6. I was a straight hater, but logged back to check out 2.0. I must admit, many of the problems I had with the game are fixed.

      I have to say, the biggest issue before was that to play the game at the hardest levels where you had the best chance of getting good gear you already needed fantastic gear. But the odds of such gear dropping was around 1 in every 10,000 Legendaries (I made a spread sheet and proved this). Therefore everyone was required to use the auction house to simply progress. This has definitely been solved.

      While not everyone is happy about it, gear is so much more tank oriented now, even if one’s DPS isn’t all that good you can survive long enough to finish fights. Overall this is a good direction.

      I also want to point out that Legendary gear bonuses are more about synergy and interesting combinations now then some flat DPS number boost. As a specific example:

      – I am using pants on a monk that increase the damage of crippling wave.

      – I am then using crippling wave with a rune that switches the damage to fire.

      – I am then using gloves that increase my fire damage.

      – Finally I am using a chest piece that give me guaranteed crits when low on life.

      The end result is a lot more damage then the numbers show and insane damage when low on life. This is how the game is moving forward and I think its great.

      • That’s really good to hear. One of the challenges now (even more so with the new affixes) is knowing what your effective damage is.

        It was still a problem with specialty builds before Patch 2.0 (like, for example, the Zero Dogs build did a lot more damage than what appeared on your character sheet). The problem is exacerbated now that +%Skill and +%Elemental Damage are appearing all over the place. Same for Reduced Cooldown.

        • I do wish the reduced cost/reduced cooldown showed up on tooltips instead of having to figure out just how much a reduction it creates via trial/error.

          • I found this quite annoying too. They could maybe show both in the tooltips. One for the base CD and RC and one for the modified one.

          • There have definitely been some good suggestions about how to do it (for instance, as others have said, holding Ctrl when hovering over an item). I remember in an interview, the devs have said they’re aware of the issue, but that it will likely be on the backburner for a bit…

            It would be a great tool to have though.

      • I can def agree with what mjinspace said. The troubling thing are the legs that have little to anything unique enough for them to be impactful. Many legs still need work and I’m hopeful that they know that. Some of the more build changing legs are truly a welcome change there are numerous build paths to take now and it all depends more on what drops than what you want to drop. Issue is also now on keeping legs that would work if you have XX other item or affix so you just have to be more open-minded about what a build could be if you hold onto a currently unuseful leg.

        So I like it.

        • I’m fairly sure Legendaries will be updated over time, receiving unique affixes if they don’t already have one. This was the case during the beta, but it happened even in the PTR->Live transition. For example, Pox Faulds unique affix was only a joke on the PTR, but it’s amazing on live.

          Also, based on the official item database many Legendaries were removed when the patch was deployed (not talking about level 70 ones). I assume they’ll be added eventually, they just need another balance pass.

      • I found this synergy thing fun to play with as well… it creates interesting possibilities like running a “lighting” monk which I did for a while tonight. I definitely like how they made many of the rune effects elemental, to give you more to think about vs the old “more damage” vs “more resource” boring choices.

    7. To Prepare for reaper of souls, i would add :
      – Collect the rare crafting materials such as adventurer’s journal, …
      – Try to get the set crafted plans
      – Try to find as may legs as you can since it counts for transmog
      – And finally try to get those new achievements (i had nearly them all in vanilla except the save your ally, survive a low hp and some rare elites).

      And Enjoy the Game !

    8. I played all weekend on MP 4 and found the tal chest and helm on trash mobs in Act 3 and 4. HUGE improvement over the old set on the combined effects and core stats. Can’t wait to find the rest. I feel that the game is going in the right direction. I do feel that there should be a greater chance for the champion packs to drop legs though.

    9. I still don’t see how people even with high end gear are not finding upgrades. I’m nearly to 5k dex and 60k life with 220k dps with 7.5k healing and 800k toughness give or take.

      • I’m curious, is that solely with new items, or are you using old crit/crit damage items as well?

        • the only crit/crit damage items left are my crafted ammy/gloves real hard to replace and a gem in my sweet sweet Pigsticker. Squeal! Oh and the toughness is at 1million I was wrong (736 Fire res) with 2 piece newly crafted Demon’s set.

    10. There will be +50% bonus exp starting from today so leveling will be faster than ever. It will be for limited time only, maybe until the release of RoS.

    11. At first was I torn between the old low difficulty + GF/MF gear vs higher difficulty + best gear choice we’ve grown so used to. But then I tried playing Torment 1 with the best gear and ignoring gold find entirely. The drops are amazing and you seem to get the same gold in the end, due to the bonus. I’ve found at least a dozen meaningful upgrades in just a couple of days playing, which blows pre-patch out of the water. I can’t see any reason to craft because it’s so unnecessary now.

      This is the most fun D3 has been since the first time through the week it was released.

      • The only question I have is why not craft? the mats are about to be fairly useless and there are very possible upgrades from it Sages set even.

        • Well, that’s the sad thing, gold is still a limiting factor, and I don’t have enough lying around to even come close to using up the crafting materials in my stash. And apparently fiery brimstones are good for nothing now – wish I’d known and used up the handful I had before that went down. And drops are really so much better than anything I’m getting out of the blacksmith, it’s crazy. At this point it seems more prudent to save my gold for RoS.

    12. everything is cool, except i wish loot 2.0 really was loot 2.0, and not more like loot 1.2…. sure itemization has improved KINDA, but to call it 2.0…. i see no major overhaul, and still the same amount of extremely terrible items (that just happen to not have primary stats i dont need, thats about it)

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